Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama: We're At War? Let's CUT The Pentagon's Budget 11%-$55 BILLION

Hey brave fighters, screw you! But remember, those changing Democrats love you, the troops!

To pay for the payola to all the people that paid worked so hard to get Obama elected, Obama feels like he needs to trim the Pentagon's budget in a time of war without regard for our troops. This is a move he planned all along. That he and the media, his media, have portrayed our economic woes as worse than the Depression is all the smoke screen he needs to start gutting our defenses. Karl Levin (D-MI) has stepped up to the plate for Obama and asked for cuts in our anti ballistic missile shield that protect us.

RED ALERT: A trillion in pork, but Pentagon must cut 11%!
President Obama wants to spend a trillion dollars on welfare, condoms, international STD prevention, 600,000 new government jobs and handouts for illegal immigrants... but negative funding for the very mission his Presidential Oath required.

The media isn't reporting this. To them the cuts are rightly inevitable, not news, because they believe the military unnecessary, if we would only sit and talk with our enemies. If we do, presto! They're no longer enemies, but our comrades.

It is bad enough that bribery is being paid, it is even worse that the leftist groups receiving the payoffs will use it to strengthen themselves, but it is unconscionable that this is all being done at the expense of our soldiers, our country and those around the world that need our protection.

How very progressive. How very Obama.

Friday, January 30, 2009

MSNBC's Morris Reid: Buckwheat, Alfalfa & Obama

Buckwheat, Alfalfa and Obama.

In a stunning display of stupidity and bias MSNBC aired this piece from three morons.

O'DONNELL: Well, I want to play what she said yesterday. Because she did talk to reporters for about eight minutes. Specifically, it's the second sound bite we have here and it is about this dinner. Because she was asked if, in fact, she was heading to this dinner. And the reason it's interesting is because her staff denied to reporters, like myself, that she was actually going to this dinner. And then, she came out and revealed it. Listen to what she had to say about why she wanted to come here to Washington for this dinner.

PALIN: Alfalfa dinner, yes. In fact, that's because President Obama is scheduled to be there. And how often will I have an opportunity to have dinner with the president. I will take up that offer to do so, yeah.

O'DONNELL: Morris, didn't she call him a terrorist on the campaign trail?

MORRIS REID: Well, I think she called him a terrorist among other things. But listen, the woman's hungry. She's got to eat, Norah. We got to feed the woman, don't we.


REID: You know, she lives in public housing, we got to feed her on the public doll. She got a bridge to nowhere. We love Sarah Palin on the Democratic side. We can't get enough of her.

FEEHREY: You know, Norah, there's nothing like having dinner with 2,000 of your closest friends and the president. So it's going to be a small intimate dinner.

O'DONNELL: However, it is not 2,000 people.

REID: I think -- I don't think she knew -- I think she -- Norah, I think she thought it was just her, and Buckwheat, and Alfalfa, with the president at dinner. She's just clueless, it's ridiculous.

O'DONNELL: Well, she is meeting also with a number of senators, including the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell, as well as, I think, some -- Senator Snow, there's going to be a private dinner for her at Fred Malik's house. So she is doing a little bit of courting. Many people think that could mean she's gearing up for 2012.

Morris Reid, John Feehery, great to talk to both of you. Thanks so much.

Now, NoraO'Donnell has never been described as the sharpest tool in the shed, but she has to be the only person in DC that didn''t know that Palin was going to the Alfalfa Dinner. That she, Reid and what'shisname got a good chuckle repeating lies about Gov Palin is only indicative of just how brown their noses are. I'd recommend to them that in polite company that they use a Depends as a face mask so as not to offend anyone more than they already do.

Buckwheat, Alfalfa and Obama indeed. A real howler.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the h/t

Nanna Pelosi NonPartisan

Oh, please.

Nana Nonpartisan:
“I didn’t come here to be partisan. I didn’t come here to be bipartisan. I came here, as did my colleagues, to be nonpartisan, to work for the American people, to do what is in their interest.

The president’s agenda is reflected in this legislation. It’s — I mentioned, some of the priorities that were there about creating jobs, cutting taxes, helping states through this difficult economic time, and to do so in a fiscally sound way.

People vote for what they believe in. Clearly, the Republicans did not believe in the agenda that I just described for you, and that’s probably one of the reasons they voted that way. I think they probably voted their conscience and they couldn’t support that. …

We reached out to the Republicans all along the way, and they know it. And they know it. They were part of the original bill, with the — some of the tax provisions were their suggestions. They had what they asked for in terms of committee mark-up. They had the rule on the floor that gave them plenty of opportunity to make changes. They just didn’t have the ideas that had the support of the majority of the people in the Congress. ”

Obama's Election Signals Full Frontal On Capitalism Worldwide

The pot dots are in high dudgeon world wide over perceived wrongs done them.

At the moment, those on the left here in America have their marching orders to attack Rush Limbaugh and it is humorous to read and hear the dire predictions and see their outrageous puffery from high to low screeching and lectures are coming from mostly unread blogs here in Ohio all the way up to President Obama. All seem to be on the same page, same note, but as usual, all are off key, but feeling mighty empowered by it all. Man the barricades, dudes, the fight is on. Power to the people!!

The unions are sniffing victory in the wind with Mr. Change snugly in the White House and Reid Pelosi in the power palace of poverty. By the way, Congress is just down the street in DC from the marble temples to the working man in which the union leaders are directing their people to express outrage at how corporations have destroyed them. I love the irony that the press, union members themselves, can't seem to see that it is the unions and liberal policy that have caused the whole mess. Defend the market system just to watch the apoplexy attack in a liberal.

Riots in France, the poster child for union absurdity, and Germany caused Guy Ryder, the general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), to whine about a time bomb of crisis and other incendiary images to warn of soaring crime. As if a union needs an excuse. His real point is that the unions will get what they want or they will destroy governments and forms of government, especially:

“We are on the road to serious social instability, which could be extremely dangerous in some countries to democracy itself.”

He said: “Davos does not make me at all confident. I don’t see any of the leadership here that is needed to get us out of this crisis . . . There is very little contrition here.”

I'm sure Mr. Ryder feels contrition as he flies first class and rides in his limo.

From Australia we get this twisted spin on economics:

Sharan Burrow, the president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, said that the world was now witnessing the human cost of “casino capitalism” as the impacts of rising unemployment and home repossessions and of plunges in savings and pension funds hit millions of families.

Ms Burrow said: “Why shouldn’t working people be angry? Their money is being used to stabilise the financial system, but it is their wealth, their jobs and the welfare of their children that is being stripped away.”

Ms Burrow might want to take a deep breath and realize that the financial system is their financial system and working together, instead of being adversarial, might help the markets recover. Like that's going to happen. She likes her little perch of power too much.

Mr Ryder, always good for a headline, went further:

However, Mr Ryder issued a blunt assessment of this year’s World Economic Forum. “The certainties that have defined Davos for the past ten years have collapsed,” he said. “We are witnessing the collapse of an entire system of ideas.”

Capitalism is strong. Is it strong enough to face down this worldwide assault? We'll see, but it will be those that won't be bullied that will right the ship in the end, as always. The specter of this 'change' will grow, but who will tell of the horrors in the history of this brave new world in which whole classes of workers sink into despair and a gray gloom as the mechanics of 'change' turn the screw just one more notch, because then it will all work, don't you see?

It's history tragically repeating itself as the purveyors of hope tell tales of human brotherhood uniting in a great revolution where all people are equal. Equally out of work or equally working meaningless nationalized jobs and are equally, but fairly you see, poor.

What a nightmare of unhappiness being dreamed by the unhappy for the rest of us to share that we do not want.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's Serving The World's Most Expensive Steak 'Shameful' and the 'Height of Irresponsibilty'

A tin ear administration spent $170 million on Obama's coronation.

Obama slams Wall Street over bonuses...
'Height of irresponsibility'...

Now, the Obama served Waygu steak, costing $100 per steak, at his White House arm twisting session over the need for a stimulus package that America cannot afford, but has to have because Americans are suffering so much. Maybe the champagne was cheap. You know, as an offset.

Japanese steak to address what an American Congress has done to us. Just who is marinated here? I mean we're cooked, but O's admin has to be lubed.

Shoulda been ribs soaked in Jack and rubbed with cane and served with a cold Bud with some serious slaw, baked beans and Chess Pie. Serve that and you can talk the Devil outta his own tail afterwards.

Nice job Barack. Fortunatelt, DC ain't quite yet Chi Town.

Stimulus Package: Socialized Medicine, Socialized Education And Outright Bribery

The Pelosi Obama Reid (POR) stimulus package is an outright power grab to give into the hands of the federal government medical care and public education and entire sections of the voting public into the hands of the Democrat Party.

Morning Bell: The Pelosi-Obama-Reid Trillion Dollar Debt Plan

What Hillary Clinton couldn't do as First Nurse years ago, this bill will make government the default care giver for the unemployed and 3/4's of children in the United States. Recap: socialized medicine.

The bill will place the federal bureaucracy in charge, not parents and local school boards, of our children's education. "The New York Times reports today, the bill will “profoundly change the federal government’s role in education, which has traditionally been the responsibility of state and local government.”" If federal bureaucracy was already in charge we'd have Al Gore's global warming bilge, without any questions, being taught as sound science.

Then you get to the pretty little bribes baubles, called spending priorities:

$1 billion for Amtrak - a money pit that still can't run on time or full - bring back the smoking cars
$2 billion for child care subsidies - federal control for an early age
$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts - government has ruined the arts
$400 million for global warming research - better to research the coming ice age
$2.5 billion for clean coal - private business could do this for less and faster
$650 million for even more digital TV conversion coupons - 5 years lead up, so postpone and raise cost
$600 million for new government cars - won't save Detroit from Washington
$7 billion for modernizing federal buildings - tear down half of them for new business
$150 million for the Smithsonian - government shouldn't be in there
$54 billion for Economic Office and Small Business Administration programs - what a waste and both proven failures

All of the above programs (and many more not listed) are ineffective and in some cases even harmful to the country and business, but POR wants to throw good money after bad as payback to their people.

Mommy Bloomberg Says 'No More Salt' Serfs

Bloomie just can't help himself. He's going to save the world whether it like it or not.

You like to have a smoke, real french fries or salt? Too freakin bad loser, Bloomie has decided it is the prerogative of his government to stop you from having what you like and has stopped business from catering to their customers. You and business, jeez, what a pair of problems for Bloomie's world. He has it tough enough ruling his minions from his limo and now you're gonna fight him about what your food tastes like? Careful, he'll send you to The Tombs for being unpatriotic, you selfish you-know-whats.

Mayor Bloomberg Declares War On ... Salt
Citizens Revolt, Claim NYC Is Turning Into Nanny State
This is just Mayor Bloomberg's latest health initiative, following on the heels of a smoking ban, a ban on trans fats and forcing restaurants to post the calorie contents.

Now if he could get into doing something about smells, maybe he could buy fabreeze by the gallon or, better yet, just get the bums off the streets.

First, One Must Ask WHY?

This is so wrong on a number of levels.

Seven diners in northern Japan fell ill and three were still in hospital today after eating blowfish testicles prepared in a restaurant not authorised to serve the poisonous delicacy.

The owner of the restaurant in Tsuruoka city, who is also the chef, had no licence to serve blowfish and was being questioned on suspicion of professional negligence, police official Yoshihito Iwase said.

Iwase said the seven men ordered sashimi and grilled blowfish testicles at the restaurant last night.

Shortly after, they developed limb paralysis and breathing trouble and started to lose consciousness – typical signs of blowfish poisoning – and were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

A 68-year-old diner was in a critical condition with respiratory failure and two others, aged 55 and 69, were in serious condition, Iwase said.

"It's scary. If you go to a decent-looking restaurant that serves fugu, you would assume a cook has a proper fugu license," Iwase said, using the Japanese term for blowfish.

Blowfish poison, called tetrodotoxin, is nearly 100 times more poisonous than potassium cyanide, according to the Ishikawa health service association. Eating it can cause death within an hour and a half.

President Soros

The game changer
By George Soros
In addition, banking regulations need to be internationally co-ordinated. Market regulations should be global as well. National governments also need to co-ordinate their macroeconomic policies in order to avoid wide currency swings and other disruption.

Of course internationalizing our banks would make it far easier for Soros to have a one-stop shopping for short selling currency, a practice he finds so repugnant that he keeps making billions of dollars through it just to show us how wrong it is.

George Soros, who broke the Bank of England through short selling, who financed BDS to the tune of $23, 581,000 and a convicted felon for insider trading, may be the president behind the president. Obama, through a spokesman, repudiated Soros on his anti-Israel comments, but kept on meeting and talking with Soros and, of course, kept accepting Soros money and support either directly or indirectly through the multitude of Soros fronts such as Obama also had a Soros associate, Jim Johnson Vice Chairman of Perseus, to guide the search for Obama's Vice President.

Soros has been more than just a sugar daddy for liberal causes in the Democrat Party. He has bee the driving force to reshape the party by buying it by, first; drying up donations by individuals to the party then forcing the cash strapped Democrat Party to bow to his wishes to regain the money through restarted donations, 527's that can end run the rule against foreign money and, second; to regain momentum with boots-on-the-ground workers from the 527s and unions and, three; to finally accept direction from the Soros backed groups as well as staff their party and campaigns with Soros people.

Soros owns the Democrat Party, they are now a subsidiary of his thus he owns the Democrat led Congress and Obama.

The top seven groups funding and directing the Democrat Party:

Democrat core groups:
1. America Coming Together funded by George Soros, Peter Lewis & unions

2. America Votes funded by George Soros, Peter Lewis & Herb Sandler

3. Center for American Progress funded by George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steve Bing & Herb Sandler

4. Joint Victory Campaign 2004 funded by George Soros, Peter B. Lewis, Steve Bing, Linda Pritzker, Dan Lewis, Agnes Varis, Herb Sandler, Marion Sandler, S. Daniel Abraham, Harold Snyder, Lewis B. Cullman, Anne Getty Earhart, Marcy Carsey, Susie Tompkins Buell, and Richard Rosenthal.

5. Media Fund funded by Joint Victory Fund (see above) funded by Linda Pritzker, George Soros, Peter B. Lewis

7. Thunder Road Group – A shadow group reported to be the nerve center and strategic leader of all the above listed groups and others.

"The Shadow Party is the real power driving the Democrat machine. It is a network of radicals dedicated to transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist hive. The leader of these radicals is ... George Soros. He has essentially privatized the Democratic Party, bringing it under his personal control. The Shadow Party is the instrument through which he exerts that control. ... It works by siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions that would have gone to the Democratic Party in normal times, and putting those contributions at the personal disposal of Mr. Soros. He then uses that money to buy influence and loyalty where he sees fit. In 2003, Soros set up a network of privately-owned groups which acts as a shadow or mirror image of the Party. It performs all the functions we would normally expect the real Democratic Party to perform, such as shaping the Party platform, fielding candidates, running campaigns, and so forth. However, it performs these functions under the private supervision of Mr. Soros and his associates. The Shadow Party derives its power from its ability to raise huge sums of money. By controlling the Democrat purse strings, the Shadow Party can make or break any Democrat candidate by deciding whether or not to fund him. During the 2004 election cycle, the Shadow Party raised more than $300 million for Democrat candidates, prompting one of its operatives, MoveOn PAC director Eli Pariser, to declare, 'Now it’s our party. We bought it, we own it…'

"Soros in 2004 spent some $26 million trying, unsuccessfully, to defeat President Bush’s reelection bid, a task Soros called “the central focus of my life” and “a matter of life and death.” He has likened Republicans generally, and the Bush administration in particular, to “the Nazi and communist regimes” in the sense that they are “all engaged in the politics of fear.” “Indeed,” he wrote in 2006, “the Bush administration has been able to improve on the techniques used by the Nazi and Communist propaganda machines by drawing on the innovations of the advertising and marketing industries.” Soros elaborated on this theme at the January 2007 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he told reporters: “America needs to . . . go through a certain de-Nazification process.”

Soros has been a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, who, in turn, has long admired Soros and shares many of his agendas. At a 2004 "Take Back America" conference in Washington, DC, Mrs. Clinton introduced Soros with these words:

“Now, among the many people who have stood up and said, ‘I cannot sit by and let this happen to the country I love,’ is George Soros, and I have known George Soros for a long time now, and I first came across his work in the former Soviet Union, in Eastern Europe, when I was privileged to travel there, both on my own and with my husband on behalf of our country. ... [W]e need people like George Soros, who is fearless, and willing to step up when it counts.” (Cited in David Horowitz and Richard Poe, The Shadow Party, p. 53)

In December of 2006, Soros met with Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in his (Soros') New York office. Soros had previously hosted a fund-raiser for Obama during the latter's 2004 campaign for the Senate. On January 16, 2007, Obama announced the creation of a presidential exploratory committee, and within hours Soros sent the senator a contribution of $2,100, the maximum amount allowable under campaign finance laws. Later that week the New York Daily News reported that Soros would back Obama over Senator Hillary Clinton, whom he had supported in the past. Soros' announcement was seen as a repudiation of Clinton's presidential aspirations, though Soros said he would support the New York senator were she to win the Democratic nomination.

President Soros? He is, at least, the power behind the throne and an unelected power who despises the United States of America and capitalism. Does that make Obama the Veep which makes Biden what?

Global Warming Kicking Ohio's Butt

6" of snow on top of 1.5" of ice on top of previous ice and snow is, I have no doubt, pay back for all of Bush's sins to us here in fly over country.

We are all hoping that aLgore's global warming comes to a town near us soon. If so, we will warm up the trucks and drive however far to hopefully get a glimpse of it and, if we're lucky, to make a photograph for the album.

We'll put that photograph right next to Aunt Bertha standing in the shadow of the world's largest peach pie that we made back in aught eight. They'll be keepers for sure.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

But When Democrats Were Out Of Power It Was All About Bi-Partisanship

In a very vulgar post a liberal explains how congress should work. It is very simple. All Republicans should just give Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other ultra-liberal party leaders whatever they want. Gee, now wasn't that easy!

Rule by the minority
Forcing Republicans out of power only seems to make them stronger. Obstructionism is what Republicans do best, and they will bring their A-game, for no other reason than making sure Obama accomplishes nothing during his first term. What remains to be seen is whether Obama will really sacrifice liberal principles for the sake of unattainable "bipartisanship."

So, if I have this right, the next time the Republicans are in power, the Democrats will give us everything we want. Things like cutting the federal bureaucracy in half, lower taxes by 20% across the board, get rid of at least two federal departments, tear the book of regulations and BS laws in half and let people be really free of the federal government for a start.

Golly, running the government is easier than we ever thought!

President Bam-Bam Does A Door

Where are all the witty sharpshooters of the left? I mean the guy just, bonk!, walked into a window. No ObaMoron? No McBaMuslim? No BaYuck? How about Chief ObaMaui? slObama? Maybe the WHDoorMan? I know, DuhRock Odumber.

Come on people, Bush only tried to open a locked door, but Obama tried to walk through one, he thought. Where are our favorite progressives now that Oba One Can No Be hasn't built a statue to Stalin. Yet.

Where are our favorite liberals, anarchists and other wittiacs on the left? No Barack Iraq chidings? No Obungler-in-Chief? Come on guys, you know he's disappointing you. Maybe shout out 'No Odumber Newt Deal for Corporations'!

Hey Bam, that's not the door!
It looks like President Obama hasn't gotten acquainted to his White House surroundings. On the way back to the Oval Office Tuesday, the President approached a paned window, instead of the actual door -- located a few feet to his right.

Doors didn't open automatically for Obama’s predecessor either. While making a hasty exit from a 2005 press conference in Beijing, former President George W. Bush tugged on the handles of a door, only to find it locked.

Bush laughed off the blunder, but the pictures still live on as part of Bush's lame duck legacy. However, there was little note taken of Obama's rookie mistake.

Come on you wittards of the left, you can still have BDS. Just tweak it to Barack Derangement Syndrome. It'll work. Besides, it'll give you hours of fun to relive those side splitting conversations with your friends, comrades and family with the original BDS. Anyway, it appears you're going to have some big disappointments,so buck up and keep on trying to kick a man that doesn't give a damn if your alive or not!!

Maybe BaWhackyoBam?

Ahmadinejad:Portrait Of A Madman Or A Fool

Change means ending support for 'Zionists'..
Holocaust a 'big lie': Iran govt spokesman...

Chairman Short has heard the call of 'change' in America. While building nuclear weapons Mini-Mahmoud still has time to make sure people are stoned to death, have hands cut off and that Jews, gays and other infidels know of his hatred. Has he specifically named little old Lutheran ladies as a danger to Islam? Probably, it's that punch they drink.

Apologize? Yeah, we'll get right on that. Oh wait, Obama is probably planning to show up on your doorstep with one and a box of your favorite cookies.

End support for Israel? Sure, if you really mean Islam demands it, but how convenient, eh? Admit it, you still have dreams of a little used camel market on that trade route outside Hirbet Qeiyafa. Go on little guy, you can still dream.

Holocaust a lie? You betcha, especially since your good buddy, David Duke, says so. You guys look so cute with your pointy little hoods and the Nazi corsets underneath. More than just your dreams start to sag with age.

What is really sad is that people like Obama and his wonderful Sec. of State think they can talk to creeps like this. Maybe Hill heard Ahmadinejad exhale.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SOS Clinton Says World Telling Her Obama Heard Their SOS Of Despair Over Bush

Bill never inhaled, but now we have proof that Hill did.

Clinton says world "exhaling" with Obama at top
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested on Tuesday the world was breathing a sigh of relief that President Barack Obama had replaced George W. Bush and was working to fix the damage he had caused.

In her first news conference as top U.S. diplomat, Clinton said excitement over the change in power was "reinforced time and time again" during her welcome calls in recent days with foreign counterparts.

"There is a great exhalation of breath going on in the world as people express their appreciation for the new direction that's being set and the team that is put together by the president," Clinton said.

"We have a lot of damage to repair."

Let's see, Bush toppled two brutal regimes and freed over 50 million people. I think the damage these 'leaders' are talking about is to their pocket books since they can't sell Iraq and Afghanistan weapons and get kick backs.

As for their appreciation for the new direction and the team Obama has put together it's probably because they appreciate that is again back to business as it was under Clinton and Carter, which is always great for despots.

From their point of view this is good. We wouldn't want some despots in a funky little despair, now would we....

Geithner: Why Would 10 Republicans Vote for Him?

I was enjoying a multiple hour layover in the Atlanta airport when news of the swearing in ofTimothy F. Geithner, of New York, to be Secretary of the Treasury was announced on CNN.

Of the approximately 100 people in the room I couldn't see anyone else that seemed to care that a liar and a crook was just placed in charge of the United States treasury.

Nor did anyone seem to care that 10 Republican senators voted for a guy who says he didn't understand his tax forms, but thought he could be in charge of taxes.

So, which 10 Republicans voted for Obama's indispensable man?

Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Crapo (R-ID)
Ensign (R-NV)
Graham (R-SC)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hatch (R-UT)
Shelby (R-AL)
Snowe (R-ME)
Voinovich (R-OH)

These 10 Republicans just gave Obama a pass card to do what he wants. They will help.

Next up will be when the congress finds out for sure if they can roll Obama. Look for the continuing resolution which will be lit up like a Christmas tree with earmarks. If the Obama doesn't veto it, they have him.

Then it will be business as usual for the Democrat controlled congress and Obama. Quid pro quo. With our money and our lives and our rights and freedom.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Democrats Paying Off Their Street

From the beginning of this last presidential campaign the Democrats have promised unions that 'card check' would pass allowing union thuggery to swell their ranks and their bank accounts for the next election. It's a win-win for them. Unethical, yes. Illegal, yes, but who's gonna question them about it now? Obama? Yeah, sure.

Was the same promised such 'community' groups such as Obama's beloved ACORN?

It appears so.

From Congressman John Boehner:

ACORN Could Get Billions from Democrats' Trillion Dollar Spending Plan

"Job Creation" Bill Offers Taxpayer-Funded Bonanza for Organization Reportedly Under Federal Investigation

Washington, Jan 23 - The House Democrats’ trillion dollar spending bill, approved on January 21 by the Appropriations Committee and headed to the House floor next week for a vote, could open billions of taxpayer dollars to left-wing groups like the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). ACORN has been accused of perpetrating voter registration fraud numerous times in the last several elections; is reportedly under federal investigation; and played a key role in the irresponsible schemes that caused a financial meltdown that has cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars since last fall.
House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and other Republicans are asking a simple question: what does this have to do with job creation? Are Congressional Democrats really going to borrow money from our children and grandchildren to give handouts to ACORN in the name of economic “stimulus?”

Incredibly, the Democrats’ bill makes groups like ACORN eligible for a $4.19 billion pot of money for “neighborhood stabilization activities.” Funds for this purpose were authorized in the
Housing and Economic Recovery Act, signed into law in 2008. However, these funds were limited to state and local governments. Now House Democrats are taking the unprecedented step of making ACORN and other groups eligible for these funds:

The House Democrats’ trillion dollar spending bill also includes $1 billion for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. CDBG funds are given by the federal government to state and local governments which often contract with nonprofits for services related to the purpose of the grant.

ACORN knows how to secure CDBG funds. Audit reports filed by ACORN’s headquarters with the Office of Management and Budget show that ACORN spent $1,588,599 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program funds from FY 2003 through FY 2007. It is not clear from these records when or from what source the funds were awarded to ACORN. It is also not clear whether ACORN chapters or affiliates have received CDBG grants on their own.
House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) repeatedly
urged President George W. Bush and other federal officials to withhold taxpayer funds from ACORN, including $17.2 million in federal grants awarded in December 2008 after numerous allegations of wrongdoing in connection with ACORN’s election activities were reported by the news media.

Leader Boehner also released a study of federal records in October 2008 listing tens of millions in federal grants received by ACORN. A new
updated and more expansive study reveals that ACORN has actually received millions more than first thought. A review of the Federal Register and news releases issued by federal agencies showed that ACORN was awarded more than $53 million in taxpayer dollars. This amount does not reflect the millions more ACORN has received in federal block grant funds awarded to state and local agencies which passed them on to ACORN.

Giving this much money to groups like ACORN is like, paraphrasing P. J. O'Rouke, giving alcohol and car keys to the kids. Yeah, we''ll still be the victims of the wreck.

Smudging The Bush White House Is Great Snivelling Smoodge ToThe Left

Via Little Green Footballs:

If one hangs the batwings upside down to make their world appear rightside up, it still means one's world is batty.

Could the White House Use a Good Smudging?
Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura evacuated the White House yesterday, making room for President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and their two daughters to move in for the next four (optimistically eight) years. This photo of the White House that was released to the media showcases a manila folder with a Post-It note left behind from George W. Bush for our new president. The folder is supposedly the only thing left behind from the old administration. There has been some speculation about what the contents of the folder might be. But, I'm more concerned about any energetic crud that may still be hanging around inside the house, especially in the living quarters. There are surely lingering energies that could use a good smudging.

It is beneficial to give living spaces a good sage smudging before moving in. The transfer of power from one administration to another in our country is unique. One part of that transfer is Moving Day which coincides with Inauguration Day. Yesterday while all the hoopla was going on with the swearing in ceremony, parade, and such, the White House staff of 93 moved the Bush's belongings out. They then went to work unpacking the Obama famiy's furnishings and clothing. I'm sure the White House staff routinely keep the rooms clean and swept of dust and cobwebs, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Smudging is a purification ritual that not only clears away negative and stagnant energies but will also open up a space, inviting calm and serenity. I periodically give all the rooms in my home a good sweep with a sage wand. I will also sage the mattresses and cushions on our couches and chairs. I simply walk from room to room and sage any places I feel gunk might be hanging out (sink drains, kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, etc.). If I were moving into a new home I would certainly give it a thorough smudging before moving in any of my belongings. I would sage each room making sure I covered all four corners and also all closets and cubbyholes. I would also sage all entryways, doorways and hallways.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama Pimps For Rush

Using the bully pulpit of the presidency Obama has done absolute wonders, in a marketing sense, for Rush Limbaugh.

President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

Obama seemed to miss that part of journalism that states, 'I don't care what you say about me. Just spell my name right.' I am sure that the venerated Air America would love this type of exposure, especially their 3 listeners and sponsors.

In response to the Obama:

"You know, I'm concerned about the size of the package. And I'm concerned about some of the spending that's in there, [about] ... how you can spend hundreds of millions on contraceptives," House GOP Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) later said.

"How does that stimulate the economy?"

It has not been confirmed that this is the same room where Bill Clinton discussed stimulation, but it is rumored that Hillary applauded the move by the administration as a village resolution to raise a Republican.

Friday, January 23, 2009

WP: Bush's War On Terror Has Sudden End

News as editorial as a rule of thumb means lower earnings and huge debt.

There used to be a joke in the 80's about the honesty of the Washington Post that said one had to double check the box scores listed in the paper with another source. Things don't change much.

Obama To Republicans: 'You Lost'

Obama to GOP: 'I won'
During a morning meeting with congressional leaders from both parties, President Obama acknowledged the philosophical differences between his stimulus package and the Republican plan – but, sources familiar with the conversation said, Obama then noted: “I won.” The exchange arose as top House and Senate Republicans expressed concern to the president about the amount of spending in the package. They also raised concerns about a refundable tax credit that returns money to those who don’t pay income taxes, the sources said.

Did Obama just boast he had 'political capital'?

Self Interrupted Blogger Want The SS on Bizzy Blog's Rear End

Tom Blumer and I have not always agreed, but I have admired his tenacity and his insight in many matters. That self proclaimed Interrupted Blogger, Tim Russo, has decided that Tom needs to be checked out by the secret service for his thoughts.

Russo is the man that has repeatedly said that he was arrested because he "had a thought in my head about having sex with a 13 year old boy." A thought.
Russo says that he really didn't do anything wrong, in fact just a thought that "a federal agent milked until the point I was arrested for that thought" implying he shouldn't have been arrested by a jack-boot thug for mere thought. Thought he maintains is not a crime, but he wants to make the thoughts of others a crime. He wants Blumer watched by the Secret Service and then arrested for political thought.
I think Blumer is doing an excellent job of connecting dots. I also think Russo is desperate for some, any spotlight to be shined on him to regain some legitimacy.
Good job Tom. Bad move Tim.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Witch Of Capitol Hill Sharpens Her Nose

Nancy Pelosi is not a person that is well liked and that's just the opinion in the halls of congress. Pelosi has the innate ability to sound shrill even when whispering sweet nothings. She learned politics in Baltimore as a little girl and today runs congress like a ward leader who hands out favors to friends and 'breaks' the knees of those thought to be disloyal. Activities far from the white glove and pill box hat highbrow life of the Institute of Notre Dame, a Catholic all-girls high school in Baltimore, and Trinity College where she got an education and charm assistance. Both seem to have failed.

Pelosi said one of her favorite moments from Inauguration Day was when Marine One lifted off the Capitol grounds, signifying former President George W. Bush's exit from Washington. "It felt like a 10-pound anvil was lifted off my head," she said.

Pelosi's politics and political style are from an age passed by, but she'll keep weeping for those less fortunate that her, which is about 99.999999999999% of the population. This first-class witch will show some decorum, though, and weep for us from her million dollar mansion, her comped government jet or her palatial office in the capitol.

White Workers & Middle Class Not Welcome In New Administration's Vision Of America

Via Gateway Pundit from Naked Emporer News and HotAir.

I was told that only 3% of the money in the stimulus package would be put into the system this year, 2009. If so, why are we spending money we don't have and have to borrow? The bailouts were bad enough, but if the Chinese call in their loans to us we are screwed and they might if they think that Obama and the Democrat congress spend all this money.

To add insult to injury, Robert Reich, Charlie Rangle and the new administration want to make race a key component of the stimulus package freezing out the middle class and white workers.

Welcome to change. Amerika will have new progressive and socialist systems put in place that will make America a third world country, but only certain classes and races will be allowed to be part of the worker's paradise. Too bad we, as a country, have worked hard to correct past mistakes and to welcome all people. It obviously was a mistake.

I'll Assert Franken Election A Fraud

And I'll assert that Reid is committing fraud by seating Franken by ignoring Minnesota state law and slapping the voters in the face.

Reid is about as low as one can go on any normal day. He has lied about President Bush. He has lied about Republicans. He has lied about the War On Terror. He has lied about Iraq and the surge. Reid has lied so much it would be easier to count any truthful statements he has made.

Senate Democrats move toward seating Franken
It's no joke: Senate Democrats are moving toward letting comedian Al Franken join the chamber while Republican Norm Coleman's election lawsuit is pending.

"We're going to try to seat Al Franken," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told reporters on Wednesday, a few hours before he posed with Franken for photos just off the Senate floor. "There's not a question in anyone's mind, an assertion by anyone, that there's been any fraud or wrongdoing in this election."

There are a ton of questions in millions of people's minds. There have been a lot of assertions that Franken's lead is wrong, incorrect and possibly fraud. If Harpy Reid isn't quite sure, he may want to refer to the legal challenges going on in Minnesota.

Like I have said before, Reid would seat Satan if it got him closer to 60 seats, but seat Franken? Reid and Franken are two little men and both are a joke and both bring shame to the Senate and to the United States of America.

Sheila Patterson: 'Not Like Us' Get Out Of Our School

"Our Founding Fathers ... drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man" President Obama, Jan 20, 2009

Maybe it was the heady notion that those of a different color would finally be put in their place. Maybe it was just the pure arrogance of one finally feeling empowered. Probably it was a typical school board member shoving their beliefs down the throats of those that disagree.

Whatever it is, Sheila Patterson doesn't understand democracy as practiced in our Republic. She also slapped her new president in the face with her directive to those that disagree with her.

I am just very very disappointed.

Jackson Public Schools board member to teachers who did not show inauguration: Go home
Jackson Public Schools board member Sheila Patterson had a strong message Tuesday for some teachers who did not "feel it was important" to show the inauguration of President Barack Obama during class.

"They don't belong in this school district -- not the type of district we have here," Patterson said at Tuesday's board meeting.

Patterson was speaking of the 43 percent minority student population, and that the inauguration of the first black president was an historic event no matter what political viewpoint one has.

"I am just very very disappointed," she said.

Sheila Patterson
Age: 39
Family: Single
Occupation: Health, safety and environmental coordinator at Consumers Energy
Education: Masters in business administration, Spring Arbor University; bachelor's in liberal arts, Spring Arbor College; driver education certificate, Central Michigan University
Community/public service: Vice president of Jackson Public Schools board, Jackson Community College Board of Trustees, Consumers Energy's Community-Minded Services Club, executive committee for the NAACP Jackson chapter

If this represents the thinking of our school boards it is really disappointing. No wonder students graduate without the ability to fill out job applications, but remember the nuances of social re-education.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Be The Loyal Opposition

From Big Hollywood. I read it at Next Right and think it true.

The only thing worse than bad winners are sore losers, and we’ve had enough of them for the past eight years. So with that in mind, in the wake of today’s historic inauguration, here’s my Handbook For The Loyal Opposition, 2009 edition - a “To Don’t List,” if you will. Or even if you won’t.

DON’T question the motives - question the policy. When you disagree with Obama’s policies, say so, and make it clear why. But remember that President Obama is doing what he thinks is best for the country, as President Bush did. Both men love America and want what’s best for her. End of story.
DON’T make it personal. We don’t need another Derangement Syndrome. We don’t need people doing things like emphasizing Obama’s middle name in a derogatory fashion. How anyone would think that’s beneficial to their cause, or to the country as a whole, is beyond me. Also, it’s not even clever. Neither are smushwords like BusHitler, or sillywords like Rethuglicans and Dhimmicrats.
DON’T cozy up to and champion foreign dictators and despots. Sean Penn is an ass. No reason to be like him. ‘Nuff said. (Corollary: Don’t cozy up to and champion foreign dictators and despots and then act outraged when people question your patriotism.)
DON’T pretend you’re being brave when you criticize your government. Not while people in other countries actually, y’know, DIE, when they do that.
DON’T use the word “divisive.” At this point, all that word means is “You disagree with me,” and the English language gets mangled enough these days.
DON’T use the phrase “speaking truth to power.” EVER.
DON’T move to Canada.
DON’T say you’re going to move to Canada and then stay here. (I know it’s too late for Stephen Baldwin, but not for the rest of you.)
DON’T apologize to foreigners and say things to them like, “I didn’t vote for Obama,” or “He’s not MY president.”
DON’T say or do everything in your power to drive this country apart and then claim you want unity when it’s your guy in power. This is like the convicted felon who conveniently finds God when he’s up for parole.
DON’T call people un-American one week, and then talk about how “We are not blue states or red states, we are the United States” the next. (This rule may only apply to Tom Hanks, but I put it in just to be safe.)
DON’T automatically think people who disagree with you are stupid or evil. Some of them are, of course. But most of them aren’t, and you might actually learn something if you listen to them.
And finally, DON’T use the fact that many on the left behaved abominably for the past eight years as an excuse to behave the same way. America needs adults. And if it bothered you when they did it, it’s a good sign that you shouldn’t do it.

This is a good start for building towards a true Republican/Conservative majority in the upcoming elections.

My father put political decorum well when he told me, "Don't pontificate about the evil of drugs while sipping your 5th martini. You'll look like an ass (or 'a democrat' if ladies were present)."

Dawn Of A Progressive Era Or Can We get Away From Here?

As in every campaign, the victor makes a lot of promises they cannot keep. In this just ended campaign, Obama implied a lot of promises without ever stating them and the media implied a lot of questions without ever asking them.

This is a general loss for all voters. Adulation by the people and the media is destructive to our country and our political system of government. It is also a specific loss for those voters, such as progressives, that heard a clarion call that was never made, but were able to smugly tell themselves that that is what Obama really meant because he talked the talk and he never denied it.

Now the inauguration is over and the parties have left empty glasses, empty halls and a country still to drunk to feel the hangover, reality is still hovering just above our heads. That reality is that Obama's base expects this administration to move sharply towards a progressive form of government while the country and the world expects capitalism to save us from ourselves.

As a conservative I supported George W. Bush because I did agree with him on many points and because the alternative was Gore or Kerry. As a conservative I supported Republicans, again because I agree on many points and, again the alternative was the Democrat Party led by Pelosi and Reid. In both cases I was disappointed by many decisions or lack of decisions by President Bush and the Republicans, but none more so than the role of government in our nation.

The role of government is not to spend our money with abandon, especially to enlarge an already bloated bureaucracy to serve the needs of special interest groups in the name of justice when indeed it is really done so for the benefit of the party in future elections. This is a governmental role that would send most businesses and citizens to jail for bribery. It is also unethical, destructive and cannot continue ad infinitum. To even try will bring our economy to its knees thus our country. Maybe this is what some want, but any sensible person should recognize the horror that would ensue for us and the world. Yes, the United States of America is that important.

Now, today, is the time for the loyal opposition Republicans to begin to rebuild from within and oppose any more attempts to enlarge government and to oppose with every fiber of the soul any more of this ridiculously pandering governmental spending and encroachment into business in America. Government has caused our economic woes and government is completely unable to fix those woes. Government will only make it worse. Only the market can fix itself and only if government will step back and take its heavy hand from the neck of business.

The role of government, first and foremost, is our national security. That role includes a robust business environment, but it most definitely does not include a robust intrusion of government into the business of business. If federal bureaucrats had the expertise to employ thousands and make millions and billions of dollars they would most probably not be in government, but in business. As it is, they haven't the expertise. Nor the wisdom.

Progressives really are socialists wearing another coat to appear what they are not. The constitution never envisioned socialism as a form of governance for our country, indeed the constitution forbids it.

Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote the Federalist Papers outlining the role of government and later Hamilton, as a Federalist and Secretary of the Treasury, continued the debate as he viciously fought Madison and Thomas Jefferson, a Republican and Secretary of State, over the role of government and its power over business and the citizenry as members of President George Washington's cabinet. Washington feared their vitriolic clash could tear the young Republic apart. Washington would today be even more fearful for the Republic that no such clash is taking place in the halls of governance.

People are tired of partisanship, or at least polls tell us so, but partisanship is what makes legislation which makes for compromise which makes the laws of our country. If Republicans do not act as partisans, the loyal opposition, then their acquiescence will foment a more destructive course change of the ship of state than even President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal and President Lyndon Baines Johnson's Great Society, both of which spit on our founding principles and prolonged the suffering of our nation.

It is preferred that insanity is prevented, but once it has begun it must be stopped.

It has already begun. It did so many years ago. It is time to stop slowly poisoning ourselves with delusions of what is and what is not possible.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Bummer Of The Obama Administration

He's every where. On all the channels of my TV. He's all over the dial of my radio.

He's talking about the inauguration. He's talking new legislation. He's talking and talking and talking in his ridiculous sing-song, rhyming foolishness. Then he talks even more.

Just because Barack Obama is now president, do we now have to listen to Reverend Jesse "cut his nuts off" Jackson all the time? This is a major bummer.

I could like Obama if he gagged Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, Pfluger, well that's just a start. He could really do the country a favor if he'd gag these clowns as well.

Big Government Just Starting

This is sickening.

There are more people working in government than in manufacturing.

h/t Fabius Maximus

God Bless Mr. George W. Bush and President Barack H. Obama

In a spectacle that will be watched around the world we see once again the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America.
Barack Obama is now our president and we wish him well. I personally thank George W. Bush for freeing over 50 million people and keeping us safe.

Liberals Already Unhappy With Obama Over Lack Of BDS

On inauguration day some will protest by throwing shoes at the White House. I gather they will have borrowed or stolen the shoes.

Bashers End Bush Era Deflated by Lack of Prosecutions
Bush bashers say they aren't going to let the inauguration of Barack Obama get in the way of their effort to have the president prosecuted on war crimes.

For some die-hards, Tuesday is not a day to hail the arrival of Obama or celebrate Bush's exit.
"I'm not holding out great hopes that he's [Obama] going to change things around," said Laurie Dobson of Kennebunkport, Maine.

Dobson, who unsuccessfully ran as an independent against Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, in 2008, has protested Bush's policies almost from the beginning of his administration. She warned that pressure has to be kept on Obama to take action against the nation's 43rd president.

"People give [Obama] all kinds of excuses because they want so much to believe in him," she said. "That's how they make a tyrant. ... If we do our job as [citizens] then he could be a good president. It all depends on us keeping him in line."

Harold Burbank, an attorney from Canton, Conn., said, "Tuesday is not a day to celebrate."

Obama must be greatly relieved that Ms. Dobson is on the job keeping him in line.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama's National Health Care Champion Tom Daschle

Even a stake through the heart won't keep the meddling "I know better than you" Tom Daschle out of our lives and our health.

Hillary tried her socialized medicine and now Obama will try his hoping his first term popularity will give the federal government the right to destroy our great medical care in this country.

Director Blue wrote about Daschle's plan, which Obama has endorsed, to hoodwink voters into giving a Democratic Politburo in Washington the right to over ride in Peoria the decisions made by a doctor and a patient.

This is a read you should make.

The Disastrous Daschle-Obama strategy to "fix" health care

In the name of the uninsured, they want to control your life and this will give them the power to do so. Got a bad habit, you will go to the end of the line waiting for care, unless it's Aids or drug related, or crime related, because those are society's fault.

"One Died for Your Soul; The Other for Your Freedom."

I found this at Bob's Blog. No need to say anything more.

Yesterday I was talking to a woman about how much I enjoy the military jets from nearby Buckley Air Force Base. The jets come flying low over our farm, then head back into Buckley.

The woman told me about an email she got from a friend in Phoenix. She sent it to me. It concerns a letter-to-the editor a man wrote in Phoenix, complaining about four jets from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona flying low over the man while he was at Arrowhead Mall in Phoenix. The man sarcastically asked if these "Tom Cruise wanna-bes thought local residents needed a wake-up call at 9:11 A.M., or were they just trying to impress the clerks at Mervyns?" The man asked for a response.

Lt. Col. Grant L. Rosensteel, Jr. gave him a response. The four officers flying the jets were honoring a fellow officer who was killed in Iraq fighting for our freedom. He was being buried that morning. After the rifle salute, the playing of taps, and the presentation of the flag of the USA to the widow, the "pilots flew the most honorable formation of their lives" on behalf of fellow officer Captain Fresques.

Rosensteel concluded his response by informing the man that "only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you...Jesus Christ and the American soldier. One died for your soul; the other for your freedom."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama: Not Lincoln, But FDR Jr.

FDR's policies were able to prolong the depression by at least 7 years and WWII actually got us out of the depression, not FDR's policies.

Now the Democrats and Obama want a new New Deal. God help us.

An email from Congressman John Boehner concerning this disasterous idea:

A Dozen Fun Facts About the House Democrats' Massive Spending Bill
1. The House Democrats' bill will cost each and every household $6,700 additional debt, paid for by our children and grandchildren.

2. The total cost of this one piece of legislation is almost as much as the annual discretionary budget for the entire federal government.

3. President-elect Obama has said that his proposed stimulus legislation will create or save three million jobs. This means that this legislation will spend about $275,000 per job. The average household income in the U.S. is $50,000 a year.

4. The House Democrats' bill provides enough spending - $825 billion - to give every man, woman, and child in America $2,700.

5. $825 billion is enough to give every person living in poverty in the U.S. $22,000.

6. $825 billion is enough to give every person in Ohio $72,000.

7. Although the House Democrats' proposal has been billed as a transportation and infrastructure investment package, in actuality only $30 billion of the bill - or three percent - is for road and highway spending. A recent study from the Congressional Budget Office said that only 25 percent of infrastructure dollars can be spent in the first year, making the one year total less than $7 billion for infrastructure.

8. Much of the funding within the House Democrats' proposal will go to programs that already have large, unexpended balances. For example, the bill provides $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which already have $16 billion on hand. And, this year, Congress has plans to rescind $9 billion in highway funding that the states have not yet used.

9. In 1993, the unemployment rate was virtually the same as the rate today (around seven percent). Yet, then-President Clinton's proposed stimulus legislation ONLY contained $16 billion in spending.

10. Here are just a few of the programs and projects that have been included in the House Democrats' proposal:
· $650 million for digital TV coupons.

· $6 billion for colleges/universities - many which have billion dollar endowments.
· $166 billion in direct aid to states - many of which have failed to budget wisely.
· $50 million in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts.
· $44 million for repairs to U.S. Department of Agriculture headquarters.· $200 million for the National Mall, including grass planting.
· $400 million for "National Treasures."

11. Almost one-third of the so called tax relief in the House Democrats' bill is spending in disguise, meaning that true tax relief makes up only 24 percent of the total package - not the 40 percent that President-elect Obama had requested.

12. $825 billion is just the beginning - many Capitol Hill Democrats want to spend even more taxpayer dollars on their "stimulus" plan.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Andrew Wyeth Passes At Age 91

PHILADELPHIA—American painter Andrew Wyeth died in his sleep on January 16 at the age of 91, reports Bloomberg. Wyeth was among the country's most celebrated living artists, although his realist, figurative paintings of rural life in Pennsylvania and Maine split critical opinion at a time when Abstract Expressionism was at the fore. Wyeth had his first solo gallery exhibition at William Macbeth Gallery in New York in 1937; he went on to have solo shows at museums around the country and the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where his 1976–77 exhibition was the institution's first devoted to a living artist. He painted his most famous work, Christina's World, in 1948; the picture was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art for $1,800 the same year. He was honored by Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, and George W. Bush.
As an art student years ago we began many painting classes with photo-realism. A form of high class paint-by-numbers in which the painter does a transparent graph over of a photograph and a corresponding graph on a prepared canvas to transfer the photographic image to a painted surface using the two graphs as guidelines. I felt like a middle-man in a bad transaction, so I became the school's first photography major which saved me from the painting-by-numbers technique as well as the horror of later classes in modern art painting classes. But I continued to paint on my own.
Pouring over books about the great painters, both historic and current, I rediscovered Andrew Wyeth and his artistic family including his father, N. C. Wyeth, who had filled my head and soul with his illustrations that accompanied my favorite childhood books such as The Yearling, Treasure Island, Last of the Mohicans and Robin Hood. This research allowed me to learn their techniques to incorporate in my own painting. Once discovered by my professors, my paintings led to many lectures about painters such as Andrew Wyeth being anti-art, anti-artist and various phrases that boiled down to painters of that ilk being bourgeois. Professors and critics ridiculed them as mere illustrators, not serious artists such as Kandinsky or Rothko or the great Marcel Duchamp.
A short time ago, for no known reason, I spontaneously purchased paints and brushes and began to paint again for my own reasons. I will miss the "time" I spent with Andrew Wyeth when I studied late into evenings his techniques and thought patterns, but mostly his love of history, nature and the interpersonal relationship between art and life.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Waxman Pushes Global Warming Voodoo Legislation

Waxman promises quick action on climate
The chairman of a key House committee said Thursday he will move "quickly and decisively" to push legislation curbing greenhouse gases with a goal of passing climate legislation out of his committee before Memorial Day.

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., opening the new Congress' first hearing on the threats from global warming, said inaction on the climate issue is causing uncertainties that make it more difficult to emerge from the recession.

"Our environment and our economy depend on congressional action to confront the threat of climate change and secure our energy independence," said Waxman. "U.S. industries want to invest in a clean energy future, but uncertainties about whether, when and how
greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced is deterring these vital investments."
Personally, I'd be happier if Henri could make it a little warmer than -20 here. It's funny how temperature fluctuations have a pattern. It's funnier that people like Waxman don't seem to notice the temperature. Must be that bubble Reps live in that keeps him warm.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Even In Victory Newsweek's Bush Hatred Apparent

After doing everything in their power, as part of the fifth column, to get Obama elected, including omission of facts, silence and full blown support, Newsweek still feels the need to portray President Bush and Vice President Cheney in the most negative light.

Obama’s Cheney Dilemma
Dick Cheney, who will step down as vice president on Jan. 20, has been widely portrayed as a creature of the dark side, a monstrous figure who trampled on the Constitution to wage war against all foes, real and imagined. Barack Obama was elected partly to cleanse the temple of the Bush-Cheney stain, and in his campaign speeches he promised to reverse Cheney's efforts to seize power for the White House in the war on terror.

No image of a dark monster who imagines enemies attempting to take his power so he tramples on laws and rights leaving a stain on the national psyche in that story. And that is just the first paragraph!

Dick Cheney:
creature of the dark side
a monstrous figure
who trampled on the Constitution
to wage war against all foes
real and imagined
Bush-Cheney stain
to seize power

Barack Obama:
cleanse the temple
reverse Cheney's

Newsweek, at the same time, gives the image of a messiah who is coming to cleanse the temple by reversing the dark monstrously delusional Cheney. Darkness and light in an interesting reversal of real and projected imagery. It's great for writing 101, but it truly juvenile for a reporter writing for and edited by a magazine such as Newsweek.

In fact, I think the whole Bush Derangement Syndrome is juvenile. In their stated goal of bringing civility and peace back to the United States, the left has acted like little babies stomping their feet while calling people the worst names they can think of, as they parade around in costume while chanting vulgarities and hate in unison as if the teacher won't punish them because there is safety in numbers.

We have some serious and dangerous times ahead. Time to grow up.

King Obama Spending $159m On Coronation, But Libs Mum

When President George Bush was inaugurated for the second time the lefties went wild. They ranted endlessly about the $40 million cost as seen below.

They don't seem too upset about Obama's inauguration cost which is reportedly $159,884,933.24 (Daily Mail - UK). I mean, just think how many pounds of pot that could buy, how many protests it could fund, how many trips to Cuba or Venezuela it could pay for or just think how many solar panels like Al 'Boom-Boom' Gore has on his roof that could be purchased? Of course those solar panels wouldn't be doing squat here in Ohio as the snow and the temperature continue to fall in this coldest winter in years.

I'm not sure just how much this second coming should cost, but the real one won't cost zip.

Thursday, January 20, 2005
Shameful Inaugural Excess - the Recoronation of King George II
posted by The Liberal Avenger @ 1:03 AM

George Bush responded to criticism that the inauguration was excessive in light of the war and the tsunami by calling it a "celebration of Democracy." At least two previous Democratic presidents were able to keep it in their pants for their inaugurations in trying times (see FDR and Carter's entries below).The Progress Report has assembled a list of inauguration facts and figures "by the numbers":

$40 million: Cost of Bush inaugural ball festivities, not counting security costs.
$2,000: Amount FDR spent on the inaugural in 1945…about $20,000 in today's dollars.
$20,000: Cost of yellow roses purchased for inaugural festivities by D.C.'s Ritz Carlton.
200: Number of Humvees outfitted with top-of-the-line armor for troops in Iraq that could have been purchased with the amount of money blown on the inauguration.
$10,000: Price of an inaugural package at the Fairmont Hotel, which includes a Beluga caviar and Dom Perignon reception, a chauffeured Rolls Royce and two actors posing as "faux" Secret Service agents, complete with black sunglasses and cufflink walkie-talkies.
400: Pounds of lobster provided for "inaugural feeding frenzy" at the exclusive Mandarin Oriental hotel.
3,000: Number of "Laura Bush Cowboy cookies" provided for "inaugural feeding frenzy" at the Mandarin hotel.
$1: Amount per guest President Carter spent on snacks for guests at his inaugural parties. To stick to a tight budget, he served pretzels, peanuts, crackers and cheese and had cash bars.
22 million: Number of children in regions devastated by the tsunami who could have received vaccinations and preventive health care with the amount of money spent on the inauguration. 1,160,000: Number of girls who could be sent to school for a year in Afghanistan with the amount of money lavished on the inauguration.
$15,000: The down payment to rent a fur coat paid by one gala attendee who didn't want the hassle of schlepping her own through the airport.
$200,500: Price of a room package at D.C.'s Mandarin Oriental, including presidential suite, chauffeured Mercedes limo and outfits from Neiman Marcus.
2,500: Number of U.S. troops used to stand guard as President Bush takes his oath of office
26,000: Number of Kevlar vests for U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that could be purchased for $40 million.
$290: Bonus that could go to each American solider serving in Iraq, if inauguration funds were used for that purpose.
$6.3 million: Amount contributed by the finance and investment industry, which works out to be 25 percent of all the money collected.
$17 million: Amount of money the White House is forcing the cash-strapped city of Washington, D.C., to pony up for inauguration security.
9: Percentage of D.C. residents who voted for Bush in 2004.
66: Percentage of Americans who think this over-the-top inauguration should have been scaled back.

What will you be doing while King George II is getting recoronated?