Monday, December 13, 2010

Judge: You Can't Make Them Buy Health Insurance!

About time! Congress and the Obama Administration has been shredding the Constitution for two years and it's time someone said "Stop."

Judge rejects key part of Obama healthcare law

Elections still mean something, as in the will of the people, and the over reach of liberals/progressives/socialists has been rejected. Now is time to start rolling back the crap they have foisted on us since 1929.

Welcome To America

via Ann Althouse

Stahl: You went from mopping this floor to Speaker of the House.

Boehner: Welcome to America.

John Boehner speaks often of the American Dream and about his family and other families that have striven for it. His detractors laugh at his emotion about the subject and scoff at an "american dream" that only comes off the backs of others. They haven't lived it.

Another family lived the American Dream when a boy who would only grow to five foot tall, grew up in a fatherless home which was a cold water flat with a privy out back for all the residents and be the first in his family to finish high school. He went on to work his way through college and medical school and become a very successful doctor. Along the way he won the heart of a very smart and beautiful young lady who came from an old and good family. They had 6 children. Each child had to work starting at 14 and just like their parents each child had to give to the church and others in need. They understood the American Dream.

They would understand John Boehner.