Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Circa 1627 Post-Tudor Stone House Offered In Wallasey, England

Up for auction on November 23rd in the U.K. is this incredible, post-Tudor, sandstone block property, which is “reputed to be one of the oldest houses in Wirral,” dating to the year 1627.  Yeah . . . that’s just 7 years after the pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock.
The house – creatively dubbed “The Old House” — is located on Limekiln Lane in Wallasey, in northwest England (see map, above).  Wallasey is a town within the Borough of Wirral – west of the large city of Liverpool on the Irish Sea.

Obama's Attempted Extortion Of Business For Political Power For Progs

Maybe Rahm will moonlight as his bagman as he "visits" other cities as the new mayor of extortion city, Chicago.

We’ll know if Rahm flies to Witchita from Peroria.