Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Webb, Dems Spinning Service Spin To Their Own

Webb: "Let's get the politics out of the military, take care of our military people, or have our political arguments in other areas."

McCain has not tried to inject politics into the military. He does believe that his military service gives him wisdom to be a better Commander in Chief. Obama has no such wisdom.

This is the soft smear to "Gen" Clark's hard smear about McCain's service to our country.

Obama's Liberal Jihad Against McCain's Republican Convention

via Return of the Conservatives

Plausible deniablilty.

Legal challenge is in line with plans to disrupt GOP convention
Elaborate plans are underway to encircle and "shut down" the Republican National Convention at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center in September. The strategies and tactics involved could come straight from a guerrilla warfare manual.

Anarchist groups with ominous names -- the RNC Welcoming Committee, Unconventional Action -- have announced a "three-tier strategy" to cut off the Xcel Center. The steps include "blockading" streets and freeways, "immobilizing" delegates' transportation and "blocking" bridges to impede delegates' access to the center.

The plan also features a "swarm, seize, stay" strategy. After dividing the city into "sectors," protesters propose to "seize space" through both "hard technical blockades" and "softer, more mobile blockades" such as congestion, according to anarchist websites.

Some demonstrators may chain themselves together in public thoroughfares, while others operate in "waves" designed to "spread out police both geographically and tactically."

Rock/hard place. If they're taken out as they riot and destroy, we as a nation look bad/If they're allowed to riot and destroy, our Republic is further weakened. The rich Obama supporting ABA lawyers and the trash employing them know this.

Democrats, liberals and especially Obama should be ashamed. And made to pay the bill.

If Obama' Advisors Might Kill His Campaign, What Might They Do To America If He Gets Elected?

Obama Advisor: McCain ‘Sadly Limited’ by POW Years
"He [McCain] was in isolation essentially for many of those years and did not experience the turmoil here or the challenges that were involved for those of us who served in Vietnam during the Vietnam war."

Clark, Ayers, Rezko, Wright, Johnson, Axlerod, Brzezinski, Mayweather, Holder, Malley, Clarke, Bonior, Dorhn, Blumenthal, Tribe, Klonsky, Obongo, Farrakan, and more.

Bombers, murderers, communists, corrupt machine politicians, unionists, terrorists, socialists, anti-white, anti-American, criminals and double dealing politicians as campaign advisors.

Just think what they can do for you.

Hollywood Hates Christians, But Loves Smart Alexs & Bills

One More Reason for Hollywood to Support Obama
Stephen Baldwin, a born-again Christian and brother of Alec, whose most recent "role" was an apprearance on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, told Fox News' Laura Ingraham that he will leave the country if Barack Obama becomes the next president (fingers crossed?), yet another reason for Hollywood to keep making campaign donations to the Senator.

Watch the clip to see Mr. Baldwin's rant against Hollywood's support of the Democratic candidate and the reasons why he's backing John McCain.

So predictable, NYC and Hollywood. Both are filled with rubes who moved there and put on airs to appear what they aren't. Once they have assumed their character they must ridicule what they were.

How predictably sad. Please strike. Soon.

Hillary Has A Fink

As I remember it, Larry Fink was raised in Hell's Kitchen in NYC. He appeared carrying a dufflebag which he tossed on the cement floor and started to talk, as he'd been hired, about his happy complacency of being a traveling photographer much like a one man band of Gypsy around America. As he spoke he bent and reached into his duffel bag to grab his Rolleis and Blads (Rolleiflex and Hasselblad cameras)and various lens rattling around in there. Students in the basement room of an old post office, now an art hall, silently pondered treating their equipment in such a way that would bring immediate cardiac arrest to their purchasers, their parents.

It was a measured performance, so haphazard and slovenly that I knew it had been rehearsed. I liked Fink immediately and invited him over for dinner with my girlfriend. That was planned too.

After a dinner of lemon chicken with Italian breading sauteed in olive oil, pasta in cream sauce, radicchio salad and garlic bread mixed with conversation about the Midwest, NYC and life on the road, Fink commented the meal was better than his earlier dinner at the Hamburger Inn.

Knowing that I was about to start an photography internship in the fashion industry in NYC, Fink spoke of the fraud called fashion, the humourless pomposity of New York's elite and what life really was, as seen from Hell's Kitchen.

Two years later, I knew I couldn't continue starting my 5:30 AM days as an apprentice assisting in photographing the Rolling Stones, Catherine Deneuve, Cristina Ferrare, Vogue covers and ethereal lanterns floating in a sea of color while bouncing from Peter Beard's studio and Richard Avedon shoots. The imagery of a world in which the Ramones' unloaded their equipment from a cab in front of CBGB, whores on Latrobe, bums in Washington Square and young socialites discussing the impotence of life as they consumed their father's credit at 4 o'clock in the morning at Plato's was my undoing.

I was trapped in Fink's world and my money had run out. I went straight to LaGuardia from a late night performance by Deborah Harry and a debauched party in a loft off Houston Street to a 6:30 AM flight back to Ohio.

In searching for a story about Hillary Clinton's disastrous campaign I found Larry Fink again.

He is still dissecting facades.

'Phone Call Heard Around The World'

Did I just hear Merideth whatshername on NBC say the 'Phone call heard around the world' about BObama finally getting to talk with BClinton? Is she racing Matt whatshisname in a race to the bottom?

I think so.

Harry Reid: Just A Shill

Billy Mays has more credibility.