Monday, June 21, 2010

Democratic Underground Hilarity!

It's lonely out there in BDS land, especially when one can't trust fellow travelers BDSers to properly keep the right aura. To alleviate that loneliness there has to be new rules. If you break them it will result in deportation and immediate punishment if found to be back as an illegal alien. No matter what, Obama and Democrats ROCK! Every blessed one of them! Except those that don't rock. Then they just suck. Like Bush. Morons.

{ } Inappropriate attacks against Democrats
– Insults against prominent Democrats, such as “Fuck Obama.”
– Name-calling against prominent Democrats. Calling Barack Obama “Barry” or some other name.
– Repeating Republican partisan attacks against Democrats.
– Broadly suggesting that there is no difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush, or that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. (Arguing that specific policies are the same would be permitted.)
– Suggesting that President Obama has perpetrated a “con job” or “fraud,” or similarly over-the-top assertions of bad faith.
– Advocating voting against Democrats, or in favor of third-party or GOP candidates.
– Broad-brush smears against Democrats generally. Broad expressions of contempt toward Democrats generally.
I got this from This Ain't Hell which is a great blog and on this day gave me a huge chuckle. Thanks.

Another Racist Right Wing Nut Hates On Obama

'Illegals Have A Right To A Fair Wage'

Answer 1) Sure, they're the only people with jobs.

Answer 2) Sure, in their home country.

Answer 3) Sure, the Obama Administration is nuts, but they're our nuts.