Thursday, October 15, 2009

DEMS Have No 'Fear' Of Gitmo Terrorists In US

Democrats appear to have no fear about terrorists coming to America, in fact they think it is a non-issue that only some in Washington, DC care about.

Republicans fail to stop Gitmo transfers into US
Democratic leaders had to push hard to win the vote because many Democrats two weeks ago had cast a nonbinding but politically safe vote against any Guantanamo detainee transfers. But several Democrats from swing districts said they saw little political risk on Thursday's vote.

"It's a nonissue. Inside the (Washington) Beltway stuff," said first-term Rep. Dan Maffei, D-N.Y. "People care about jobs, the economy, health care."

"I haven't had one person ask me about Guantanamo," said Rep. Baron Hill, D-Ind. He added that he does "not in the least" fear it as an issue in next year's elections.

I don't believe that closing Gitmo and bringing prisoners here is a "non issue". They are not just enemy combatants, they are terrorists and are dangerous as well as not entitled to constitutional rights here in America.

This will be an issue in the next election.

Can We Get Sharpton & Jackson Fired?

First we must ask who they work for and, indeed, if they work at all. What is the job they do? How do they pay their mortgage and put food on the table? Who is their boss? I doubt there is a Best Practices chapter in their corporate charter, but who or which office checks on and maintains their professional integrity?

I have perused the tax form designations and failed to find 'race hustler' listed.

"White folks was in caves while we was building empires... We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it." -- Rev. Al Sharpton in a 1994 speech at Kean College, NJ, cited in "Democrats Do the Dumbest Things

Rev. Al, the compassionate street urchin who preached his first sermon at age four, has a history of confrontation. He has been called a racial arsonist for his efforts at "racial equality." He has now decided to go after Rush Limbaugh for being part of a group of investors trying to buy a professional foot ball team.

Enter Jesse "I love me some nuts" Jackson.

Jesse Jackson admitted in a November, 1969 “Life” magazine interview that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the food of White customers. “Spitting into their food gave me a psychological gratification,” Jackson said.

In the July 1972 issue of Time magazine he said that, “He would spit into their soup or salad before he brought it to the table, and watch with enjoyment as Whites ate gobs of saliva as though it were, say, oil and vinegar dressing.”

Besides both of these men are living in a plate glass house, it appears to me that they have caused more racial disharmony than they have ever cured. We can talk about Twana Brawley and we can talk about corporate extortion, but the subject here is racism and both of these men are race hustlers. They make their living off of racial tension.

The fact that they lie or repeat lies about or attributed to Rush Limbaugh only makes their race hustling worse, but who is going to fire them?