Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fox News Watchers Outraged Over Nonstop Jackson Adulation

I just heard on Cavuto that Fox News had heard the outrage by viewers over the saturation coverage of Michael Jackson's death, every single point about his life (but not his criminal lifestyle) and his circus like memorial. The outrage, which I felt, was that here was NO other news, but that of Mr. Jackson's demise.

Case in point;

Relatives of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Decry Lack of Coverage Amid Jackson Spectacle

I expect the other networks to do this type of thing, many times to close out news they wish not to report, but generally because they have to cover pop culture crap to help their ratings.

I hope Fox News has learned, as I just heard, that this practice is foolish and laughable.

How about daily reports on our amazing soldiers and the things they do to protect us and better the world while in the service and when they come home.

That's the least Fox can do and then they won't have to cover the criminal behavior of pop stars, king of pop or not.

Jackson dead? Yes that's news. Adulation? That's repugnant and ridiculous.

To spew agent press releases instead of the truly heroic nature of people and our soldiers, in spite of the murderous RoE, is almost criminal, but it is at least a stunning show of a lack of ethics.