Saturday, June 04, 2011

I'm A BIG Patti LaBelle Fan NO MORE

Celebrities and other famous people have gotten away acting like thugs and animals for too long, but new technology is rendering them for what they have become, common, but rich criminals.

First (via Gateway Pundit):

Then the raw video:

If you look closely you can see cops during and after the attack do nothing. People just walked around or stared at the injured cadet as he tried to stand until a man in a cowboy hat and blue shirt helps him. After believing false statements from Commander LaBelle and her "security team and driver the police charged Richard King just before they posed for photographs with LaBelle. because of their lies King, a senior, was suspended from West Point.

Now that the airport video has surfaced King is suing LaBelle and the airport for the attack and ruining his life. I hope authorities find the man in the hat and blue shirt to award him a good citizens award. I also hope the entire group of airport and law enforcement officials and those at West Point who did no investigation get fired.

Working Towards A Jew Free San Francisco

via American Power who has more.

Oh, those wacky ones in San Francisco. Through circumcision they get to ridicule religion, control more of the citizen's personal life, openly be anti-Semitic and they think they get to be so cute and funny. Beats just sitting around in an aging gay enclave and watching Pelosi's face concrete crack.