Friday, June 22, 2007

Ebert is a Dilbert, At Best

A Mighty Heart
Mariane Pearl reminds us in her book, and the movie reminds us, too,
that some 230 other journalists had lost their lives at the time of Pearl's
kidnapping, most of them during the conflict in Iraq. That means they
proportionately had a higher death rate than combat soldiers. That's partly
because they are ill-prepared for the risks they take and partly because they're
targets. The Americans who complain about "negative" news are the ideological cousins of those who shoot at CNN crews. The news is the news, good or bad, and those who resent being informed of it are pitiful. More Americans are well-informed about current sports and auto-racing statistics, I sometimes think, than anything else. (emp mine)

Did he say that, because I think the media's coverage of Iraq is biased by their liberal politics, hatred of Bush and deep distaste of the military, I am as bad a a terrorist? BBBut that would mean he thinks terrorists are? What? He doesn't. He just says that I am an ideological cousin.

I guessing here that he thinks I am bad if I "complain" about the media's "negative" news, so that must mean that Ebert thinks that terrorists are bad as well.

Sigh, I guess it is a little step for the media.

Reid, Pelosi Wronger Than Usual Which is Usual

Arrowhead Ripper: Surrender or Die

Battle for Baqubah22 June 07

...Our guys are winning. Al Qaeda is about to be strangled and pummeled to
death in this town, but the local Iraqi leadership is severely wanting...
Ripper: Surrender or Die

Scary Harry Reid is ususally wrong every time he opens his mouth, but on the surge being lost before it began is too Kerryesque even for Reid. Is that possible?

I wonder how far lower he can sink.

Michael Yon is a great resource. The military ought to realize that.

Reid Winning Republican Hearts On Illegal Amnesty Bill?

Hutchison to vote against reviving stalled immigration bill

George Voinovich? I'm afraid that he'll vote with Sherrod and Harry.

I mean he was voted in by Republicans. Wasn't he?

Not A Fair Fight

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Question: Would it be more fair if Fred were forced to fight with both hands tied?


Redeploy to The Hague

Note to minion:
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To the point. Work, blog, work, blog, which will it be. Work wins. I like eating, so right now I have to be happy just reading other blogs. That's cool because I am being linked to some good ones.
The troops should support congress by sending them home

They may not know anything about war or the military (or much else for that
matter), but give congress credit. They are second to none when it comes to
spouting nonsensical gibberish. For those on the anti-war left, their gibberish
might be an exception to this rule, only because venomous malicious gibberish is
more pernicious than uninformed insincere pandering gibberish. The latest bout
of this idiocy comes in the form of those who want to support the troops by
bringing them home.

Scared to death of repeating the Vietnam mistake of being seen as anti-military, which they are, they have decided to support the troops without actually listening to what the troops say is support.

Imagine if parents today said “Our children are away at college. I worry for their safety. Let’s have them drop out of school so they can be safe at home.”

"uninformed insincere pandering gibberish". That pretty much wraps it up.

Read the rest at The Tigrrrr Express.

Thanks minion. Without you I'd be lonlier than Dennis Paul.