Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Auto Industry as National Security? Nah.

Read a reach today supporting the necessity of an auto industry bailout because the auto industry refuses to be part of our national security effort and that its product was the cause of the murders on 9/11 by the cowards of Islamofascism, but with government bureaucrats telling the auto industry how to do their business it will become the shining beacon of global warming protection, reap more profits and finally get on board as a protector of our national sercurity.

The logic is impeccable if one wishes to engage twisted logic to support one’s position that wants the federal government making auto industry business decisions to support a special interest group’s goals while at the same time paying back unions for blackmailing that industry into bankruptcy, because the bailout will help an industry that has refused to contribute to our nation’s national security, indeed has put our nation at risk. Huh?

The Big Three wanted a loan to retool which congress gave them to the tune of $25 billion. It was a mistake to give them the loan before they resolved their labor problems, i.e., the unions.

To force unionism onto workers and industry alike, the unions, the jackboot wing of the Democrat Party, want secret balloting done away with in order to allow union enforcers to harass and bully workers that do not want a union. Now, the unions want to tie the destruction of the secret ballot to a bait and switch of altering that loan into a governmental, i.e., Democrat Party payola, bailout to protect the union’s sweetheart pensions and benefit deals now that they have sucked the Big Three dry. They have finally realized their sugar daddy may not be able to continue to support them in the fashion with which they have made themselves accustomed.

If American industry is not strong, America cannot be strong. That is the real national security issue. So why not drop the lies about America needing other countries for oil and gas that is forcing us to build “green” feel good cars and trucks for our national security. We can use our buying power as a tool to spread freedom throughout the world, thus really increase our national security.

Trying to tie the necessity of bailouts to the auto industry and the auto industry to national security is a bogus argument to blackmail the American people into believing the government must control and run industry. That the bailout to the auto industry might not even go to the auto industry, but to unions that want the money for themselves is such a big lie, it might just work.

So why not drop the lies about America needing other countries for oil and gas so we need to build “green” feel good cars and trucks. We can drill here, logically produce new cost efficient power tools and we can use our buying power as a tool to spread freedom throughout the world thus really increasing our national security as we depose leftist dictators and thugs.