Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Much Ballot Fraud Will It Take For The MSM To Write About It?

It's been happening it seems forever. Ballot fraud. As with most crime there has to be an investigation, then the process of finding whether there is guilt or innocence and then an acquittal or conviction. The final decision is always after the election. Voter disenfranchisement (a term that means different things to different people) be damned. The election stands. Political pros know they can always find dupes to commit the crime and they know that only the little people take the fall in most cases. In ballot fraud the odds are in their favor and has a bonus of big future rewards for them.

There is a difference now.

The difference is an electorate that has had enough and with recording technology to verify the fraud. Voters are doing the job the media and government are refusing to do.

When will the MSM get outraged? What will it take?

New Jersey
North Carolina
Where ever ACORN or its clones exist
Harris County, Texas
Washington state
New York

This is a list that will grow in the next week or so. Then there will be, somewhere, a list of places where ballot fraud was successful in that it wasn't caught. There is also a list to be compiled that shows ballot fraud in precincts all over the country whether it is in big cities, towns and villages. This list will show friends trying to "help" friends, unethical campaigns, nursing homes residents having their votes changed or their votes being made without their knowledge, illegal voters hoodwinking election officials and on and on.

There is a pattern. When will it be exposed in the manner it should be exposed. When will the nightly news shout it, newspaper headlines boldly state the shame of it and government officials and courts demanding investigations? It won't happen, at least not by these groups who appear to be complicit in it.

As it has always been in America, good things happen when good people, not government nor compromised news outlets, make it happen. Time to get to work

Lying To Win Elections

Definition of LIE
intransitive verb
1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
2: to create a false or misleading impression

Democrats' game plan to hold the House: Divide and conquer

With just six days left until Election Day, a key component of the Democratic strategy to hold the House is becoming clear: In more than a dozen close races, Democrats are encouraging and advancing little-known, conservative third-party candidates in an attempt to fracture the Republican vote enough to eke out narrow victories.

Definition of DECEPTION
1a : the act of deceiving b : the fact or condition of being deceived
2: something that deceives : trick

Hillary: The Leading Electoral Indicator

She can't afford to be in the company of losers like Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Or Bill. So, she's bugging out for the election.

Clinton departs for two-week Asia trip

Meanwhile Bill is partying like it's 1988 doing the Lunesta with crowds groups all across the country.
All are hoping against hope that the unions and hack leftist groups don't go overboard with voter fraud.