Monday, February 08, 2010

Ron Paul And Things I Wish I Had Missed

The Ron Paul rEvolution is till there, unfortunately. Now they're kicking things up a notch in their effort to isolate America and prevent us from protecting ourselves. They've become better dressed anti war hippies for today's generation. That they may cripple us and help kill our soldiers abroad doesn't seem to be a connect for them. Nor do they see a connect with the America hating left, but sometimes a political movement just has an agenda to raise money that is being driven by a tin ear.

Stuck on stupid
Remember how well the Ron Paul Blimp worked when it propelled Ron Paul into the Oval Office in 2008? Me neither. But that doesn’t deter the Paulians from launching a campaign to litter our skies with a “Peace Blimp"

Please join us this March 20th for the largest online monetary war protest
in history. Our goal is to bring together 100,000 people to donate $10 each
(minimum), creating a one day total of millions to fly the Peace Blimp until we
the people force our government to end this war.

That these "leaders" feel that they will alter the course of America is laughable, but then is that their real goal? Better a bigger fish in a smallish pond, eh?

Via This Ain't Hell - a really good blog.

Unionism, Government And The Pig Stuck Public

I have long maintained that too much governmental bureaucracy is a grave problem for the United States. That large sections of government, including state and local ones, are now part of unions, collective bargaining and threats to the smooth function of government only makes this problem even worse.

Enter Michael Barone:

Obama and his party are acting in collusion with unions that contributed something like $400,000,000 to Democrats in the 2008 campaign cycle. Public-sector unionism tends to be a self-perpetuating machine that extracts money from taxpayers and then puts it on a conveyor belt to the Democratic party.

Gee, could there be anything wrong with government bureaucrats working in a whole government health care system having a work slow down over negotiations or CIA support employees saying that an enemy attack should not happen on holidays?

And you thought the real problem was that unions are really just a massive fund raising arm of the Democratic Party instead of merely an adversarial machine to blackmail employers into meeting their demands. Wait. Uh-oh, are taxpayers the employers here?

Palin CHEATS! Left Stuck On Stupid.

Seems that Sarah Palin writing notes on her hand has some people convinced that she is a cheat. I have a friend who has always written phone numbers, notes and reminders on her left hand. Now, as a successful business woman, she still does., but she never was nor is now a cheat.

Doing a simple search brings up Palin supposedly cheating in various ways or maybe her husband cheating or maybe her body parts cheating or maybe someone connected to her cheating, quite possibly in league with her. Or someone she knows. Like McCain. Or one of his pets, but also possibly an Alaskan moose, which is probably why she shot it.

Illness should never be ridiculed, that would be wrong, but people suffering from Palin Misogyny Syndrom (PMS) should be treated with all means available including psychiatric ridicule.

As a comfort, these people should also be shown the half full glass of logic that appears to reflect that Palin has never been shown to openly cheat on Andrew Sullivan's uterus. Such a reassurance uttered before the administration of warm cocoa and a lullaby just before bed should ease their pain.