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Toledo's Finkbeiner, Another Loser From Palooser

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Berkeley East; Toledo Mayor Finkbeiner Kicks The Marines Out

A company of Marine Corps Reservists received a cold send-off from downtown Toledo yesterday by order of Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Berkeley in Ohio? Nah, Berkeley has sun and fun. Toledo has been working hard over time without the extra pay by electing nuts to maintain their downward spiral into obscurity from a great city to nothingness. It's a union town. A brother, can you spare a dime type of wet spot in the road that one passes fast to get where they really want to go. It's like watching an old time funeral on grainy film as a guy in a pork pie hat asks you if it's over yet. The town just makes you feel old looking at it.

Carty is just another sad example of those elected to represent Toledo. This guy is a wackjob from the get-go. He's also crossed that normally protective goal post moving line by becoming a disresepectful moron to our good troops.

From the Wikipedia, documentarian of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

Toledo restaurateur John Skiadas filed a law-suit alleging that Finkbeiner physically and verbally assaulted him at the Erie Street Market in 2000. The lawsuit was dismissed by Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Charles Wittenberg in 2004.[1][2]

Finkbeiner was the focus of a segment on the Daily Show poking fun at statements he made suggesting that Toledo could be the next Hollywood. During the interview, Carty expressed his ideas while the camera fixated on Toledo's most rundown neighborhoods, contrasting them with the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. The segment aired during the 1997-98 season.

On July 1, 1998, Carty was fined $400 and court costs after pleading guilty to ethics charges when he was Mayor, realized a $10,000 profit from Owens Corning's purchase of his condo, and his failure to publicly report the gain.[citation needed]

He plagiarized a single line in his KICK-OFF speech in 1998.[3]

Finkbeiner suggested relieving the problem of noise complaints from neighbors of Toledo Express Airport by selling homes nearby at low cost to deaf people.[4]

In early 2006, political adversaries scoffed over the Mayor spending $9,996 of city money to complete the installation of shower facilities in his City Government building office. The project was considered "controversial" in part because the shower quote was originally $10,006, six dollars over a threshold that requires approval from City Council. The contractor was able to shave $10 from the project, thus avoiding a Council vote on the proposal. [5]

In 2004, Finkbeiner experienced health problems and underwent bypass surgery.[6]

In May 2006, he called Toledo's African-American Fire Chief Michael Bell “King Kong” at a staff meeting. Finkbeiner later clarified his remarks as relating to the Chiefs physical stature, and Chief Bell has acknowledged in public that he took no offense to the remarks.[7]

In June 2006, Jack Smith resigned from his brief tenure as Chief of Police after what he described as a near-physical confrontation with the mayor after they exchanged words.[8]

In January 2007, Finkbeiner claimed that both he and wife Amy were treated unprofessionally by Ottawa County sheriff's deputies when they tried to visit Amy's son, an inmate, on separate occasions. Amy Finkbeiner claimed she was not allowed to use a ladies' room at the jail, while Finkbeiner said he was denied a chance to visit after visiting hours had concluded. Sheriff Bob Bratton said the deputies were only doing their jobs. [9]

Also, in Jaunary 2007 Finkbeiner and his press secretary were sued by radio station WSPD, claiming that First Amendment provisions regarding freedom of the press were violated when the press secretary forcibly kept a station employee out of a public press conference. Finkbeiner's objection to the employee is that he produces opinions and editorials, and is not in fact a reporter on behalf of WSPD. On January 31, a federal judge granted the station a permanent injunction requiring Finkbeiner and his staff to admit station personnel.[10]

FinkBeiner has also suggested a cafe be built on the Martin Luther King bridge so city employees could eat there while the bridge was undergoing construction. [11]

In August 2007, Finkbeiner was confronted on two occasions by reporters because he parked in a handicapped spot and left his dog in the car during a hot spell. Finkbeiner was ticketed and fined, but denied mistreating the animal.[12]

In February 2008, Finkbeiner refused to let a company of Marine Corps Reservists engage in urban patrol exercises on the streets of downtown as well as inside the mostly vacant Madison Building, 607 Madison Ave. Toledo police knew about the event three days in advance, but it wasn't until the Marines arrived that "the mayor asked them to leave because they frighten people," said Brian Schwartz, the mayor's spokesman.[13]

Anybody that mistreats an animal isn't fit for office and that is overlooking the fact that this man appears to be unfit to walk the streets of any town in Ohio including those streets that our troops were going to train on for future missions to protect us. Maybe from the likes of Finkbeiner.

Buckle Up

Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll Despite Withdrawing

It's going to be a rough ride. If we can get everybody who has given up and tried to take their little rubber duckies home, this could get interesting.

My favorite documentary, Blazing Saddles, might put it this way:

Howard Johnson:
You know, Nietzsche says, "Out of chaos comes order."

Olson Johnson:
Oh, blow it out your *$$, Howard.

Hillary, you Goldwater girl, you.

Hey Hillary, Pimp Your Mouth


This is a joke, right? Thank God it wasn't a state trooper who made that comment. Hill the pill would've sworn so loud and hit him so hard Bill would've gone deaf and felt the impact.

Wash your mouth out. Jeez, what a court jester you pot callin' kettle.


Less than half the day gone and I'm catching my wind. The short version is that I got to speak with Morton Blackwell, a man who has walked the walk on getting things done for years, I also had a brief, but wonderful chat with Phyllis Schlafly (my mother adored her), I spoke with Grover Norquist if only to thank him for his staffs' incrediable help to me while here and many others. I also got to briefly say hi to Ed Morrisey of Captains Quarters. He hadn't the first clue as to who I might be, but he was very gracious.

Ms. Coulter had quite a line for her book signing and the line for Newt's booksigning is already massive and willing to wait.

I'm having lunch.