Thursday, November 12, 2009

World Council Of Churches To Warm Earth With Bell Ringing

Striking an object causes heat. When that object vibrates it causes heat. When a human exerts themself it causes heat.

When repeated numerous times at numerous sites around the globe, well, a kitten dies and a polar bear loses its home.

X(strike) x Y (sound wave) x Z(exertion) = A(heat)

A x B(350 times) x C(number of participating congregations) = G(global warming)

So, the WCC is causing global warming.

That's not very christian.

Saint Mac Dara, Connemara, Ireland

Saint Mac Dara's Island
A report written by R.A.S. Macalister in 1895 for the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland.

Arriving off Inis Mac Dara, we cast anchor near the shore, and rowed in our ship's boat to the rocks, landing close to the Saint's Church, and the adjoining antiquities.

The island comprises about sixty acres, mostly bare; the rock a reddish granite, with a coast strewn with huge blocks; there is a little grass land towards the centre affording food for a few sheep. There are no inhabitants on the island, and very few of the people of the district visit it unless on the Saint's two festivals, while strangers scarcely ever do so. The church is situated on the edge of the east shore of the island, in a gentle hollow sloping to the south, and close to the natural landing place, over-looking a low reef of rock called Illaunnamorlagh. (read more)

I believe that the structure was restored approx. in 1975.

What is truly amazing is that this mortarless structure is built of hand cut stone made to fit on a sliver of land surrounded by water with no cover from the wind and weather.

There is faith and there is faith.

It is an amazing story.