Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama/Acorn/Brunner Destroy The Vote In Ohio

The media's sweetheart community organizer, who helped ACORN to organize multiple screw jobs to the voters nationwide, finally has found his perfect idolater in Ohio, Jennifer Brunner. Together they will organize the effort to get Obama the winner in Ohio. Together they will skew the vote in Ohio so that it does not reflect the wishes of Ohio voters, but will reflect corruption, dishonesty and election theft.

Today starts instant registration and voting by every voter that either should not be voting or should be voting in their home precinct hundreds of miles from our village.

As in the last presidential election, students will clog our precinct. These students will drive away real voters voting not just for president, but for local officials and issues because they need to return to their homes and families. Their professors, just like last time, will herd them in, keep them calm and make sure they vote. That is the intent of these efforts, drive away Ohio voters and replace them with students who are from blue states such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc., who are only be following the orders of their liberal arts college. Once they have affected our vote, both local and national, they will return to classrooms led by smirking professors. Both students and professors will be gone in a few years, but their damage will remain for years.

I don't really know which is worse, the unethical students who are learning for the future or the unethical professors that know what they are doing is repugnant to the very idea of Republic. I do know both are an affront to honesty, integrity and respect for the law. How typical of modern liberal arts.

As far as ACORN is concerned, they are the dishonest registering and instructing the dishonest and all should be put in jail with no vote ever again available to them. Brunner should be in there with them. She is a disgrace to the law and to the state of Ohio.

Ben Keeler over at The Point has some thoughts: Early Voting Starts Tuesday?

UPDATE: In answer to emails, this is not an isolated incident, but part of a concerted effort statewide/nationwide to affect voting in Red States by university and college communities. The smaller the community the more skewed the vote. School levies that locals would vote down, are passed. Candidates that locals wouldn't elect in a million years end up winning. Local Options, liquor license votes, that locals would vote down are passed by college students, drunks and homeless voters. No honest person can defend this practice. It can be defended only by those that want to steal elections.

Alcee Hastings: Another Congressional Embarrassment For Obama

Black Florida congressman apologies for Palin comments
"I regret the comments I made last Tuesday that were not smart and certainly not relevant to hunters or sportsmen," Rep. Alcee Hastings said in a statement issued Monday.

Last week, at a panel on the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats during the annual conference of the National Jewish Democratic Council, Hastings told attendees what he intended to tell his Jewish constituents about the importance of supporting Sen. Obama in November's presidential election. "If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," Hastings said last week. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through," he added.

Another pride of the pack for the Democrats. Alcee Hastings, ex-judge of impeachable character.