Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dinah Lord Is Back

Granted, I have been out of town amongst the heathen in NYC, but not seeing Dinah is like not seeing a sunrise.

Go now .....


Sheeeeee's bacccckk! And better!!

FUGLY As A National Goal

I work and have worked with a tremendously different and different thinking group of people when I work with houses, buildings and public spaces. What we all have in common, many times the only thing in common, is beauty and human interaction within their environment.

I love architecture though I am not an architect. I do not just dislike bad architecture, I hate it.

Dubai is exploring the boundaries of intergalatic FUGLY. These buildings were dated before they were occupied and none of them were ever designed to be comfortable with people.

Someone please stop them. That much money will sometimes make one twice as stupid.

What If Iowa Is Just The First Prez Contest?

Another scintillating 'what if' from the what if we were ever right as the paper of record:

What if Iowa Settles Nothing for Democrats?
But what if it is not decisive?

Then maybe they might just have to keep campaigning.

Govt. Program Will Detect, Cite And Log Inappropriate Thoughts

Anecdotal wrongness on the part of juveniles adds up inability of society's weakest link to deal with problems.

Parents, as proven by various government studies, are completely incapable of parenting. Using examples of a young Dick wanting to have sex and an even younger Jane wanting to say no, government scientists have proven that young people are acting out in inappropriate ways.

In an associate study, government results have shown that Pierpont and LeShawna were given complexes when Dick and Jane acted in the ways they did. LaShawna, having been told no by Jane, may never have another relationship warned scientists. As witnessed by researchers, "Pierpont may never know the warmth of another man after being totally repulsed by the Dick in the study" warned the study.

Science has proven that testosterone is a contributing factor in many cultural and mental problems which is why so many scientists are calling for a reduction or at least more control of testosterone.

Kits target underage drinking in Hawaii

And Kim said the new testing program is part of an ongoing comprehensive plan — including enforcement and education in schools — to curb underage drinking, a problem that Kim and other advocates say is worsening.

Though there are no new statistics to back up the assertions, if they're right, the increase would buck a trend of declining liquor use among minors over the past 20 years.

About 37 percent of Hawai'i eighth-graders surveyed in 2003 said they had tried alcohol at some point, compared with 49 percent in 2000 and 64 percent in 1987, according to the latest figures from a state Health Department survey.

The survey also showed 73 percent of high school seniors in 2003 had tried alcohol, compared with 86 percent in 1987.

Kim said he believes alcohol use among minors is up based on complaints from parents, an increase in violations at stores and bars, and anecdotes from advocates.

In an alarming study unassociated to these studies, government scientists have noted an unexpected trend in the nation's youth to think government studies are full of crap.

A spokesman for a united group of government scientists thought outloud that inappropriate thought by Americans, especially those under age, are costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year in detection and enforcement. "This isn't just a parental problem, it is a national problem, indeed it is finally a governmental problem and we are addressing it as such. Any effort less than this would be admitting we are poor stewards for the future"

Cindy Sheehan Is a [W]itch

The constitution guarantees the right and privilege to be moron if one so desires.

Rose Parade Features Sunshine, Peaceful Crowd
Dozens of anti-war protesters staked out spots across from television cameras at Colorado and Orange Grove. They hoisted signs reading "Impeachment is Patriotic" and yelled anti-war slogans. The protesters were booed by parade watchers sitting in the grandstand.

Cindy Sheehan and her ilk exercise that right daily.

Majors Boycott Ron Paul Minors

In a move that will cause nuts to get more so and leftist supporters screaming disenfranchisement, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter may not be included in some upcoming televised debates. Paul supporters are calling for boycotts and other tactics hoping to bring FOX and ABC to their knees.

TV cuts candidates from debates, angering Paul backers

ABC and Fox News Channel are narrowing the field of presidential candidates invited to debates this weekend just before the New Hampshire primary, in Fox's case infuriating supporters of Republican Rep. Ron Paul.
Some livid Paul supporters are distributing e-mails calling for a boycott of Fox advertisers.

Maybe Paul's coalition of troofers, anti-war, and small government types, i.e., liberals, libertines and libertarians can force free air time for all candidates. If billionaire putz Bloomberg gets huckster Hagel to run then they can all debate all the time and anytime they want. Maybe even include Mary Carey, should she run, for balance and reason in the debates.

UPDATE: Yes Mathilda, Mary Carey made THOSE types of movies and, no Mathilda, I have never seen them, but thanks for asking.

Jihad, Socialism, Bhutto, Musharraf And The Bomb

An excellent article concerning what is good for the US, what is good for Pakistan and what is needed to stop the barbarous throwbacks who want a world caliphate.

Benazir Bhutto
Killed by the real Pakistan.
The real Pakistan is a place where the military, ineffective and half-hearted though it is in combating Islamic terror, is the thin line between today’s boiling pot and what tomorrow is more likely to be a jihadist nuclear power than a Western-style democracy.

In that real Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto’s murder is not shocking. There, it was a matter of when, not if.

It is the new way of warfare to proclaim that our quarrel is never with the heroic, struggling people of fill-in-the-blank country. No, we, of course, fight only the regime that oppresses them and frustrates their unquestionable desire for freedom and equality.

Pakistan just won’t cooperate with this noble narrative.

Whether we get round to admitting it or not, in Pakistan, our quarrel is with the people. Their struggle, literally, is jihad. For them, freedom would mean institutionalizing the tyranny of Islamic fundamentalism. They are the same people who, only a few weeks ago, tried to kill Benazir Bhutto on what was to be her triumphant return to prominence — the symbol, however dubious, of democracy’s promise. They are the same people who managed to kill her today. Today, no surfeit of Western media depicting angry lawyers railing about Musharraf — as if he were the problem — can camouflage that fact.

Before we dismiss Arabs, Persians and Indians as ignorant because of their cultural or political leaders, we must remember who we have voted for, such as the current leaders in Congress. Talk about throwbacks.