Monday, December 18, 2006

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Powell against the Powell Doctrine

Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion has a very good point about presidential candidate General Powell doing a Kerry on himself.

Iraq economy exploding

Of course Newsweek and other media couldn't discuss this during the election. They were making their green in the Green Zone reporting on everything they saw at the local watering hole while their trusted "stringers" sat around making stories up.

How will the left continue to deny this? They'll just twist facts into lies and pat themselves on the back for exposing another failing of Amerika and the appointed Bush regime.
Real-estate prices have risen several hundred percent, suggesting that Iraqis
are more optimistic about the future than most Americans are.

Not just real estate, but consumer goods are availible as never before and salaries have risen sharply as oil revenues will probably exceed projected profits. New business is popping up every where.

Flash! Newsweek thinks "trickle down" economics works. In Iraq. not here.

The whole story reads like a "this can't be happening, but it is" revelation by the reporter. DU and Kos are weeping.

Read the rest here.

Update: 12/20/06

Fruited Plains asked the obvious (for him) question, what if we are winning? An interesting read!