Thursday, September 01, 2011

Big Government Equals Big Egos But Little Common Sense

Tom Wiseman, paid by taxpayers to do the public business, doesn't want to talk to the public nor the press. Nor do the others involved in pillorying Michael Allison of Illinois for making a recording to protect himself. The police, prosecutors, and government want to put him in prison for 75 years for a recording he informed the judge he was going to make because there was no court recorder for a hearing about his case.

In a 2010 article for Reason magazine Radley Balko had a quote from Wiseman which shows incredible arrogance, ignorance or simply a jackboot frame of mind.

"The only person doing any harassing here is Mr. Allison, who was harassing our public officials with his tape recorder," Wiseman says. "They may have problems with some bad police officers in some of your urban areas. But we don’t have those problems around here. All of our cops around here are good cops. This is a small town. Everyone knows everyone. If we had a bad police officer here, we’d know about it, I’d know about it, and he’d be out. There’s just no reason for anyone to feel they need to record police officers in Crawford County."

I think all three, but the point here is not anti-police, I'm a big fan of those that do a very difficult job, but of government run amok. Big government. Powerful government. Arrogant government. Government that is not answerable to those that pay for it, government that believes itself above all else. This is the government, in an ironic twist, that big government liberals have brought us, all in the name of "good government" to protect us from all things including ourselves. This is bad government and should be dismantled at the local, state and federal level.