Monday, August 27, 2007

Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan and Korea

Ben Keeler of The Keeler Report makes a valid point in the comment section.
I dont think many people that are 35-40 yrs or younger
have a real good grasp of Vietnam, simply because you never get to that
point of the history book when you are in high school.
This was in response to this post.

Ben is a very bright guy and politically astute. For him to state this brings up some rememberances for me, but also a question.

After Desert Storm parades were being held in their honor. In Huntington, WV the organizers demanded that Vietnam and Korean vets be included because they had never had "their" parade. The parade was an old style "ticker tape" parade in downtown Huntington with people 10-15 people deep lining the route. There were a lot of school bands, professional march bands (they marched for free), military vehicles, floats and soldiers. Lots of soldiers.

The Desert Storm troops, in uniform, were smiling and high fiving each other. The Korean vets marched with a hard pride as if they were still in uniform. The Vietnam vets started off wary, got proud and then with misty eyes shared by men in suits, women in dresses, men in MC club vests, women and in jeans and tee shirts and all those in between, started to let a smile show.

The parade was the best of America. Bankers, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, nurses, teachers, store workers, police, maintenance workers, tugmen, coal miners and all marched together or watched from the crowd and later milled around and hugged and talked.

I personally saw a WWII vet walk up and shake the hand of a Viet vet and welcomed him home. He said "finally" and stood a little straighter as they hugged each other. I later found out he had fought addiction for years and had finally corralled it, gotten married for the last time and was, as a middle aged man, raising a young family.

The evening ended with fire works on the Ohio River and many thousands singing together Lee Greenwood's "God Bless America".

It is time for younger Americans to know the bravery shown and the success our troops had in Vietnam. "Platoon" and Apocalypse Now" are cynical fakes.

Excuse my french, but it pisses me off that they are not known, as it is in Iraq and Afghanistan today, for the bravery, for the kindness and the good they did as citizen and professional warriors.

Who will teach if not us. The members of the NEA?


Murtha's "Salem Witch Trials" or Haditha Troops Condemened by Hacks in Congress

John Lilyea is smoked about the way our troops are dishonored and are used as cheap political pawns by politicians, especially by some morons in DC.

I wondered where Robin at Chickenhawk Express was hiding. I hadn’t heard
a peep from her since early Thursday. I was beginning to get worried. But then I
popped over there tonight and I see why - she’s written a legal brief that
should be enough to get the media indicted entitled “
They Indicted the Haditha Marines Without a Trial - Part I Newsweek“Â Please read it - truly a masterpiece. The best thing about it - it’s only Part I.
So am I.

People that automatically indict our troops as murderers, stupid, unemployable and worse are the lowest form of life in this country. Some names that come to mind would be Fulbright (act. Halfbright), Church, McGovern, Fonda, Pelosi, Kerry, Reid and most especially Black Jack Murtha. Murtha is referred to here as Mugger Murtha for his premature indictment of the Haditha Marines. Hell will have a special locale for Mugger.

My disdain for Murtha can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Take the time to write or send a little something to our troops. Take some more time and write your local media, if they aren't supportive, to tell them how ticked off your are about their lack of support.

Recap: Be an American. Don't act like Murtha.

The Truth About Vietnam

Rereading Vietnam

Via Vodka Pundit

This is the article about warriors, insurgencies and the American public.

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