Monday, November 07, 2011

OWS-DC Brats Push Elderly Woman Down Steps

It must take a lot of revolutionary courage to purposely push an elderly person down stone steps and then keep on chanting as if nothing happened.

My favorite comment about the video on You Tube is:

D.C. law enforcement has this video & has determined that the men in suits(AFP workers) were using the 78 year old as a shield & they themselves pushed her down the stairs. No charges will be filed. So this video is NOT telling the truth.
49ramjet 41 minutes ago

Since 49ramjet 41 calls the video a lie maybe he won't have a problem calling the elderly woman who was pushed down the stairs a liar too. That would be par for OWS people. Everybody is wrong except them. Even their mommies and daddies are because they didn't send enough money.

Helping Obama Get Re-Elected

Experts expect gasoline to surge to $4.00 per gallon or higher in 2012. Way to go Barry. You rock!

After paying more to heat our homes in this global warming caused cold weather we all are eager to pay higher gas prices which mean higher costs for products like food and, gosh darn it, we deseve to pay more because we are not worthy!

Re-Reject Barry in 2012.