Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Voter Fraud Does Exist In Many Forms

There have been many "unbiased experts" that have stated that voter fraud is merely a Republican figment of their imagination. They love to smugly ask, "Well, tell me just how many have been found guilty of voter fraud"? They throw around very scientific numbers such as .001% as the amount of voter fraud of all the votes cast in each election.

Needless to say we have always had fraud in all areas and especially in elections. Robert Caro outlined the fraud used to elect LBJ  to various offices and just how the fraud was committed. We also know of the fraud that elected arguably the biggest ass in the world to the US Senate, Al Franken.

Storied locals of corruption such as Philly, Boston and Chicago offer up multitudes of cases of vote fraud, but those are stories from history. Below is a just a beginning of a list of more current fraud. Some involve Republicans, but by far Democrats are involved.

These are cases that have been uncovered which is probably just the tip of the iceberg of fraud. Now that foreign companies are involved in electronically counting not just our votes, but also those of our military personnel overseas it will probably grow.

Obama Becomes The Master Of Disaster

We can only guess what Obama's October surprise will be. Shutting down an Israeli attack on Iran? Assisting Israel in attacking Iran? Invading Jordan?

In the meantime Obama is imploding and even his media seems unable to help him.