Monday, July 16, 2007

Hate Crime e-mail Alert

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Subject: Act TODAY to Stop 'Hate Crimes' Amendment

> Act TODAY to Stop Senator Kennedy's "Hate Crimes" Amendment
> From Family Research Council
> > Senator Kennedy's 'Hate Crimes' Amendment
> July 16, 2007

> > > Last week, Congress bypassed the normal committee process and filed the controversial "Hate Crimes" bill as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill (S. 1535). This amendment is expected to be considered, voted on, and passed within the next few days.

> > The intent of this legislation is to favor some victims of violent crimes over other victims of equally violent crime while ignoring the principle of equal justice under the law. Communicating your opposition will send the message that you value equal protection for all people rather than special protections for a select few groups.

> > Please call or send a fax to these 10 Senators:

> > Lamar Alexander (TN) 202.224.4944 FAX: 202.228.3398
> Robert Bennett (UT) 202.224.5444 FAX: 202.228.1168
> Norm Coleman (MN) 202.224.5641 FAX: 202.224.1152
> John Ensign (NV) 202.224.6244 FAX: 202.228.2193
> Richard Lugar (IN) 202.224.4814 FAX: 202.228.036
> Lisa Murkowski (AK) 202.224.6665 FAX: 202.224.5301
> Mark Pryor (AR) 202.224.2353 FAX: 202.228.0908
> Ted Stevens (AK) 202.224.3004 FAX: 202.224.2354
> John Tester (MT) 202.224.2644 FAX: 202.224.859
> George Voinovich 202.224.3353 FAX: 202.228.1382

> > > Senator Kennedy's 'Hate Crimes' Amendment
> > Sincerely,
> > Tony Perkins
> President

Keith Ellison Locks Himself in Nut-Ball Box

Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress

Addressing a gathering of atheists in his home state of Minnesota, Keith
Ellison, a Democrat, compared the 9/11 atrocities to the destruction of the
Reichstag, the German parliament, in 1933. This was probably burned down by the Nazis in order to justify Hitler's later seizure of emergency powers.

"It's almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that," Mr Ellison said.
"After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it, and it put
the leader [Hitler] of that country in a position where he could basically have
authority to do whatever he wanted."

To applause from his audience of 300 members of Atheists for Human Rights, Mr Ellison said he would not accuse the Bush administration of planning 9/11 because "you know, that's how they put you in the nut-ball box - dismiss you".

I dismiss you.

UN Can't Feed Itself - Enough

$2 Billion would go a long way. Maybe not. They are the world.