Friday, February 18, 2011

Socialists Want WI Gov Walker Removed By Whatever Means Necessary

They perpetuate the lie that Gov Walker gave millions of dollars to the wealthy. They say the struggle will sweep across the nation. Walker has asked the unions to pay up to 5.8% toward their pensions and up to 12% for their health care benefits. They believe that unlike other people they shouldn't have to pay into their pensions and health benefits. Their math doesn't add up. Not even close.

They say they will remove Gov. Walker and if they have to physically do so that's just fine.

Obama, Unions, Socialists Behind Protests, Havoc & Illegal Acts In Wisconsin

The Socialist Party has a long, violent and sordid history in Wisconsin. The current protesters would make Victor Berger proud. Today's Socialist Party is very involved with the protests in Wisconsin and Ohio and are planning more actions in other cities and states.

They see it as the sparking point to spread across America to tear down our government and our form of government. They are not joking. They are deadly serious.

National Guard May Deploy as Socialists, Unions Wreak Havoc in Wisconsin

The rabid activists swarming the capitol in Madison were caught vandalizing property, distributing subversive literature, putting fear into innocents, pounding on legislators’ doors and windows, shouting, and furiously banging drums, according to witnesses. Some of the protestors were videotaped carrying signs comparing Governor Walker to Hitler, Mussolini, and deposed Egyptian despot Hosni Mubarak. Other more violent placards featured him with gun crosshairs trained on his face. One sign likened budget cuts to rape. And the mob left behind mountains of trash in its wake.

Among the flyers being distributed was one from the World Socialist website entitled “Unite workers and youth to defeat Wisconsin budget cuts.” Produced by the Socialist Equality Party and International Students for Social Equality, the document urged protestors to use the demonstration in Wisconsin as “the starting point for a mass movement.”

Claiming that the “economic and political system has failed,” the groups exhorted demonstrators to reject both parties, create “independent” committees of students and workers, nationalize corporations, seize the wealth, and usher in socialism. “The capitalist system has failed and must be replaced with a new type of society based on social need,” the flyer stated, promoting the transformation of businesses into “publicly owned and democratically controlled entities.”

Another flyer from the protests obtained by The New American, headlined “Collective Bargaining is a MUST!” called for higher taxes on corporations and “the rich.” It proposed a series of new taxes and tax increases to balance the state budget, urging readers to visit for more information and updates.

People who have been following the demonstrations closely reported that Madison was a chaotic scene. “The place is under siege by union thugs, rent-a-mobs, and high schools kids let out of school because the teachers have abandoned their posts,” explained The New American magazine’s Ann Shibler, who has received continuous updates on the protest as it developed from sources within the Capitol.

“That beautiful and recently restored building has been trashed. Bands of thugs are roaming the halls, blockading restrooms, stairwells, and elevators,” she said. “They scream and yell, bang drums, and run around with clenched fists, banging on the windows and doors of the locked legislators' offices.”
She also said students were being used for political purposes and that “thugs” had been bussed in from Illinois. “Keep in mind the majority of these thugs are teachers, who are teaching impressionable children,” she said, noting that Gov. Walker should have called in the National Guard already to prevent the “teachers’ union mobocracy” from overrunning the capitol. “I would also fire every teacher that abandoned their post over this across the state.”
A State Senate staff member reported similar lunacy at the Capitol over the three days of protests. “The police have advised that we lock our doors,” said staffer Jolene Churchill in an e-mail Thursday. “Groups of young kids are marching through the halls yelling at the top of their lungs,” she explained, noting that drums were banging, restrooms and elevators were blockaded, and that there had been vandalism on Wednesday.
“Angry crowds are pounding on our glass windows,” she reported. “Please, please pray for our state.”
Despite the fear, chaos and damage they inflicted, organizers and protest leaders were quite happy with the demonstrations. “I have never been prouder of our movement than I am at this moment,” Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Phil Neuenfeldt told the crowd.

Elizabeth Wrigley Field is a socialist resident student at UW-Madison and she appears to be one of the leaders of students at the forefront of the protests, violence and vandalism.

This is the face of those protesting in Wisconsin. This is the face of modern unions including public sector unions. This is about power and control not money. The union members make more money than those in the private sector and their benefits are unbelievable. So much so they are bankrupting the state and the nation.

Enough is enough. Their time is over because the people have had enough of them.

Obama & DNC Behind Spreading Protests, Illegal Sick Outs, Riots And Threats

Saul Alinsky would be so proud of his student. He'd be proud of the community organizer he has become.

DNC playing role in Wisconsin protests

Remember when we had presidents who were leaders of all the people? Obama ain't one of them. He is helping spread the illegal strikes, sick outs, name calling and the slapping of voters in the face over the last election.

In short, he is not our president. He is a shill for bureaucrats, union bosses and those that hate. They are his base.

Now he plans to spread the illegal acts and riots to other states like Ohio, Indiana, Idaho, Massachusetts and Minnesota. All these acts now belong to Obama.

BUMMER: AVG Milwaukee Teacher Compensation Is $100,005 For 2011

and that compensation is for 180 days of work minus sick and personal days.

The average Milwaukee Public School teacher will be receiving $100,005 in compensation this year – $56,500 of that is in salary, and a whopping $43,505 is in benefits.

No wonder they're having students skip school with them to riot.

It's not about money. They make a ton. It's about control and power and to them the voter has no part in that power and control. The voter is an obstacle and in their minds not their boss.

Public Sector Unions Scream 'Give Me Now' And Whisper 'Screw The Kids'

The US is out of money. States are out of money. Unions, acting like Hitler Youth as they scream 'Nazi', don't care. They want what they want now. They don't care about reality nor do they care about tomorrow or next year nor years from now. They're selfish little bastards.

U.S. government debt is absolutely exploding.  The U.S. national debt is currently $14,081,561,324,681.83.  It is more than 14 times larger than it was back in 1980.  Unfortunately, the national debt continues to grow at breathtaking speed.  In fact, the Obama administration is projecting that the federal budget deficit for this year will be an all-time record 1.6 trillion dollars.  Can we afford to continue to accumulate debt at this rate?....

Unless something changes right now, the outlook for U.S. government finances in future years is downright apocalyptic.  The chart posted below is from an official U.S. government report to Congress.  As you can see, it is projected that interest on our exploding national debt is absolutely going to spiral out of control if we continue on the path that we are currently on....

While Union Workers Are Playing Hooky In WI Harry Reid Is Shutting Down The Government In DC

This is the future of our governance if liberals have their way.

Wisc. Dem Goes on TV from 'Undisclosed Location'...
Milwaukee Schools closed; High number of absentee teachers...
Public Employee Union Protests to Ohio...
Teachers protest in Michigan...
Union Head Says Coming To Minnesota...

Meanwhile President Obama is announcing where protesters can ditch work to threaten people elsewhere, such as Massachusetts.

Obama's soul mate, the little mean man known as Harry Reid, is planning to shut down the federal government because, just like the unions in other states, he didn't like the election so he's throwing a hissy fit. (I can't embed because CBS requests that it not be allowed)

More "spontaneous" riots protests are planned for Washington, DC.

Activists swarm Boehner's Capitol Hill home; Chant 'don't tread on DC'..

This is what I love about the Democrat's Democracy, if they don't like the results of an election, especially when that election was a result of their horrendous policy, they just resort to bullying, name calling and shutting down government.

Like I said before, they're banana republic politicians who act like little children and do not believe in our representative democracy.