Monday, November 01, 2010

No Shame: Desperate Democrats Closing With Hate And Lies.

Who Is Funding 'Our Future Ohio' PAC's Lies?

The Ohio Election Commission found OFO PAC statements to be false.

Elections panel says anti-Carle ads go too far

Strange that another mysterious group has jumped into a race that OFO PAC is involved in and just like OFO they also have secret money and secret supporters.

However, no Tea Party groups in Ohio have heard of the group or endorsed Binsky.
"Until that flier came out, no one had ever heard of the Ohio State Tea Party," said Chris Littleton, head of the Ohio Liberty Council, an umbrella group of dozens of Tea Party organizations across Ohio. "Is somebody trying to spilt the ticket or do something shady? We suspect, but we don't really know."
A 49-year-old Bedford man listed as the group's treasurer declined to comment about who belongs to the group or who was behind the mailings.
The flier has Binsky and other Libertarians suspecting that Democrats are behind the mail piece as a ploy to drive conservatives away from voting for the Republican in the race, Matt Carle. Democrats, however, say they don't know anything about it.

Unemployment Checks More Important Than Ballots

There is no law in Maine that states a law officer must surrender their weapon to vote.

Unemployment Offices To Add Armed Guards