Friday, January 01, 2010

Fear The Vest

26 - 17

BDBITL + fans + team + Tressel = WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good game. When the Ducks couldn't answer the first TD it became a grind to the finish.

Ben Keeler, you got my respect, but I'm glad you were wrong, but, again, nobody expected Tressel to reject Tressel ball. Least of all Oregon.

An interesting mix of creativity, sometimes tedious grinding and incredible heart, but in the end it came down to coaching.

Napolitano To Ban Volleyball?

In her never ending crusade stroll to save America from terrorism man made disasters Janet Napolitano has at least been consistent. She's always wrong.

Death toll in Pakistan volleyball bombing rises to 75

Besides, volleyball has winners and losers which is the wrong message to send to kids, eh? Of course, that's also an issue for “safe schools czar,” Kevin Jennings who gets so angry about sending wrong messages to kids his hands actually ball up in fists.

This is the type of dedication America has been yearning for.

Conservative New Year's Resolution

I will read a book this year. Well most of one.

Reading helped my mom.