Thursday, September 20, 2007

Potholes As Politics

is so dog bites man.

But using a university to actually learn is definately man bites dog.

Such a story is

The University of Socialism by Tygrrrr Express

My father, the dedicated Christian, had a life long friend by the name of Hugo Lowe. Hugo was a Jew and a conservative, which in the 50's-60's was an oddity, who always told me, "Never take a tip from a Jew, but take all the money you can honestly". I was too young to even know what a double-entendre was.

After my father died Hugo and I became quite a sight, him being a dark haired very Semitic looking man and me a toe-headed chubbette with curly hair, having Italian ices in our little city park that he would bring me from NYC.

Those Italian ices taught me a lot, just like Hugo planned.