Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Inconvenient Truth. Stupidity.

Pat Tillman

We have confirmed that Tillman had arranged to meet with a leading anti-war
intellectual, Noam Chomsky, upon his return stateside. One can imagine the panic
in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the vision of the much trumpeted
poster-boy hero of the War on Terror returning home and speaking out against the evil charade of the War.

That aspect, combined with the nature of the wounds, the destruction of
evidence, the first-level coverup, and the dream promotion of the commander in
charge... well, you see where this is going.

McBushCoHitlerYouth had Tillman killed because of Chomsky, the bastard. McBushCoHitlerYouth panics, asks BossCheney what to do. BossCheney hurridly calls ReRunRumsfeld who gets the Joints on the horn and ReRun tells them to kill the poster-boy hero before he shows the War on Terror to be the sham it is. Really. How in hell did we miss that?

Don't you see what is GOING ON? I didn't think so you morons.

Turn left immediately. Now. Do it. Terrorism is a charade. If you'd only open your eyes you wouldn't see the carnage.

Thank God kestrel9000 is on duty. Protecting America from itself. Playing Exposing charades about the nonexistence of terrorists, terrorism and Islamofascists.

Ever notice that these lying morons know exactly what dead people were planning, thinking and what they said to "inside sources"? How convienent they can "channel" the deceased who can't call b*llsh*t. Kinda like John Edwards and dead babies. And the fortune those dead babies directed him to ask for from the courts. Edwards made a lot of dead baby money. By channeling. Dead people.

Geez. No wonder these people grasp at straws. It is all they have.

Richs, Race and Relationships

The first two rules of holes

Similarly — as I noted in the post — there are a complexity of issues
involved in what are most frequently trotted out as racial disparities. You
bring up redlining without saying exactly with what about the practice you take
offense. Is it the fact that the subprime loans are granted in the first placde?
Or the fact that they are granted disproportionately to minorities?
The reason why Blacks (or Hispanics) find themselves with lower credit ratings
isn’t, I don’t think, intrinsic to race. We can trace the policies that got us
there, but they are many and varied.

I argued some of these particular instances several years ago with
Aaron Hawkins of Uppity Negro (who has since passed away), including
disproportionate traffic stops for Blacks in certain areas, etc.


But overall, it’s been my contention that policies that tend to focus
on fixing “racial disparity” — when the solution is tied solely to race (again,
I have written in favor of affirmative action based on opportunity) often times
do nothing but either exacerbate the disparity, or else have the effect of
creating a new group of victims or perceived victims, which in turn leads to a
stoking of racial animus.

Many years ago I did a study for a PAC that tracked certain racial groups and subsets within their racial group on the effect of government "help". In each case it was startling. One figure that has stuck in my mind was a comparison of black women and white women (aged 15-30, I think) that had children out-of-wedlock. Prior to the government "help" black women had a far lower rate of illegitimate birth than white women. After 20 years of government "help" those figures flipped completely. This study included years prior to the prevalence of abortion on demand.

My family is almost a mini-UN and I have found through experience with them and my extended family (and the history of my father's family) that accepting government largess is the first step toward failure, generally. In each case, within my family, it was an attitude that being on the "public dole" was to be shamed. Those who rose above that shame by getting off the "public dole" were believed to have not earned it.

Of those that refused the "dole", some stayed as working-poor, but proud. The majority became self sufficient and instilled that pride in their children and grand children. It is now our generation's job to carry on the pride. We like as little government as possible in our family's life.
I suggest you click on the above headline and read Jeff's full post and the comments. It will be well worth your time. If not, get the government to refund the cost of your time.

I Just Can't See It

Caer Rhun Crucifix

Power to the People or Shower for the Sheeple

Cindy does New York. Not a film I'd like to see.

Vatican 1 - ? 0

Bloodthirsty Liberal

Can’t argue with this—happy to see His Holiness is reading Mark
Steyn—but what does the head office propose to do about it?

Once, the heads of European nations listened to the Pope, but now they've gotten too smart for their britches burkas.

I'm seeing a head-britches connection being covered up by burkas Political Correctness, but that's just me.

The Vatican is winning, but against who?

Ron's Sheehans Leave an Eerie Paul

Ron Paul’s “nutbags” are doing the GOP a service
Cindy Sheehan is a good example of how a conspiracy theorist
nut job can hamstring her own party. As long as she was linked to
Democrats, she hurt the Democratic Party. The best news the Democratic
Party has had this past month is the announcement that Sheehan is leaving the
party and will challenge Speaker Pelosi next November. Pelosi, far too
extreme for most Americans, is now safely triangulated as a “moderate” because
Cindy Sheehan is foe instead of friend.

Ron Paul’s supporters are the Republicans’ Cindy Sheehans...

I'm not quite sure conspiracy theorists are the backbone of a successful political party today nor, as a very young man, was I sure that the Confederate battle flag was a symbol that would help Goldwater. I'm seeing Trilateralists and the followers of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion lurking in the background.

Can you say Lew Rockwell? Nough said.