Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Remember The Enemy Too?

Written by the man who puppeteered Britain's Left for years to destroy that country from within and without shots being fired.

The article confirms a major theme of New Zeal-that the real danger to the West, the real threat of communism and socialism is not terrorists or atom bomb spies.

It is the traitors and stooges who infest the mainstream left-The British Labour Party , New Zealand Labour, Australian Labor, the Canadian Liberals, Israeli Labor , the South African ANC, the French Socialist Party and most obviously of all, Barck Obama’s Democratic Party.

The real secret of socialism is the ability of small cliques of foreign directed communists and socialists, to direct, through the union movement, peace movement and other pressure groups and direct infiltration, the policies and direction of the mainstream political parties.

Yes, we should remember our enemies, including those within. They're not forgetting us and they know the model to crush us with. Most times our soldiers can easily identify the enemy, even as they die, but when another enemy lives down the street, teaches or serves in Congress, it is infinitely harder. It is also just as important.

Memorial Day