Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Coakley Hires DSCC Thug To Rough Up Reporter

And Brown gets small donations from all over adding up to $1.3 million dollars. Unions are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into trying to save Coakley who is now embarrassing Obama and the kids in DC.

This Photo May Change The Election

A follow up by the reporter thrown to the ground:

Assailant Was a Coakley Staffer on Loan from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee?
A tipster tells me that the man who was pushing me outside of a Capitol Hill fundraiser Tuesday night for Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley is Michael Meehan.

Meehan heads up a firm called Blue Line Strategic Communications along with his partner David DiMartino, who was outside the fundraiser with Coakley tonight and introduced himself to me there. The AP reported on Monday that Meehan is also working for Coakley: "The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also dispatched Michael Meehan, a media consultant with ties to Massachusetts, to assist the Coakley camp with messaging."

It seems that Meehan has worked for a number of candidates that want to make nice with thugs. Maybe that is why he was hired. He obviously understands thuggery.

HERE is his posting on LinkedIn.

SEIU Goes To MA, Coakley Goes To DC, Brown Goes To The People

Sounds about right.

SEIU goes to Massachusett(e)s to steal a lot of votes, Coakley goes to DC to steal a lot of union member's money and Brown goes to the people to campaign for "the people's seat."

Purple Army to Coakley’s rescue: SEIU sends $685,000 more; And speaking of thugs…

As usual, Coakley is surrounded by thugs.

At least the Kennedy's learned to outsource their thuggery.

via Michelle Malkin