Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Harry Reid's Fairy Tale Dust

Happy Harry is happy. Indeed, so happy that his historic happiness may have blinded him to the fairy tale dust in his eyes.

Dems not worried about post-vote backlash at home
Democrats today have repeatedly expressed a confidence that they won't face a backlash for their votes when they return home for the holidays, which would stand in marked contrast to the August recess.

Majority Leader Harry Reid said, "We're going to hear an earful, but it's going to be an earful of wonderment and happiness that people waited for for a long time."

Wonderment and happiness? Yeah, that's how I'd describe it. If I never wandered out of my marble palatial office. If I made sure that I never would be near the smelly hoi polloi.

Yep, those hard working smelly Americans are going to love this bill when Happy Harry shares the fairy tale dust.

Christmas Eve Family Celebration

In just a few hours we will begin our annual family celebration of the birth of Christ. Fittingly, as my wife's family fished the Adriatic for generations, we will have seven courses and seven fish from the seven seas to ensure good fishing in all walks of life for the new year. This year will see 23 family members from all over to celebrate. What fun.

Merry Christmas.

It's 7:00 AM, Where Is Your Vote

Punch happy Harry kept them in line, well, not everyone. All the fiscally responsible, all those in favor of life and those for responsible government voted the way Harry wanted. What hypocrites.

Senate OKs health care measure, reaching milestone
The occasion was moving for many who'd followed Kennedy, who died in August.

"He's having a merry Christmas in Heaven," Sen. Paul Kirk, D-Mass., appointed to fill Kennedy's seat, told reporters after the tally.

Kirk said he was "humbled to be here with the honor of casting essentially his vote."