Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've Always Detested The Washington Post

There's an old joke:

God, thoroughly disgusted with man, announced the end of the earth.

The LA Times' headline screamed, "EARTH NO MORE"

The New York Times stated "Negotiations With God Fail, President Announces End"

The Washington Post Exclaimed, "TRAGEDY ON EARTH, Women and minorities hit hardest"

Friends called the paper "The Washington Compost" and similar derogatory names. Others said they used it to line their birdcage even when they didn't own a bird. Me? I didn't miss ignoring it. The Post has never been worth the effort to read.

An example would be this article

'I Don't Think This Place Is Worth Another Soldier's Life'
While top U.S. commanders say the statistics of violence have registered a
steep drop in Baghdad and elsewhere, the soldiers' experience in Sadiyah shows
that numbers alone do not describe the sense of aborted normalcy -- the fear,
the disrupted lives -- that still hangs over the city.
Facts mean nothing to the Post. Their reality is a reality so distorted it makes the reality-based community of the plain left look real which is an accomplishment of no small means. To the Post, for each story, a theme is decided upon and all wording, imagery and all borrowed innuendo must support the theme.

For the majority of stories the theme is why do people think this is good when we know, after we have carefully viewed it, that it really sucks. An example might be that the spirit of Christmas isn't really pure when so many go without, thus Christ is a poseur and xmas is really just a corporate money maker of a holiday, but please support our advertisers by going to section D to view this year's trendy Christmas decorations and where you can buy them.

Talk about "aborted normalcy".

Maybe that is what the phrase "The Washington Post" has come to mean, "aborted normalcy" in a town where normalcy is murdered every day by professionals who are elected paid to act as if they actually care.

MSM Shovels Out 1/2 The Stories

Bill Clinton 'sex addict'... Gee, do you think…?
Homeland Security strikes deal with NY on driver's licenses for illegals... Chertoff and Spitzer should have to walk Jose and Pedro and get cavity searches to buy a taco.
DEMOCRATS PLAN A SHORTER WORKWEEK IN CONGRESS... Good for us. If they ain’t there, they can’t screw up.
WIRE: Much of USA Could See a Water Shortage... Scaring America with lies for their own good! Edwards: 'College for Everyone'... For illegals and morons like him.
Exit Polls: Argentina's First Lady Wins Presidency Shut up Evita.
Texas Flight Diverted After Woman Attempts Midair Exit Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?
Movies Go to War: Who Are They to Talk? The real dogs of war. With fleas.
Some Say Media Botched Jena 6 Story Media botched a story? You don't say.
'End the War': Protesters Take to Streets And nobody noticed. Nobody cared. Yawn. They have fleas too.

I'm A Haikus' Limerick, I Think