Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ohio Issues 1, 2 And 3

1 - soldiers, even those in support positions which are kinda really necessary for the people on the battlefield, have always been there for us. It is wrong for us not to be there for them. Vote YES.

2 - Fight a fear with more government bureaucracy? Permanent board, no accountability and more government is a really bad idea. Vote NO.

3 - Casino gambling in Ohio is a bad idea. Corruption, crime, family breakup, etc are all indicators that it should fail, but casino gambling won't help Ohio in the long run and 34,000 thousand added jobs won't make a dent in the Strickland (with Bob Taft's help) job exodus program currently in place. Vote NO.

Pelosi-Obama Care Will Deny More Claims

There is plenty of discussion about what insurance companies have done to claimants and most of that discussion is just scare tactics. On the other hand we have lots of discussion about how fair and good Medicare, government health care, is which is just hot air.

Medicare: Largest Denier Of Health Care Claims

Also, the monstrous insurance company CEOs, they're the ones that deny cute kids while sipping Martinis, and their companies really aren't as rich as their detractors make them out to be.

Now, mix in all the waste, fraud and abuse with the outright corruption and a government run health care system is a nightmare, especially since this fight isn't about helping sick people, it's about government power placed in the hands of a few.