Saturday, December 05, 2009

Should Non Tax Payers Be Allowed To Vote?

Aude Sapere put up an interesting video about taxes and who doesn't pay them. 46 million don't pay federal taxes, indeed many don't pay and get a government check back and another 15 million don't make enough money to have to pay federal taxes. This is wrong. Everybody should have a stake in what the federal government sets as the tax rate and also have a stake in making our government work for the people.

Instead we have tax credits which is another way to spell bribery and people who are bribed should not be allowed to vote if they accept the bribe.

Maybe it is time in institute a no-tax no-vote rule.

Obama's Olympian Effort For Climategateism

Yep, his appearance will just nail a Gropenhagan (is Clinton going?) decision to American policy.

By switching his visit from Dec. 9 to Dec. 18, Obama appears to be betting that his presence can - as he has expressed hope for several times in the past - push the negotiations "over the top" toward an agreement.

Maybe they are "crunching" the numbers just one more time. Gotta get it right, eh?