Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ohio Rejects Obama And His Liberals

Driehaus - gone - expected
Kilroy - gone -expected
Boccieri - gone - expected


Wilson - gone - Ohio River regains its senses


Lil Zack - gone


Boehner did not remember Paula Nowakowski who for years made him successful. In his moment of victory his non-mention of her is wrong. Totally wrong. Incredibly wrong.

Who forgot to wear their Red Wings lapel button. Double Bummer.

Those who loved her remember. Those who just said so, probably don't.

CORRECTION: An emailer accused me of being a traitor. I like Boehner, a lot. I am incredibly happy Ohio came to its senses this night, but I never forget who helped the cause. Paula Nowakowski did more for others and the cause than any one person I know. That humbles my expectations of myself.

Isn't this fun? That's what I heard from Paula later than others quitting working. We got there early and stayed late, went for drinks and fun and were back at work earlier than others. Then we did it again and again. Good Lord what fun, what work, what pressure and what reward.

I always remembered who brung me to the dance. Thanks Mike.

Paula would be giggling right now. And so are you. That's good.

A good night had by all.

'Honest' Politician Found

Republican Voter Fraud In Ohio!

Eric Holder's DOJ, HHS, ACORN, SEIU, UAW, AFL-CIO, GM, NAMBLA & PETA have joined forces to file charges ranging from election fraud to civil rights hate crimes for the resurrection of a midget army of Republican zombies trying to sway the mid-term elections. A PETA spokes thing wept as it described the average Republican zombie as 3' in stature with a telltale cigarette hanging from its lips and almost always wearing the mangled fur of a dead animal, "From a distance they look like full grown country club members. They are frightening," it averred, "and they run in packs near neighborhoods most negatively affected by George W. Bush. If their CC bosses hadn't fought Health Care Reform we could have helped them."

A spokesman for the midgets, known as Chairman Short, responded, "This is racism. We are not a condition. We do not choose to be what we are. We were born this way and are damned proud of it." As reporters shouted more questions Chairman Short stomped on his spent Lucky Strike, straightened his 'Coolidge for President' button and faded into a strange swirling mist.

Election Day Dawns? MSM Says Time To Explore Those Sales!

First thought this morning was that it is election day. I remember two years ago I had the same thought and as I turned on the TV the newspaper screamed 'historic' at me and the friendly crew of the Early Show stated that at long last the ugly season of Republican campaigning was over.

This morning they are discussing, in depth, special online sales and deals and the common cold. Last night the evening news had an in-depth discussion about teenage sex and the expected outcome. My, how two years cools the ardor of the marketeers of the party of the left.

ABC, this morning is tackling 'Look and Cook', home improvement and infidelity. NBC is toughing it out with babies that can read, civility and bargains for 'Todays Kitchen.'

Appropriate for election day CBS is fawning over a "Dream Job" for a gentleman who wants to cook. In the Caribbean. Paradise Island. Nassau. A member of the British Commonwealth.

That's historic?