Saturday, September 12, 2009

When Will ACORN Have To Repay Money Back To Government For Fraudulent Practices

Voter fraud, alleged money laundering, and racketeering and now videos showing ACORN workers counseling law breaking and assisting in organized fraud by an illegal entity.

When will ACORN be forced to return ALL federal, state and local monies they have received to commit these actions?

I hope they get a good lawyer. Say, like a return of Obama to represent them.

If Democrats are left in charge, ACORN won't have to return anything or worry about anything. In fact, the Democrats will not only continue to fund fraud, but will increase their support.

More Acorn Voter Fraud Comes to Light
Congressional Democrats still want the group to be eligible for federal money.

Maybe they first step in cleaning up this mess is to remove bureaucrats and Democrats, but I repeat myself, that knowingly support ACORN.

ACORN: Census Says No To Whorehouse Consultants

In a move that could actually make the next census more accurate, even more honest, the Census Bureau has cut ties with ACORN and the billions of our tax dollars ACORN was given by Obama.

After two videos that exposed ACORN workers recommending to a man (appearing to be a pimp) how to lie to the government, police, banks, social services, immigration and school officials, ACORN was told their tricks weren't needed anymore.

Census Bureau severs ties with ACORN in 2010 count...
In a statement, ACORN Maryland board member Margaret Williams said the video was an attempt to smear ACORN, and that undercover teams attempted similar setups in at least three other ACORN offices. Williams said no tax returns were filed and no assistance was provided.

No assistance Ms. Williams? Watch the videos again or maybe for the first time.

Citizens, Glenn Beck, Dick Armey Scare Leftists

Conservatives are organized? If so, no one knows how well they are or are not, but they scare the Hell out of the liberals on Capitol Hill and rightly so. Leftists are using the same old rhetoric and slurs to vilify conservatives and any speaker or leader against any program or member of the Obama Administration.

After yelling "You lie" at President Obama during Obama's less than disingenuous descriptions of what health care reform would do, Joe Wilson received over $750,000 in donations in less than 48 hours. Many believe he would have received twice that amount if he hadn't apologized. Wilson's opponent is said to have raised $1,000,000. I will be interested to see where the donations came from and in what amounts.

Glenn Beck is being called "the real terrorist" and having false stories and outright lies passed around in the media and in blogs that liberals then say are just parodies, thus funny and fair.

People are being beat up, having fingers bitten off and threatened by union members bussed in, especially those from the SEIU, but the MSM portray the opponents of Obama's health care reform as "far right", out of touch and "wingnuts."

Liberals are scared.

Here is a memo from the Democratic leadership to newer members concerning the crowd size:

House Dem Leadership Memo On 9/12 Rally
Freshmen and Sophomores:

Some of you have asked about the 9-12 rally Fox News’ Glenn Beck, FreedomWorks and other conservative organizations are organizing for Saturday. As you may know, FreedomWorks held a Capitol Hill demonstration yesterday, that turned into an impromptu rally for embattled Rep. Joe Wilson. Now, based off of news reports and comments from leaders in the Tea Party movement, it looks like Saturday’s event is going to be a huge gathering, estimates ranging from hundreds of thousands to 2 million people. Below is what I have been able to find on crowd estimates. As I learn more, I will let you know.


• MEDIA MATTERS: “Beck announces he will anchor Fox News’ live coverage of “the biggest 9-12 tea party yet, on Capitol Hill” “A demonstration against government spending and “socialized health care” planned for Sept. 12 in Washington could become “the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives ever,” organizers said on Thursday.” “The march, organized by Armey’s political group FreedomWorks, is scheduled for Sept. 12 and is already generating hundreds of thousands of responses, the Texas Republican tells Newsmax.TV. The group isn’t providing transportation, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.”

•, “The March on Washington – Update”“As one wise conservative sage, Morton Blackwell, always says, “You should underpromise and overachieve.” That is what we are trying to accomplish by not giving the media any crowd estimates that they can use against us. We want to surprise them and shock the nation by the massive turnout that we expect on 9-12. I can only ask you to trust our judgment in this, and promise you that we will have a huge turnout.”

Liberals should be worried about their over-reach socialist agenda. It is wrong for America and bad for citizens.

Most citizens, having witnessed programs like the VA, Medicare, the US Post Office and many others, don't believe the federal government could find its own butt with both hands and directions. They'd be right.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has a story of how liberals are continuing to threaten anti-ObamasCare protesters.

DC Tea Party Planners Forced Out of Meeting After Bomb Threat ...Update: Massive Turnout Expected

They are going to try and force socialized government down our throats no matter what.