Sunday, April 15, 2012

Liberals Doing A Quayle In The Headlights

Why is it that progressive liberals, losers all, are trying to avoid speaking of their war on women? I know, as you, that they have tried once again to lay this at the feet of conservatives, but even a moron knows that history will show that childish liberals find fun in belittling women.

Kleefisch- even by liberal standards, Wisconsin progressives have shown themselves to be pigs.

Palin- liberals are on record being pigs, liars and totally reprehensible in their speech about her.

Bachmann- liberals sunk to a new low, which they have surpassed, with their descriptions of her.

Haley- liberals have skimmed the pond scum of their own minds to attack her.

Clinton-Obama should have been brought up on charges.

Why is it that liberal/progressives get away with being total pigs, especially while projecting their small, nee, little, prowess? 

Headlights are shining on incapable men finally being called out by incapable women about being incapable. Quayle and deer are laughing their ass off.

Of course, Hilary Rosen isn't. She's still digging deeper for a career so far gone even a bunch of dried up boring narcissistic professors who bore dried paint can't revive. Of course they don't care about her, they have their Sweet Jane lives to protect and a loser who pulls back the mask just isn't good enough for their precious brie and small talk at little universities salting this land.

The headlights are on the brie because the rats are scattering. Typically so. Without spell check these liberal/progressive pigs couldn't spell potato. But they'll squeal if called on such, away from the lights because, like rats, they hate the light.

Napolitano Responsible For Trayvon Martins Death

Via Doug Ross

Why not? Everybody else has already been convicted of Martin's death.

So, why not Janet Napolitano?

Shame on you Janet! Indict yourself. Now.