Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Courts: Underage Girls May Murder Without Parent's Permission

Alaska and Florida Courts Allow Under Age Girls to Abort Without
Parents’ Knowledge or Consent

Chief Justice Dana Fabe wrote that although the state “has an
undeniably compelling interest in protecting the health of minors and in
fostering family involvement” in such matters, Fabe wrote that the law “does not
strike the proper constitutional balance between the State's compelling
interests and a minor's fundamental right to privacy.”


At the same time, Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal ruled Thursday
that a 17 year-old girl may go ahead with an abortion that she believed her
parents would object to on religious grounds.

How much longer until parents have no rights, especially concerning their children's health and upbringing, left at all?

Why would a court decide that a child is qualified to make such a momentous decision concerning life and death?

Have any of these charlatans thought how an abortion will numb a child to death?

These courts are not just wrong, this is judicial malpractice and parents, to protect their now and future family, should have the right to sue.

The Art Of The Lie


Propaganda is the art of THE lie. THE lie is a supposed truth that can be stated or implied through words and art.

"This is stolen land" is the supposed truth expected to be accepted immediately as fact even though it is a lie, but the power of propaganda is such that many will subconsciously store this away as fact.

The American flag is a common image in propaganda. The symbol of freedom throughout the world is graphically denigrated through implication, manipulation and outright lies such as above. The communists, socialists and fascists are famous for this, but the American Indian Movement (AIM) used the flag to trash America and American ideals extensively throughout the 60's and 70's. Now the left and liberals have joined their predecessors in tearing down America and all the good it has done and stands for by destroying the flag as a positive symbol.

Why is imagery so important to propaganda? Simple for the simple, the ability to pack so much meaning into an image and, most importantly, the lasting effect of an image.

Thought For The Day

"If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?"

UPDATE: My wife just chimed in that love is blind, but those in lust aren't and those are the people Victoria's Secret is marketing to.