Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 16th

British capture Fort Washington and complete occupation of New York City. 1776
Democrats capture Washington City and occupy New York City for 230th year. 2006

The United States establishes diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. 1933
Democrats establish diplomatic relations with al Qaeda. 2006

The Murtha is dead. Long live the Steny.

Or, how Steny may have saved the Democrats.


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Dennis the Menace - Cut Funding

All politicians are corrupt

All the people that say “All or most politicians are corrupt” fall into basically three categories:

1 Morons
2 People who have never spent time with politicians
3 Lifeless cynics who crap just to say crap

I also believe these people denigrate those who are really corrupt by bunching them together with the whole as one stereotyped group.

I have worked in the halls of Congress. No, not in the glamour areas, but in the nitty-gritty halls, conference rooms and offices where arguments are made, gives and takes occur and decisions are made. Without cameras, reporters nor press secretaries. I worked where the masks came off.

I have also worked in small companies and large corporations. (Non-profits reserve a special ring of hell for their political existence) In business I work the same areas where decisions are made and I have met the same people. Should I say the same type of people? Yes.

Who are these politician/everyday people?
1 Control freaks
2 Smart people
3 Hard workers
4 Creative people
5 Some sad people who owe their job to family
6 Losers who lucked out
7 Employee/Employer from hell
8 etc

I once had an employer (politician) who quietly told me that if a person believed only the worst about their boss or workers then the real problem resided within them.

I have found the halls of Congress reflect the streets of those they represent. If you see a Cynthia McKinney, then, if you look, you’ll see a Cynthia McKinney district within that snippet of time. If you observe a Pat Tiberi, then you will see a Pat Tiberi district. They reflect each other in the end.

Maybe I am just lucky, because I find (by far) the majority of politicians that I have worked for and with to be good people. They are everyday people (God have mercy on you Sly).

It is so sad that the cynical losers, that populate areas of our society at many levels, equate a good person to a bad person. What kind of loser would equate Ronald Reagan to Bob Ney, Jack Murtha and Jack Abramoff? How blind must a person be to equate an honest, but fallible George W. Bush to Alcee Hastings? One has worked hard to correct his faults and better himself and a nation, the other has nothing to offer anyone. In the end he will find that he offered even to himself, nothing.

Stop equating good people with Murtha, Hastings, Reid, Pelosi, Ney, Foley and Jack Abramoff. It reflects poorly on you as if you have something to hide yourself.