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Slimed - Liberals Hate it When Troops Know The Facts.

I love this. Political opportunists screw the troops in Washington DC for political gain, but get incensed when they visit the troops in Iraq and their words are known to troops.

Lawmakers Describe 'Being Slimed in the Green Zone'

The sheets of paper seemed to be everywhere the lawmakers went in the
Green Zone, distributed to Iraqi officials, U.S. officials and uniformed military of no particular rank. So when Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) asked a soldier last
weekend just what he was holding, the congressman was taken aback to find

In the soldier's hand was a thumbnail biography, distributed before
each of the congressmen's meetings in
Baghdad, which let meeting participants such as that soldier know where each of the lawmakers stands on the war. "Moran on Iraq policy," read one section, going on to cite some
the congressman's most incendiary statements, such as, "This has been the worst
foreign policy fiasco in American history."

The bio of Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher (D-Calif.) -- "TAU (rhymes
with 'now')-sher," the bio helpfully relates -- was no less pointed, even if she
once supported the war and has taken heat from liberal
Bay Area constituents who remain wary of her position. "Our forces are caught in the middle of an escalating sectarian conflict in Iraq, with no end in sight," the bio quotes.

"This is beyond parsing. This is being slimed in the Green Zone,"
Tauscher said of her bio.

In their own words, they are slimed by their own words. Isn't that special.

Good Lord, I'm thinking that libs are beginning to hate the Internet. That's DARPA's Internet not alGore's. Their words, their videos and their cheap political pandering can all be seen, heard and read by our troops half a world away and that ticks them off. Good.

They're ticked off that the troops are ticked off about being used as pawns as they are betrayed by those that think they're being slimed by being quoted.

Moran is one of the most arrogant bullies in Congress. He loves to use cruel sarcasm against helpless witnesses in committee hearings to belittle them.

I would have loved to seen Moran's face. Hell, I would've paid to see his face.

I hope our troops do this more. I think we should help our troops to get the word out.

Via Don Surber.


Is Harry A Morman Reid In the Wind?

I will not vote for Mitt Romney in the primaries, but I will vote for him if he gets the nomination. I'm funny that way, in that I support the primary winner in the general election instead of taking my vote and going home to whine when I don't get my way.

Take in all the drawbacks of a Romney candidacy that you will, but the unspoken one I "hear" most is the question of his Mormonism. Right or wrong, it is there.

Harry Reid is a Mormon.

Are these two men from the same planet, let alone the same church? Reid's pugnacious rope-a-dope style of defeatism is quite opposite that of Romney's bright eyed can-doism, but both men have had some success with their own style.

I think the true difference is Reid's personal agenda versus Romney's apparent style of serving the greater good. Which is an agenda of trust? Which is a style that people can trust?

More importantly, which agenda or style is one which will engender in others, say Iraqis, to trust the United States of America? This is kinda important in international relations even beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.

Looking Iraqis in the Eye

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the placid West that
ordinary Iraqis have been slow to rise in defense of their neighborhoods and to
join with the Americans in pursuing that task. They have simply been hedging
their bets. And why not? The antiwar declarations of the U.S. media, the
cultural elites, American academics and high profile Democratic Party
politicians tell them that America will abandon them.

Why would Iraqis join with the Americans, risking their necks, if
they believe the Americans will leave before the terrorists were defeated? Why
should ordinary Iraqis work with American soldiers in hunting down terrorists
when prominent Americans like John Kerry, Richard Durbin, Barack Obama, Edward Kennedy, John Murtha and Michael Moore tell them that those soldiers are as cold and as brutal as the terrorists destroying their families, and America’s most publicized civilian activist, Cindy Sheehan, is telling them that the man
leading those soldiers, George W. Bush, is the world’s biggest terrorist?

Is Mormonism our Sunni against our other Shia versions of the same religion? No, not now. There was a time when Mormons were literally hunted and killed. There was a time when Mormons hunted and killed other humans they disagreed with on religious and cultural issues. Isn't the fact that we, as a people, have evolved beyond to this newer sense of safety, an important fact when judging the differences of the people of Iraq, especially in view of the tragic history they have endured under Hussein and the current events of professional religious murderers in their midst?

I have known and worked with Mormons and I will admit their world view and their view of history seems a bit off to me, but then so do those of some other groups including some groups I would be considered a member of.

I believe Mormonism has made a positive effect on Romney. Reid? Who knows. I do know Reid is not to be trusted.

And so do the Iraqi people.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Priest And The Ponies

The Races

Mitch, a hard-shell Southern Baptist, loved to sneak away to the race track. One day he was there betting on the ponies and nearly losing his shirt when he noticed this priest who stepped out onto the track and blessed the forehead of one of the horses lining up for the 4th race.

Lo and behold, this horse - a very long shot - won the race. Mitch was most interested to see what the priest did the next race. Sure enough, he watched the priest step out onto the track as the 5th race horses lined up, and placed this blessing on the forehead of one of the horses. Mitch made a beeline for the window and placed a small bet on the horse. Again, even though another long shot, the horse the priest had blessed won the race. Mitch collected his winning and anxiously waited to see which horse the priest bestowed his blessing on for the 6th race.

The priest showed, blessed a horse, Mitch bet on it, and it won! Mitch was elated! As the day went on, the priest continued blessing one of the horses, and it always came in first. Mitch began to pull in some serious money, and by the last race, he knew his wildest dreams were going to come true. He made a quick stop at the ATM, withdrew big money and awaited the priest's blessing that would tell him which horse to bet on.

True to his pattern, the priest stepped out onto the track before the last race and blessed the forehead, eyes, ears and hooves of one of the horses. Mitchell be every cent, and watched the horse come in dead last. Mitchell was dumbfounded. He made his way to the track and when he found the priest, he demanded, "What happened, Father? All day you blessed horses and they won. The last race, you blessed a horse and he lost. Now I've lost my savings, thanks to you!!"

The priest nodded wisely and said, "That's the problem with you Protestants... you can't tell the difference between a simple blessing and the last Rites."


Taliban Love

From the Advice Goddess.

John Edwards Loves His SUVs - Hypocrite

Earlier I said this.

Then I saw this at Hedgehog Report. The SUVs in Johnny's runway driveway.
(click to enlarge)

Bias, Bad Reporting and Lies About Iraq

Karl at Protein Wisdom takes on the pundits and the MSM about the reporting of War on Terror and nails it big.

The Big Picture(s)

It is worth the read.

UPDATE: Dafydd at Big Lizards does equally well in a report on the 63,000 tree paper.

NYT: Analogies Are Meaningless (Unless They Favor the Left)

UPDATE: Sniper say the article is brilliant. I agree.

Interesting Fact

It takes about 63,000 trees to make the newsprint for the average Sunday edition of The New York Times.

What a waste. Except for the Sunday crossword puzzle.

Give Up My SUV?

I drive an old Jeep Cherokee. I've hauled kids, dogs, sand, gravel, lumber, drywall, have moved most of my friends and volunteered to deliver medicine during snow storms..

Edwards: Americans should sacrifice their SUVs

Shove it, Johnny boy.

I'll give mine up when you give up your jets and McMansions.

Oh, and your gas guzzling ego.


HARBIN - 哈尔滨 - Харбин


This exquisite Russian Orthodox church, St. Nikolai, in the middle of Central Square, was built of wood without nails. It was destroyed by Red Guards in August 1966 during the Cultural Revolution.

HARBIN has surely one of the most extraordinary and varied histories of any city. It owes its existence principally to the Russian workers of the China Eastern Railway (see below), who built up the town at the turn of the 20th century. The second wave of Russians came in the 1920s when the city was flooded with some 100,000 White Russian refugees fleeing the Revolution, making it the largest Russian enclave outside Russia.

Harry Franck in his book Wandering in Northern China writes: "At Harbin, though still well inside China, the traveler finds himself back in Europe. He might easily believe he had crossed the line into Russia and brought up into one of its most typical cities. Streets, architecture, customs, inhabitants, are all on the Russian model."

In 1931 Japan seized Manchuria and set up a puppet government. In the mid-1930s many Russians fled Harbin for the Soviet Union (where most were arrested, of course, for espionage or counterrevolutionary activity; some 30,000 were shot) or for China, to cities including Shanghai, Tientsin, Peking and Tsingtao.

G.H. Thomas, writing in November 1936 says of the foreign community in Tsingtao:
"There are quite a few Germans and Norwegians, and altogether about three hundred foreigners, not counting the Russians. These are White Russians, refugees from the Revolution, and have a strange standing in China. They are people without a country, and their lot is a sad one. "

IN 1945, when the Soviets occupied Manchuria, many of the remaining Russians were sent to labor camps. Manchuria was not completely in Chinese hands until 1952. By the mid-1960s, there were virtually no Harbin Russians left.

Read more Here.

More from The St Petersburg Times


Gay Conservatives Seeking Acceptance Through Sen. Larry Craig

Matt Drudge, who is called conservative, can't get enough of this or any other "gay" story.



His Own Private Idaho...

Statement: I did nothing wrong and I regret the decision to plead guilty'...

Senate GOP Calls for Ethics Probe...

Romney Calls Craig's Actions 'Disgusting'...

*Cop Docs...

'How Did News Outlets Miss Arrest for Nearly Three Months?'

VIDEO: News Crew Reenacts Senator's Restroom Scenario...


This behavior is unacceptable. It is unacceptable for all people including politicians. Democrats are all over this story with glee. Just look at FDL, Huffpo, etc., and you can read the glee filled hate overflowing.

Conservatives, and to a lesser degree Republicans, have noted it and moved on, except for homosexual conservatives and Republicans. To them this is an important subject to be given the gravity it deserves. They question why conservatives are the subject of these headlines when democrats are not. They question (insert point here). They insist (insert brilliant political statement here). Why?

In many instances they do so because they want to mainstream their own homosexual behavior. Make it normal by making it appear to be happening everywhere by everybody. Even by conservatives.

Sounds like self serving behavior by homosexuals using conservatism as their vehicle.

That is also unacceptable.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wackmob Eat Their Own - Again

Report from Vancouver, Washington: Rep. Baird Gets Blasted
(from comments)
Baird is an idiot for changing his mind about the Iraq War simply
because the situation on the ground improved. Progressives need to put the
pressure on so that even a simpleton like Baird will toe the party line and
agree to a complete and immediate pullout in order to give the US the defeat it
deserves.Giving him a lashing like this one in Vancouver is a great start.
Posted by Gordon Robinson August 28, 2007 6:15 AM

I don't know if Gordon is real, but his comment is one I have heard and read about those in Congress that support or are starting to support the surge and the government in Iraq.

How does a person such as Gordon think? What part of reason do the Gordons of the world not understand? Or is it just hate? Just planned contrarian thinking?

I think it is really just being stupid.


Webutante Has A New Address

The blogger gremlins have struck again and this time they got the Webutante. She has a new address, so update your blogrolls and go visit.

Webutante (the sequel)

UPDATE: Being a child genius, I didn't spell Webutante correctly so I have corrected it.


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Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan and Korea

Ben Keeler of The Keeler Report makes a valid point in the comment section.
I dont think many people that are 35-40 yrs or younger
have a real good grasp of Vietnam, simply because you never get to that
point of the history book when you are in high school.
This was in response to this post.

Ben is a very bright guy and politically astute. For him to state this brings up some rememberances for me, but also a question.

After Desert Storm parades were being held in their honor. In Huntington, WV the organizers demanded that Vietnam and Korean vets be included because they had never had "their" parade. The parade was an old style "ticker tape" parade in downtown Huntington with people 10-15 people deep lining the route. There were a lot of school bands, professional march bands (they marched for free), military vehicles, floats and soldiers. Lots of soldiers.

The Desert Storm troops, in uniform, were smiling and high fiving each other. The Korean vets marched with a hard pride as if they were still in uniform. The Vietnam vets started off wary, got proud and then with misty eyes shared by men in suits, women in dresses, men in MC club vests, women and in jeans and tee shirts and all those in between, started to let a smile show.

The parade was the best of America. Bankers, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, nurses, teachers, store workers, police, maintenance workers, tugmen, coal miners and all marched together or watched from the crowd and later milled around and hugged and talked.

I personally saw a WWII vet walk up and shake the hand of a Viet vet and welcomed him home. He said "finally" and stood a little straighter as they hugged each other. I later found out he had fought addiction for years and had finally corralled it, gotten married for the last time and was, as a middle aged man, raising a young family.

The evening ended with fire works on the Ohio River and many thousands singing together Lee Greenwood's "God Bless America".

It is time for younger Americans to know the bravery shown and the success our troops had in Vietnam. "Platoon" and Apocalypse Now" are cynical fakes.

Excuse my french, but it pisses me off that they are not known, as it is in Iraq and Afghanistan today, for the bravery, for the kindness and the good they did as citizen and professional warriors.

Who will teach if not us. The members of the NEA?


Murtha's "Salem Witch Trials" or Haditha Troops Condemened by Hacks in Congress

John Lilyea is smoked about the way our troops are dishonored and are used as cheap political pawns by politicians, especially by some morons in DC.

I wondered where Robin at Chickenhawk Express was hiding. I hadn’t heard
a peep from her since early Thursday. I was beginning to get worried. But then I
popped over there tonight and I see why - she’s written a legal brief that
should be enough to get the media indicted entitled “
They Indicted the Haditha Marines Without a Trial - Part I Newsweek“Â Please read it - truly a masterpiece. The best thing about it - it’s only Part I.
So am I.

People that automatically indict our troops as murderers, stupid, unemployable and worse are the lowest form of life in this country. Some names that come to mind would be Fulbright (act. Halfbright), Church, McGovern, Fonda, Pelosi, Kerry, Reid and most especially Black Jack Murtha. Murtha is referred to here as Mugger Murtha for his premature indictment of the Haditha Marines. Hell will have a special locale for Mugger.

My disdain for Murtha can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Take the time to write or send a little something to our troops. Take some more time and write your local media, if they aren't supportive, to tell them how ticked off your are about their lack of support.

Recap: Be an American. Don't act like Murtha.

The Truth About Vietnam

Rereading Vietnam

Via Vodka Pundit

This is the article about warriors, insurgencies and the American public.

You have learned about the Vietnam War. Now go learn the truth.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"One quarter of the black population is now missing"

One Quarter of Black Population Missing from Abortion
Genocide Says Dr. Alveda King

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of legendary human rights campaigner Rev.
Martin Luther King, Jr., told a meeting of Priests for Life that the killing of
a quarter of the black population of the US has not been from the lynch mobs of
her childhood days, but from abortionists, "who plant their killing centres in
minority neighbourhoods and prey upon women who think they have no

"The great irony," she said, "is that abortion has done what the Klan
only dreamed of" . . . Dr. King pointed out that the killing of the unborn in
the US, which has taken the lives of well over 42 million American children, is
overwhelmingly concentrated in the African-American community. “In the last
forty-plus years,” Dr. King said, “15 million black people have been denied
their most basic civil right, the right to life. Roughly one quarter of the
black population is now missing.” . . . “It's time to stop killing the future
and keep their dream alive.”

Read More VIA Arkansas Republican Assemblies


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George W. Bush-There is good and evil

Eric at Tygrrrr Express gets it.

President Bush simply gets it

I agree.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Terrible Tom Blogical Unmasked!!!!!!!

where is mred?

This is what he said at Invincible Armor back on the 19th of August:

"He has a unique view of the world, but enough with real life Tom, blog
more. Now. Please.."

Blog more? OK, how's this grab ya? I've got 36 posts (including this
one) in on the 24th day of August, and 142 posts total through 8 months of 2007,
completely blowing away my final tallies the previous 3 years. Actually, it
blows away 2004 and 2006 combined. And I still have 4 months left in

So, what I'm sayin' is, I've done my part mRed. Ya got more bloggin'.
Now get your butt over here and comment. Now. Please.

After a gazillion posts (just this year), sometimes staying up 60 hours straight, just to please his minion, mRed, having delved into the darkest depths of the net wackmob, has found the true identity of Tom Blogical.

Tom Blogical and friends dressed for golf at the Bee's Knees Golf & Pogo Club.

Where is mRed? On the job, always. mRed has been on the job since the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and mRed has been winning international acclaim since Al Gore invented the internet while honing his character for "Love Story". That's where this wildly popular and international jet-setter has been. It's tiring, but he does it all for you, his readers.

Well, actually mRed has also been in River City with his sister's trombone and 75 of his closest friends.

(Bravo, Bravo!)

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What's Good For Liberals Is Good For Republicans.

Warner: Bush Should Bring Troops Home

Just as I think Pelosi and Reid should shut their traps because they are not the Commander-in-Chief, I think John Warner should close his trap as well. As Reid and Pelosi et al are giving aid and comfort to the enemy, so is Warner and that is unforgivable, especially given hi career path.

We are hearing good things out of Iraq concerning tribes that have slit each others throats for centuries that are now working together. AQI is losing more people than ever and from their leadership which is killing al Qeada from the top down worldwide. And now Warner chooses this time to start babbling giving not only al Qeada encouragement, but also giving Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Levin and all the other defeatists in their coven encouragement too.

I never would have thought Warner a RINO or worse. What's next, cross dressing and sock puppetry at Daily Kos?

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Take a hike Mr. Taylor.


Mountain - American West

Joe Hoover

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Al Gore-Run Baby Run

Al Gore is surprise choice of Scottsdale Dems

SCOTTSDALE - Democrats in District 8, which covers most of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, surprisingly chose non-candidate Al Gore as their favorite presidential nominee in a recent straw poll.

Please run Al. Please. Oh, pretty please. Please, please, please.

The Il Duce of National Socialism Environmentalism

FUGLY In Amsterdam

The ING House in Amsterdam of the Dutch architects Meyer & Van Schooten

Education Wussies Win Again

Chandler boy suspended for sketching gun
An East Valley eighth-grader was suspended this week after he turned in homework with a sketch that school officials said resembled a gun and posed a threat to his classmates.
Allowing this behaivor could lead to dodgeball, dodgeball to playing army, playing army to kissing girls, kissing girls to sexual harrassment, sexual harrassment to rape, rape to Columbine.
There, nice and neat. Drawings is bad. They should have started killing an earlier Van Gogh. Then we could have nipped this all in the bud.
Oh wait, that was an Islamofascist, not the NEA. Are you sure?

Wackmob Netters Start to Eat Their Own

The wackmob is unhappy. As they should be. Pelosi and Reid haven't delivered. Anything, let alone any progressive legislation.
OpenLeft directs netroots fire at conservative Democrats
And so, you may have noticed a lot of chatter about ‘Bush Dog’
Democrats over the past few days. That’s not an accident. We’ve been working to
identify the group of conservative Democrats in the House who are holding back
progressives from being able to effectively govern. These are concentrated in
two main caucuses, the Blue Dog Caucus and the New Democrat caucuses. Blue Dogs consider themselves heirs to the Southern conservative wing of the party, and tend to vote for socially restrictive policies and a hawkish foreign

Holding progressives from being able to effectively govern? The stench from that statement could knock a buzzard off a crap wagon at 50 yards.

Outside of the progressive policy concerning the War On Terror, which is cut and run and love your local terrorist, many people aren't aware of the Progressive Caucus in Congress or what the Progressive agenda is.

Here is a sampling:
oppose the continued increase in prison construction on the State
and Federal levels. We demand a five year moratorium on prison building, and the
transfer of all earmarked prison funds into education and community

Social transformation is impossible
without a strong labor movement.

We support continued cross-border labor organizing, and the addition
of social clauses to NAFTA, GATT, ITO and other trade

Of all the attacks on working people by the Contract With America, the radical downsizng of an already meager system of social welfare programs and public goods has had the most immediate impact on our lives.

We reject the scapegoting of immigrants, women, queer people, and
other marginalized communities as a response to economic instability,
recognizing their positive role in our society. We are committed to an
immigration policy which ties the free movement of capital to free movement of
people, bold policies to expose and counter glass ceilings for women and people
of color, and legislated protection from hate crimes for traditionally targeted
communities including the addition of sexual orientation to the Civil Rights
I say let the Democratic Party have it's Carnival of Cannibals. It would be good for the country if they leave the table full.


New Schools in Iraq

Excited with anticipation, local children watch as the concrete walls are laid and the rebar for columns are installed. Working through the Provincial Reconstruction Development Council and the local maneuver unit, the 25th Infantry Division, the Governorate of Kirkuk requested the construction of a permanent facility to replace the tent school in Zakros. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo by Mike Bransford

The Only Thing Wrong With Iraq Is That It's Filled With Iraqis

Give a Democrat a murderer or a pedophile and they see a ray of hope because their crimes are never the criminals fault. Kinda the way Democrats feel about terrorists.

Give the Democratic Party two countries coming out from under dictatorial governments and they see nothing but problems which means we should abandon them. Kinda like terrorists want.

50 plus million people.

Democrats Refocus Message on Iraq After Military Gains Criticism Shifts
to Factional Unrest

Democratic leaders in Congress had planned to use August recess to raise the heat on Republicans to break with President Bush on the Iraq war. Instead, Democrats have been forced to recalibrate their own message in the face of recent positive signs on the security front, increasingly focusing their criticisms on what those military gains have not achieved: reconciliation among Iraq's diverse political

In the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, former
senator John Edwards issued a scathing attack on Clinton's remark. But he said
there has been "progress in Al-Anbar province."

"Senator Clinton's view that the President's Iraq policy is
'working' is another instance of a Washington politician trying to have it both
ways," Edwards campaign manager David Bonior said in a statement. "You cannot be for the President's strategy in Iraq but against the war. The American people deserve straight talk and real answers on Iraq, not double-speak, triangulation, or political positioning."

First it was the military's inability to deal with problems. Then it was all Bush's fault or was Rumsfeld first. Throw in various military figures and government officials to blame and the Democratic trail of tears for America's honor just gets longer. Especially so because the Democrats always knew the Iraqis just aren't up to the task of the responsibilities of freedom and democracy. At least the Iraqis aren't up to it like Democrats are. After all they are Muslims, a religion Democrats support and revere, but still, you know, they are Muslim. Democrats understand democracy better than Republicans and better that Arabs, i.e. Muslims, because, well, they just do.

That is why Democrats are above double-speak, triangulation or political positioning. Since the surge isn't working, the war is really a civil war and all real Americans want the troops home, the Democrats will speak truth to power to the people during this August recess. They would never stoop to cheap politics by abandoning their principles and their real truth about the war.

Personally, I look forward to hear their plans during the recess. It is refreshing to listen to politicians that stick to their guns beliefs never allowing the slings and arrows of politics to sway them.

Too bad about those Iraqis and Afghans though, eh?


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things You Can't Do In Islam

Khamr is haram which means Vodka Pundit is in a world of hurt when the caliphate gets here.

Levin Uses Maliki To Stab America In The Back

Expand the war to end the war

John Lilyea of This Ain't Hell discusses the war and Irani duplicity as well as Irani torture and execution of prisoners. That one of the young punks that stormed our Tehran embassy and captured and held American citizens for 444 day is now the President of Iran is irony enough.

The bitter irony is that Senators and Representatives in the US Congress are aiding and abetting this now middle aged punk in undermining our effort every step of our march. Ahmadinijahd

Carl Levin is the newest replacement in the Democrat's game of blaming the U.S. for every ill in the world and doing so in the most public venue possible. This time every one's favorite Uncle Carl just returned from Iraq and wearing his most senatorial smugness declared:

Senator Calls for Maliki's Ouster

Declaring the government of Iraq “non-functional,” the influential
chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said yesterday that Iraq’s
parliament should oust Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his cabinet if they
are unable to forge a political compromise with rival factions in a matter of

“I hope the parliament will vote the Maliki government out of
office and will have the wisdom to replace it with a less sectarian and more
unifying prime minister and government,” Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.) said after
a three-day trip to Iraq and Jordan.

Why would a Senator say this publicly knowing it would hurt our effort in Iraq? This man is fully aware that of the damage talk like this does and in my mind any glib retort he may offer would be a lie.

The easy answer is that Levin wants to hurt President Bush or just plain BDS and tactically using this talk for regaining power for the Democrat Party. The less easier answer is that Levin wants to hurt our effort in Iraq. Is the real answer either of these or is the answer something much worse? Is Levin a traitor?

Levin is just one of the talking heads in Congress along with Reid, Schumer, Pelosi and others. When one hears others such as a Kucinich and Paul jabber, it is easy to dismiss their talk because they are little and a little off, but not Levin, et al. They are intelligent people who are fully aware of what they are doing.

So why? They know they are empowering our enemy which results in more American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have also known that America is moving in a positive direction in Iraq, but have doggedly stated the opposite and when even the press admits some success, then Levin et al pivot and say it's really about Maliki, or the inability of Iraqi's to accept self rule or some such nonsense.

What is it that a Levin wants? I truly believe he knows we are succeeding in Iraq, just as he knows that he is assisting the enemy. Yet he knowingly continues on with words and tactics that harm not just our troops, but our country as well.

I really can't believe that this is just a cheap and horrific method to defeat Republicans and regain political power for the Democrats. That is too tawdry a goal made even more tawdry by using dead American troops as stepping stones to that victory.

It is easier to believe their hatred of George W. Bush has clouded their sense of reasoning, but still, are they so blinded that they knowingly embolden those that have pledged to kill us just to assuage that hate? I truly hope to God it is not, but even that amount of hate wouldn't make them turn on America. Would it?

When the Jane Fonda's of the world aided and abetted the enemy during Vietnam they did aid the greater effort of communism, but MAD and Vietnam's small military stature didn't allow for them to bring the fight here to our shores. Terrorists have and can still bring the fight here to America and Levin knows it. The fight is different today. Our enemy doesn't wear uniforms on the battlefield nor do they use tactics of truth and debate in negotiations, but as radical Muslims they have a uniform belief that America needs to be destroyed and that they can accomplish this goal because America is soft, has no faith nor faith in herself.

Levin et al prove them right everyday.

But why?

The Media, The Mob And, Of Course, The Myopic Madness Of Elitist Liberalism

American Thinker has a great article about the MSM

The Media Mob

The Big Media are a mob. That should be Politics 101. They are a tiny,
unchecked power elite, locked into life-long careers in the remnant of a
crumbling monopoly over America's national conversation. Like other
unaccountable elites, they are monumentally fickle, self-indulgent, snobbish,
vain, vulgar, entitled, incestuous, arrogant, ignorant, unprincipled,
hysterical, and demagogic. They sound like a unified chorus for the same reasons
that street mobs run as a group -- because by and large, they don't dare to
stand alone. Media snobs are always looking over their shoulders to see if they
are still singing from the same hymnal as The New York Times. The US media
have been one-sidedly Leftist, while piously proclaiming their devotion to
impartiality. Thus, they are also institutionally mendacious. Telling the truth
is hardly their job. They're just not qualified.

My father started his professional career not as a doctor, but as a reporter. As a reporter he wrote an obituary for a couple he loved almost as much as he loved his mother. The couple had been his rock as he grew up in a family ravaged by alcoholism and the depression. They were murdered.

They were murdered by the Irish mob because they were Italian and they wouldn't sell booze in their little place. They had stood up to the mafia which was made up of Sicilians, not the mythical Italians mafia of film and earned the respect of good people. Unfortunately mobs are made up of bad people who convince themselves of their own honor.

He wrote and rewrote the obituary right up to the print deadline. My father was small in stature, tenacious and burned with a sense of what was right and what was wrong. He also knew the police were in on the cut. He named the names of the groups and trigger men in the obituary.

He never could tell me what happened in the next 24 hours. His grief was too deep and anguish filled his heart. Friends got him out of Akron as the Irish mob looked for him to avenge their "honor"and the police searched for him to "protect" him. The other mob looked for the trigger men and those that ordered the hit to avenge the deaths of "Italians" by Micks who had trespassed onto turf that was "protected".

Sometimes mobs have carried pitchforks, sometimes guns and sometimes they are armed with words. The noose that ties them together is that somebody gets hurt by false senses of honor, delusions of what is right, and lies. They lie to support what they believe to be right out of their twisted sense of honor.

There are still two mobs and today they are working together to lie for their "truth" for the "honor" of America. Yes, people are getting hurt.


Liberals: What Facts, I Know What I Feel

As I wrote about yesterday Liberal Polls Don't Lie.

Atrios writes:

George Bush Doesn't Care About Sick Kids

'Compassionate' Bush fails children on health

Poor excuse one:
"The legislation dramatically expands federal spending far beyond what is
necessary to reauthorize S-CHIP responsibly."

Poor excuse two: The proposed expansion "essentially extends a welfare benefit to middle class households."

Poor excuse three: The proposed expansion "would cause millions of individuals to drop their private insurance in order to be involved with a government insurance plan."

Poor excuse four: "It transforms the program into an effectively unlimited entitlement program."

Thank you Duncan and Gene. Being a BDS scholar is heavy work, but you two do it so well, but you left out the puppies.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Reading about Webutant's 3,000 mile drive from the great northwest to the beautiful southeast made me think of two things. First how large, varied and beautiful our country is and just how much my rear end hurts.

For a number of years, back when the earth was still cooling, I used to make the big swing from Ohio down through Texas and on to Taos, NM, up to Estes National Park and back to Ohio with stops in between. I did this in about six weeks. How long ago? Well, I climbed to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and face climbed in Estes and it made me feel good. Now I get winded making coffee.

Those trips were great. I mixed a lot of climbing, hiking and rafting with visits to museums and one-on-one time with artists. I was allowed, as an Anglo, to photograph the ancient interiors of Taos Pueblo, but I also got stoned by a then young group called AIM for my effort. A few stitches to the head and knee, but my Leicas and my film were not damaged. NG didn't accept the photos. Bummer.

Canyon De Chelly, Bandelier, Gila and other astounding places are now mixed with "The Shed" (a then rare blue corn tortilla) in Sante Fe, "The Brown" in Denver ( a hotel with more ghosts than there are Teamsters) and sleeping under a sky that only God could have created.

I could bore you, my minion, with more, but I am going to pull out my journals from that time which I have not looked at for some time.

Oh, back to my buns. Just thinking about those drives makes them hurt. All done in a little "2002" with an air conditioner that had to be Union. It only worked when and how long it chose to work and I, as owner, had no say in the matter.


Liberal Polls Don't Lie

Only corporate and conservative polls lie, because liberals love the children, puppies and everything good in God's their world.

Want more programs, just find a down trodden group. Such as more programs for education even though with all the new programs children are falling behind in the three "R's". Sex education is going swimmingly and children know more about lesser figures in history because of the color of the figure's skin or their sex, not their deeds. To fit all this "important" information in just cut real history, english and the sciences including math. No matter, because now we'll have well-rounded children that can't balance a checkbook, fill out a job application or invent truly life enhancing products and processes. After all, a child that doesn't know the basics will be supported by the government, but a child that doesn't understand multiculturalism is down trodden.

Want to raise taxes, raise them for the children. If the current children's programs might appear a tad over financed to the voters then find a new program for the children. In this case, the liberals are getting two birds with one stone, possibly three. More money, more program and more government power. This is a liberal triple play.

Tax Increase on Tobacco Gains Support in Congress
Recently, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids presented to House
Democratic aides a survey it funded that showed substantial support -- even
among smokers -- for raising tobacco taxes.

Wow! Give the government and its bureaucracy more power to control save us from ourselves, more people on the public dole, grow a government program and take more taxes from us. All for the children!

This is where polling comes in. If a liberal special interest group funds a survey, it is gospel. Would a gospel lie about smokers wanting smokes taxed more? Of course not, it's gospel.

Who says liberals ain't got no religion?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Free Health Care For Illegals At The Cost of Health Care For Americans

Elvira Arellano Arrested Outside Downtown Church

Arellano defied a deportation order to report to the Department of
Homeland Security on Aug. 15, 2006. Instead, she sought refuge in the Adalberto
United Methodist Church in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago.

According to the New Sanctuary Movement, more than 600,000 families in
the United States have at least one member facing deportation because they are
illegal residents.

Arellano claims she seeks to remain in the United States so her
American-born son can get medical care for his attention-deficit hyperactivity

Arellano arrived in the U.S. in 1997 and was soon deported back to
Mexico. In 2000, she returned and moved to Illinois, working at Chicago's O'Hare
International Airport cleaning planes.

She was arrested in 2002 and later convicted of working under a false
Social Security number, prompting the order for her to be deported.

Being illegal means never having to say you're sorry. Even if it costs another their life. I mean, if you've broken the law, you're a victim. Right?

The average American cannot afford basic health care, if you believe the cynics, but those same cynics demand that we give our health care to those that break our laws.


James River

This is east. My family is from the west. Indian country. I love this house, but it is not Mt Elba. That house is in my blood. And in my heart.

A Note Of Thanks

I have made some friends here since I started Invincible Armor. We're not exactly drinking buddies, but every morning I check in to see their thoughts. And throughout the day.

I know they have become friends in my mind because if I don't see their words I worry that maybe something might be wrong if they haven't posted.

Some are young, some not so young, but none are as juvenile as me. Some have great experience and some gain experience or more experience each day.

Some are new. (er)

Enough said.

Thanks to these people that make my life brighter each and every day.

seejanemom I am in love with C. Jane, but with her Hunky Husband and my Italian wife, well, you know. She is a critical thinker..

Tom Blogical He has a unique view of the world, but enough with real life Tom, blog more. Now. Please..

Bob Asgard This guy married up and his children are the better for it. Through living, together, they whisper America ..

Sniper One The man is business. But he can't hide his heart..

Bloodthirsty Liberal I hate love this site. If I ever write as well it will be by accident. If not for their headlines I'd worry about their seriousness. I am honored to be on their roll and don't know how I got there..

Dinah Lord She'd crush Barbara and Laura Bush in an intellectual WWF tag-team. By herself..

Ben Keeler Ben is Ben and with him I'd drink a beer. I don't really even like beer, but I would with Ben. He's good people..

Jeff Goldstein If he knew how good he is, like we do, well watch out. Writing, thought and humor. It don't get no better and I can say that because I learned grammer from Jeff..

Right Wing Champ As seejane said, he linked to me with no notice. That's class. He is a must read..

Webutante A breath of fresh air. A true lady. Those in the know know what a compliment that is..

Jonn Lilyea He knows where Hell is, writes smart, writes deep and well and has been so incredibly good to me. I hope I deserve it because this boy don't pass out favors..

There are others, but the above were firstest with the mostest in my mind. I will have others to thank in the future.

To all of you, thank you.

Read you tomorrow. Morning.


Iraq Surge Dichotomy

Half open. Half hidden.

One side hides its will to have the surge fail while the other openly fights to make the surge fail.

To insurgents terrorists, the need for the surge to appear to be failing is their Holy Grail at the moment. Failure will be their victory.

Those here that quietly work to make the surge a failure need to succeed in their political jihad or they fail.

That one side of this believe themselves to be secular humanists while the other thinks themselves to be listening to their god.

Bertrand Russell VS Ayatollah Khomeini or, more correctly Reid VS bin Laden.

The world isn't black and white. A Dichotomy is understood only when both sides are apparent to the observer, otherwise it seems an enigma. Unless the light of a full moon is shone on it.

Rainy Night Day in Georgia Michigan

Rain forces postponement of Cup race at Michigan

Kasey is starting 3rd. His year can't get worse. The DuPont Dweeb is on the pole. Yeah I do call him the Rainbow Warrior on purpose.

Jr is starting 39th. His Teresa was over tightened, but a wedge made it worse.

My boss is going to be po'd about work tomorrow. Good thing he can't fire me.

Citizens To 'Sanctuary Cities', Illegals and Democrats-Stuff It

71% Favor Requiring Foreign Visitors to Carry Universal ID Card

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of voters nationwide favor cutting off
federal funds for “sanctuary cities” that offer protection to illegal

By a 71% to 16% margin, voters also favor a proposal that would require
all foreign visitors to carry a universal identification card...

By a 56% to 31% margin, voters want the government to continue building
a fence along the Mexican border.

A recent survey found that 79% of voters favor strict measures
requiring employers to fire workers who provide false identification documents.
Seventy-four percent (74%) also believe that proper identification should be
required for anyone to rent an apartment.

What part of "illegal alien" do the others not understand? Maybe they are just filled with love for new Democrat voters their fellow man, which unfortunately is not extended to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Man Bitten By Dog and Other Obvious "Who Knew" Stories


Edwards Calls Coulter 'She-Devil'...

Dems Meet for Yet Another Debate...

Anne Rice Declares Self Pro-Life, Pro-Hillary...

Climate protesters march at Heathrow airport...

VIDEO: McCain Praises Hillary; Disagrees With Rove Over Her Record...

Ahmadinejad: Israel Is Bearer of Satan...

Richardson aide resigns after arrests, brothel ties revealed

Karl Rove's exit: Presidential emptiness

Are conservatives born that way?

More on the Padilla Legal Atrocity

I'm waiting for a man bites dog story, like Reagan's cold war strategy, "We win, they lose".

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Michael Deaver and Ronald Reagan

Michael Deaver 1938-2007

I didn't know Michael Deaver. The top of my stratosphere didn't touch the bottom of his.

People that I did know (and respected) not only respected Mike Deaver, but also trusted and liked him.

High praise indeed.

HT Red State


It's Cheaper Than Building A Casino

But the illegals are betting...

Tribes Offer Membership to Immigrants

For prices starting at $50, two nonfederally recognized Indian
tribes are offering membership to thousands of illegal immigrants, claiming they
can achieve legal status by joining the groups.

But immigration authorities insist becoming a tribe member gives no protection against being deported. And immigration advocates condemn the practice, saying it defrauds immigrants of money and gives them false hope.

"You can't just decide to become a member of a tribe and all of a
sudden legalize your status," said Marilu Cabrera, a spokeswoman for U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Services.

In Nebraska, some people reported paying up to $1,200 to join the Kaweah Indian Nation, which became the target of a federal investigation after complaints about the tribe arose in at least five states.

Manuel Urbina, the tribe's high chief, acknowleged his group has
sold at least 10,000 tribal memberships to illegal immigrants for about $50

As usual the (non)house will win. It seems they're already up a half a mill...


Coulter Edwards Cat Fight

An anonymous note to me said Coulter replied, "He's a She-Bitch".


Anyone else find it ironic that a hurricane that blows the most, is full of hot moist air and is very destructive is named Dean?

I'm not.

This Ain't Petty and it Earns Hard Feelings

Teresa doesn’t get it

As expected, Earnhardt refused to allow the No. 8
to follow Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Hendrick Motorsports. Or, according to Hendrick
officials, the price was so high it didn’t make sense for Earnhardt Jr.’s new
team to buy it.

So, the No. 8 that Earnhardt Jr. made famous, that was such a
part of the Earnhardt family and that had such a huge fan following will now
fall into the hands of another driver, one, presumably, with absolutely no
connection to the man who founded Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Dale Earnhardt brought the No. 8 to NASCAR specifically for his son. It was the number that Earnhardt Sr.’s father, Ralph, raced on the short tracks throughout the South. It had historical and family significance when it graced the side of Earnhardt Jr.’s car.

Along with the promotional push of Budweiser, it was Earnhardt Jr. who
made the No. 8 the most famous car number in racing. In fact, it had become
arguably the third-most famous and significant car number ever, trailing only
Richard Petty’s No. 43 and Earnhardt Sr.’s No. 3.

Via Return of the Conservatives


Friday, August 17, 2007

Rude Little Liberal Plante

Some people didn't like what I wrote here.

CBS’ ‘Rude Little Liberal’

On Monday morning, Karl Rove stood next to President George W. Bush on the
South Lawn of the White House and announced that he would be resigning from the administration at the end of the month. In front of the assembled D.C. press
corp, he read a statement, and the President spoke. There was no formal
opportunity for questions.

Towards the end of the appearance, as the President and his favorite pol
were about to head in the direction of an awaiting helicopter, Bill Plante, CBS
White House correspondent, broke the embargo.

“If he’s so smart,” said Mr. Plante, “how come you lost Congress?”

The president ignored Mr. Plante. But the bloggers did not.

By early afternoon, Mediabistro’s FishbowlDC had reported on Mr. Plante’s
question, which quickly ricocheted around the Web.

Conservative bloggers were not amused.

“Besides being a rude little liberal, Plante also manages to show just how
unqualified he is to be reporting on politics,” wrote Invincible Armor. “No
doubt that’s why CBS hired him.”

A blogger at, on the other hand, gave Mr. Plante the “balls
of the day award.”

Reached by phone at his home in Washington D.C. on Monday night, Mr. Plante
said he wasn’t surprised by the attention. What people should understand, he
said, was that the question was of less importance than the principle.

“Here’s the point,” said Mr. Plante. “It’s important that we ask questions
even if some people don’t believe that they’re appropriate. They don’t have to
answer them. But we have to ask them. Did I have to ask that question? That’s a
point of legitimate argument.”

Read the rest. If it was video you would be able to watch Plante dance while he offered lame excuses and held his balls of the day.

Nice award.


This Picture Is a Lie

I have never listened to the Savage Nation, but the San Francisco crowd tried to kill his 1st Amendment rights. You can read about it at Blond Sagacity.

At the pass through I saw photos of protesters and came to this photo. It clearly states a lie.

Whether one believes in Creation or Evolution, they both share a point. Man started somewhere and it wasn't in the southwestern region of the United States.

We're all immigrants, but I love the unintended racial stereotyping by these two geniuses.

Tom Waits - The Piano Has Been Drinking - 1977

Inspired by LGF. Two classics, Waits and Fernwood Tonight.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Padilla Innocent-Bush Guilty

The Kos kids know all the inside skinny which makes them omnipotent. Well, maybe impotent.

Picked up in Chicago, transported to NY (15+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
bawbie, opinionated, jbeach, cosette, inclusiveheart, waitingforvizzini, Simplify, majcmb1, sbdenmon, sherlyle, Ellicatt, donnamarie, wa ma, Residentcynic, paxmonger
but when the government was forced to produce some probable cause they
dropped the NY criminal process and President Bush declared him an "Enemy
Combatant" and whisked him away to the Naval Brig in South Carolina, where he
was held in solitary confinement without access to legal counsel or the outside
world for 3 years.
Then, when it looked like the Supreme Court would rule
against the government (including Scalia, who, to his credit has ruled that the
government just can't lock up U.S. citizens willy-nilly) they "undeclared" him
"Enemy Combatant" and sent him to Florida to face these (previously unheard)
Marinesquire on Thu Aug 16, 2007 at 10:26:16 AM PDT
Thank you for that excellent brief
onf the (
3+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
jbeach, waitingforvizzini, Marinesquire
labyrinthine journey Padilla has traveled thus far.
inclusiveheart on Thu Aug 16, 2007 at 10:29:28 AM PDT
Breathtaking (4+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
opinionated, inclusiveheart, donnamarie, Marinesquire
when you put it all togrther like that, isn't it? Members of the executive
branch truly are above the law. The divine right of kings applies more than the
Constitution does at this point. And the press parades on.
Brilliant synopsis.
Government and laws are the agreement we all make to secure
everyone's freedom.
Simplify on Thu
Aug 16, 2007 at 11:11:06 AM PDT

Recommended by:
bawbie, opinionated, inclusiveheart, Simplify, Jerry
, real
world chick
, donnamarie, Marinesquire, Residentcynic
They knew what they were doing and they did it to one of
us. By that, I mean an american citizen.
In the United States, doing good has come to be, like patriotism, a favorite device of persons with something to sell. - Mencken
agnostic on Thu
Aug 16, 2007 at 11:14:01 AM PDT

Parent ]

Breathtaking, we drove Padilla insane just to convict him of crimes he committed. To read Kos' site, why do we need juries when we have this group of superior beings that can read the tea leaves from afar.

Edward's Bumper Sticker VS The Real War On Terror

From Never Yet Melted (cool site)

Global Incident Map

of terrorism and suspicious activity.

Jane Hamsher - Natural Born Kidder

The offense

Markos Moulitsas’s hate-site The Daily Kos, the foul-mouthed fem-blog
FiredogLake, and other ‘netroots’ extremists like, have become the
dominant fundraisers for Tom Allen’s senate campaign.
The defense

I don't use the "c" word personally, though I'm hardly a saint on that front
— nothing gets Michelle Malkin's blood boiling faster than to remind her that I
once called Kate O'Beirne "sandpaper snatch." Since that time it's been refined
by the community (thanks to punaise) into "Ole 60 Grit" and it has become
something of blogospheric lore — Jim O'Beirne's notorious hiring of Heritage
Foundation interns for the CPA is now commonly referred to as the "60 Grit
Employment Agency." We are, first and foremost, writers (and artists) here on
this site, and I will not impose limitations on how people can express
themselves here. We test the edges of communication, and in doing so often get
perilously close to the edge and occasionally step over. It's what makes us
exciting, challenging and interesting, in the tradition of Lenny Bruce or Hunter
S. Thompson.

The above is actually tame for Ms. Hamsher which probably disappoints the ghost of Lenny the Bruce.

What does one expect from the person who gave us Natural Born Killers .

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New York Nannies Normalizing Denormalizing - Smoking


"We want to continue to fight to
denormalize smoking," the Queens Democrat said yesterday.

Council Seeks New Ban on Smoking by Parents in Cars

If enacted, smoking in cars with riders under the age of 18 would join a growing list of activities barred by the city, including making too much noise at night, serving trans fats in restaurants, and allowing students to carry cell phones in school.


Mr. Gennaro's proposal calls for fines of $200 to $400 for a first
smoking violation, $500 to $1,000 for a second violation in a single year, and
between $1,000 and $2,000 for a third violation in a year. The New York Police
Department would get the task of enforcing the law.

I know smoking is bad for one's health and I smoke. I also drive fast, eat what I like and drink, but the whole secondhand smoke danger is based on junk science.

Many people do not like the smell of cigarette smoke. With those people I sympathize because for years non-smokers had little option in public places to get away from cigarette smoke and this was wrong and unfair.

Today local, state and nations governments desperate to show their uncontained compassion enact overreaching laws that are unnecessary, wrong and based on crap science. Should the owner of a private enterprise be told that patrons are banned from smoking a legal product in their place of business? No. Should the owner of a private enterprise be allowed to ban smoking in their place of business? Absolutely.

The legislature here in Ohio working hand-in-hand with that great republican Bob Taft enacted a statewide ban on smoking in public places. My wife and I enjoyed going out to lunch and dinner, especially since our children were grown and we had a little extra money and time. Many times I would telephone my wife and ask her out for a drink before heading home for dinner. No more. You do the math, average 3 times a week that we would have a lunch together, a dinner out and stop for a drink or some combination. Now we stay home and have friends over, but for how much longer before our compassionate leaders step the ban up to include abodes such and such feet apart.

Now these people are going after soft drinks, how we cook our food, banning perfume and on and on. Maybe next they'll ban bowling in a bowling alley because the bowling balls are a potential danger. The good Lord knows they have denormalized religion.

One of my sisters, a professor, told me that she couldn't wait for tobacco products to be banned completely. When I agreed she was surprised. Her smug smile went away when I explained that when they tried that with booze our uncle made a fortune smuggling and selling booze which is how his children got to go to Princeton. All tuition prepaid.

Let's see, a small step van, 2 trips a week......