Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oil hits new high above $80

Humberto, maintenance, boutique gas for the east coast and the left coast and liberals. Liberals and their allied ecoterror groups have put us in a pickle. It is going to effect our economy and when it does the liberals will blame Republican policy, conservatives and, of course, Bush.

Our drilling for oil is hobbled in Alaska, crippled in the gulf and held hostage off California and all across the country. By law. Not that our laws are stopping other countries from drilling off our shores. Our laws enacted by liberals and little republicans, all for a warm fuzzy feeling, is now threatening what other countries have only dreamed of, crippling our economy. The economy is strong now because of conservative policy, but for how long when the price of oil is spiraling out of control.

Make no mistake about it, liberals are trying to cause our economy to falter in a controlled fashion. Once it does the liberals can control the House, the Senate, the White House and most state capitols to expand the power of government, lessen the power of states and individuals, by pointing out the bad economy (that they caused) under a Republican president. One way to make the economy to falter is to tie the hands of industry through mechanisms like oil and their crap about the environment.

I am all for animals, natural beauty and a safe environment, but we'll have none of it if our economy falls. No oil and our economy falls. Liberal control and our economy is, at the least, faltering if not worse. I know, Reagan Clinton had the best economy, but he has never thanked Reagan.

With the competition in the market from Communist China, our ally India and other emerging nations for oil the US has to engage in more drilling. If a snail darter loses its little life, well, I'll have a little funeral.

Will moderates and independents still love the caribou family if they can't find work and feed their moderate or independent family?

If I could get oil below $55 and have a good caribou steak I'd be happy.

Why are we being held hostage. Let's drill.

Democrats Jonesing Bad For A Jones Report They Don't Have

Kagen On Jones

Presenting the Jones Report as a condemnation of the Iraqi Security
Forces, proof of their hopelessness, or support for a rapid withdrawal of
American forces or a "change of mission" goes beyond spin. It is simple

I was going to write about this, but Big Lizards has more than I could have put together. Besides, who couldn't believe a, er, lizard.

Go read, it will clear up a lot of the confusion the Democrats are causing.


Harry Reid - Come Over To The Dark Side

Petraeus unites GOP on pullout

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who failed repeatedly to muster
enough votes to compel the president to accept a pullout plan, yesterday said he
will try again next week with measures to force significantly larger troop

“I call on Senate Republicans not to walk lockstep with the president as they have done for years,” the Nevada Democrat said. “It is time to come over and join us.”

What part of the "Shut up" America is screaming does Reid not understand? Maybe if he could get Pelosi and Soros out of his, er, ear, he could hear that the people want him to stop.

Just grab Nancy and go home Harry or are you betting on the longshot with your horse "Man 0' Defeat"?

Hat tip This Ain't Hell

Pelosi/Reid - Not Enough!

There will never be enough for Pelosi and Reid.

Humberto & Landrieu-One Unpredictable

Sen Mary Landrieu, just on Fox News, once again blames Bush FEMA for being unprepared and sending out confusing orders during a hurricane. This time concerning Humberto, a category 1 hurricane that didn't exist 17 hours prior to hitting the coast.

Landrieu knew then and she knows now that she and the politicians in Louisiana screwed the pooch during and after Katrina and lied about it. They are still to this day lying about their incompetence and corruption concerning the federal money sent to Louisiana to repair business and buildings.

This is so predictable. Hurricane Humberto is not.

Hillary Clinton - And then God Made Women

I've wondered about rats and spiders too, but I guess there are nice ones as well.