Friday, March 02, 2012

I Am So Sick Of This Cowboy President

Frankly, I’m sick of this cowboy president who struts his testosterone with statements like, “I don’t bluff.” Hell, when you’ve got a standing army and secret service guys protecting you it’s easy being a loudmouth. He gets a thrill out killing people, shooting missiles and drones and acting like a war criminal. He keeps possibly innocent people in an illegal prison at Guantanamo, targets peaceful mosques with belligerent acts and then tries to hide behind his lawyers. He has all of his rich pals to give him money and special deals to make him even richer as his wife lords over the White House like some queen. And then they go to hang out with their elite friends in their fancy resort houses eating and drinking like royalty and forget how much people are hurting. I’m so damned tired of Bush and his cronies I could puke. Oh, wait…

Profits Of Government Versus Big Oil

In fiscal 2011, Apple had a mind-blowing 24 percent net profit margin and most of their product is petroleum based.

Breitbart: That's What I'm Talking About