Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mother Jones, Unions And Islam Did Romney A Favor

Mother Jones Did Romney A Favor

The Left, including progressives and fascists, are helping out the Romney campaign by simply being themselves and we have unjustly not thanked them.

Mother used Jimmy Carter IV to obtain a film of Romney speaking off the cuff and speaking some plain truths which will scare the Hell out of Republicans and other working people.

Then unions in Michigan decided to push their form of evil onto the November ballot pretty much ensuring that Republicans, Independents, moderates and big and small business will show up in force to vote not only against it, but to also vote Republican up and down ballot. Codifying union power, state weakness and future bankruptcy will do that.

Ah, then Obama's new friends that love peace and America just keep on doing what they do best, screw up. Especially, well orchestrated political campaigns meant to distract voters from what he has done and really plans to do if elected to a second term, screw us.