Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harkin Read Letter from Staffer's Relative At Health Care Meeting

Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, read a letter from a distressed constituent concerning the cost of health care. The constituent stated that costs were spiraling out of control stating that in the future he would pay in excess of $42,000 a year.

Sen. Harkin offered no proof as to the contents of the letter, but he used it as a dagger to the heart of fairness and honesty concerning the health care reform debate.

Nor did Sen. Harkin divulge that the letter was from a relative of one of his staff.

Convenient, eh?

Tea Party Goes International Moves Home Across The Pond

Obama and friends, keep thinking the Tea Party is filled with just nearly dead white people. Please.
We'll see you on election day.

Batchelder Decries Dems Squashing Of Free Speech And Tax Reform In Ohio

via Right Ohio

A great piece about Bill Batchelder whose thinking could save the Republican Party here in Ohio. Go read it!

House Republican Leader Bill Batchelter Strikes Back at Speech-Stiffing Democrats

Below is Statehouse News Bureau Bill Cohen with some background on Rep. Batchelder's speech.

Blair House Health Meet A Bust

Whose mind was changed? If some people did change their mind were they ever capable of forming a solid opinion in the first place?

The two act play produced by onstage director, President Obama, had two teams facing each other with a "Can't we all just along" theme playing in the background.

The away team, the Republicans, had facts, expertise and intelligent questions. The home team had platitudes, anecdotal evidence and ad hominen arguments.

Democrat Jim Cooper of Tennessee spoke earnestly as if he were speaking to a PTA meeting with his parents proudly looking on, but wanting to make sure he gets home in time for a snack before beddieby time.

How much did this charade cost the taxpayer?

McCain gets Under Obama's Skin And Obama Slaps Him Down

How Presidential.

Obama kept stating that Republicans were getting bogged down in process, how the bill will be accomplished, and not addressing the needs of the public. That is a perfect example of The Art of the Lie.

The process is the important factor in this debate. I would humbly suggest that they should start with whether this idea is even constitutional. But, it should also be discussed whether coercion, bribes and shutting Republican ideas out is a good process for legislation and voting on it and whether is it good for the people.

The process is important when our elected officials are attempting to decide legislation that will forever alter America away from open markets, capitalism and freedom to choose. A classic example is Prohibition. Though well meant, at least to those totally unaware of human nature, Prohibition was not just a disaster, it was stupid, killed people and built the largest organized crime groups in world history.

Process is important. Very important. Without process, without thought, we end up with bad legislation and administrations. We are witnessing both at the moment.

Outstanding Post On Big Government's Lies

Excuse me for posting the entire piece from Ohio Citizens Accounting Standards Board , but it cuts to the bone and should be read.

How to lie

It is interesting but secondary to wonder whether this man is lying or merely ignorant:

“We have arrived at a juncture in our politics where reasonable efforts to update our regulations, or make basic investments in our future, are too often greeted with cries of ‘government takeover’ or even ’socialism’,” Obama said.

“Getting this balance right has less to do with big government or small government than it does smart government. It’s not about being anti-business or pro-government; it’s about being pro-growth and pro-jobs,” he said.

No, sir, it’s not about being pro growth and pro jobs nor is it about smart government. It is about who makes decisions, you, or a free people. If you’re so smart and so persuasive, then raise capital and put it at risk. If you succeed you’ll both become fabulously wealth and serve society, the poor most of all. If, as is certain in this case, you fail miserably, then you’ll at least be out of our way and you won’t be able to hurt the poor any more than you already have.

DeWine/Redfern/Strickland/Kasich Agree To Hate On HSUS

Good for them. United, united at last!

Ohio candidates oppose HSUS plan

I really like veal.

Televised Health Care Debate Openers/Politicians And Somebody Else's Food Budget

Health care reform conference being shown on television.

Gotta love Nancy. She always goes with the cliche that is designed to pull the heart strings. Never mind facts, just go for the tears.

Paraphrasing Nan: "I heard from a woman in Michigan that said they'd have to pay their health care premiums and that money would have to come out of their food budget."

Harry: "You're entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts." Said to his very good friend Lamar Alexander.

Obama: "Small business can't hire because of health care premiums." My, how he loves small business. At certain times.

UAW/GM/GOVT Conflict Of Interest With Toyota

Okay, you've got a trash facility you want to build, so you contribute big to your old friend the mayor's campaign and hire a council member to do work for you in the build up to the vote on your trash plant that the citizens overwhelmingly don't want...... and isn't legal under the law. So, change the focus onto something else and make sure everyone knows your facility is a "green" recycling center while the old one isn't. Time to get the state ethics board involved. A board that may have ties to the mayor and certain council members. That ethics board says everything is legit in a twisted logic that would cause your Twister game to get an ethical wedgie. Small town shenanigans, right?


The taint in the Toyota probe

Breathlessly we await an "ethical" opinion from Eric Holder concerning his best buddy, Barack Obama, who happens to be the big boss in America concerning the massive probe and push to make Toyota admit to shoddy projects that kill people just before they all go off to an office party at their company Government Motors. Toyota's competition and nemesis of Obama's friends at the UAW.

Talking of trash...