Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shared Prosperity or Socialism by Hillary Clinton

America's most shrill voice of the Nannanista Movement, Hillary Clinton, has finally come out of the closet. Her form of government will be the engine of the economy, not business and industry. Her form of government will control all facets of our life and that of business for a governmental guarantee of "fairness".

We Are All in It Together, Clinton Says

"Fairness doesn't just happen. It requires the right government

If you read her talking points, they are eerily similar to the main assistance points that Cuba gave the Sandinistas after they seized Nicaragua.

Government health care
Government vocational education
Government industry building and control

With Bush on the ropes and all of the whining by Republicans and Conservatives it is hard for some people to see where politicians like Clinton, Pelosi, Edwards, BarACK, et al want to take our country.

Clinton using these talking points to garner support in a vocational school is just more of the same old Liberal use of class warfare for political gain.

That Nannanistas pander for votes is nothing new. After all they believe the idea of "mother knows best" is a good one, but in their version, "mother" is the government.

Didn't Uncle Joe try this?

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has more!
As does Don Surber. Hill should share. Not the love. Please.

Environmentalists Plus Government Equals Empty Gas Tank

Why Not Build a New Refinery?

Financing, permits, environmental concerns and the securing of oil supplies are all substantial hurdles for any company to construct a new

"Clean" refineries are expensive, and despite recent profits the refinery business has traditionally been low profit margin business. The last refinery was built in 1976 in Garyville, La.

Mistress Mansion Open for Madding Crowd

Beach Club for All

Built in the roaring 20s by newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst for Marion Davies, his blonde silent-film-star lover, the estate hosted stars like Cary Grant. Gloria Swanson and Clark Gable once roamed the 100 rooms of the Georgian revival mansion, and Charlie Chaplin enjoyed a splash or two in the 110-foot, Italian-marble saltwater swimming pool.

Today the swimming pool, along with the guesthouse known as the North House, are the only structures that remain of the jazz-age house of pleasure. But, with time and a lot of money, the site of the Marion Davies Estate will once again become a place of frolicking and fun, but this time not only for the elite.

Embezzling stripper off to jail in NASCAR case

Stripper gets 40 months for embezzlement

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A former stripper was sentenced to nearly three-and-a-half
years in federal prison Friday for attempting to embezzle more than $1 million
from a bank to start her own NASCAR racing team.
Moonshine, strippers and NASCAR. Is America great or what!