Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First, NY Democrats Screwed Soldiers, Now Illinois (Chicago) Democrats

How desperate are Democrats to win? They'll screw soldiers serving overseas protecting them. I'm sure that NY and IL being Blue States has nothing to do with it, eh?

Military ballots may not count in Illinois

Democrats fund the murder of our troops, so just how important do you think they think a soldier's vote is to the nation those soldiers serve.

Boxer, Grijalva, Kucinich, Waxman Got Clearance For Code Pink To Personally Give $600K For Murder Of US Troops

Via Gateway Pundit

Breaking: Barbara Boxer Approved Code Pink Trip to Fallujah to Donate $600,000 to Extremists to Murder US Soldiers

Perhaps the most revealing window into Boxer’s true feelings towards our military is her close alliance with Code Pink, a radical leftist group that reviles American troops as terrorists and assassins while praising their enemies as freedom fighters. For years, Code Pink has viciously harassed wounded veterans and their families outside Walter Reed Hospital, even telling the mother of a slain Navy Seal that her son “deserved to die.” Code Pink actively supports terror groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Hezbollah and al Qaeda.

Code Pink’s leaders had just returned from Fallujah, Iraq, where 51 Americans had been killed and 560 wounded in the US Marines’ heaviest urban combat since the Vietnam War. Code Pink delivered $600,000 in cash and supplies to the very insurgents the Marines had been fighting against - quite literally giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies in a time of war. As noted in Islam Online, a diplomatic courtesy letter from Barbara Boxer helped make the trip possible.

(emphasis by Gateway Pundit)

Why the re-election of these people is in question is a mystery to me. They should be serving in Leavenwoth.

Hapless Harry Reid Calls In The Bubba And The Bungler

Because he is losing.

Reid calls in the president -- Clinton...

Yeah, to Harry, two in hand is worth one in the bush, right?