Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama Is To Blame For the Bad Economy!

Jabberin’ Joe can be right twice a day. Just like his broken clock

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Obama Admin Floats Suspension Of Democracy

The floating of ideas, even bad ones, as trial balloons is a common practice by presidential administrations. Many times it is done in an attempt to effect a dramatic change in policy, but for this administration who openly wants to emasculate our constitution, floating an idea which would utterly destroy our most sacred right, the vote, is more than alarming, it is treasonous.

I wish it were not necessary to devise processes to circumvent legislative gridlock, but polarization isn’t going away. John Adams may have been exaggerating when he pessimistically noted that democracies tend to commit suicide, yet, as we are seeing, certain aspects of representative government can end up posing serious problems. And so, we might be a healthier democracy if we were a slightly less democratic one.” Peter Orszag- former OMB director and current Citibank executive

"You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things. I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that. The one good thing about Raleigh is that for so many years we worked across party lines. It's a little bit more contentious now but it's not impossible to try to do what's right in this state. You want people who don't worry about the next election." NC Gov Bev Perdue

I say we use the mechanics of our Republic, if possible, and call for special elections this coming November for all federal offices up to and including the office of President. That is an idea that could get some serious lift in the trial balloon methodology of current politics.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ford Pulls 'Bailout' Ad Because Obama & Unions Felt Threatened

Supposedly Ford was bullied in pulling their "bailout" ad by the Obama administration. Sounds logical because this administration feels threatened by truth. Any truth.

I'm sure that our very good friends in the union also pressured Ford. All in the name of fairness to thugs, bullies and extortionists.

This ad cuts to the heart of why I am driving a Ford instead of a Chevy or my beloved Jeeps. I learned to drive in a Jeep working on a farm. I still have my old Jeep with 200K+ on the odometer and I'll keep it because it is a good vehicle that I love, but it is my last Jeep. My Ford Explorer seems luxurious in comparison with its leather seats, electric windows and seats and fancy sound system. Ford is playing by rules I believe in. Sink or swim. And no government money. No corporate control by unions.

Ford should have kept the ad on TV. In fact they should create a series of ads on American entrepreneurship, individualism and other bedrock issues of American  exceptionalism. That would sell some serious number of vehicles.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Federal Govt "an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens"

49% of Americans believe the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. In 2003, less than a third (30%) believed this.”

Gee, you think?

If you allow the federal government the right to express that you, the citizen, have a right such as abortion you have also given them the power to take it away. That's too much power, especially for an army of unelected and answerable to no one bureaucrats. Mix that with those that have been elected and that is one volatile mix of power, ego, smug self righteousness and, well, stupidity.

ObamaCare Repeal Petition On WH Site

Go sign it HERE.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts 'Slavery Was Cool': Liberal Fool Of The Week

And ignorant as well and as usual. He probably thinks Lincoln only refers to a car and Civil War is the opposite of civil union.

"This is a list of segregationists during the American Civil Rights Movement (1955-1968). Many public figures, particularly in the South, defended compulsory racial segregation as an institution during the Civil Rights Movement, and many others did not condemn it. This list comprises those people who publicly supported segregation at the time, although many later modified or recanted their position as public sentiment shifted (and the number of African American voters in their areas increased).

Dale Alford, United States Represenatative from Arkansas (Democrt)
Clarence C. Aycock, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
Ross Barnett, Governor of Mississippi (Democrat).
Bill Beeny
Albert Boutwell, Lieutenant Governor of Alabama (Democrat).
Bryant Bowles, white supremacist organizer in Florida
Parey Branton, Louisiana state legislator (Democrat).
Overton Brooks, U.S. representative from northwestern Louisiana
C. Farris Bryant, Governor of Florida (Democrat).
Harry F. Byrd, Governor of Virginia (Democrat).
Robert Byrd, United States Senator, West Virginia (Democrat).
Howard "Bo" Callaway, United States Representative, Georgia (Republican).
Francis Cherry, Governor of Arkansas (Democrat).
Kent Courtney
Jimmie Davis, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
Vail M. Delony, Louisiana state legislator from Lake Providence
Wickliffe Draper
James Eastland, United States Senator, Mississippi (Democrat).
Allen J. Ellender, United States Senator, Louisiana (Democrat).
Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas (Democrat).
Murphy J. Foster, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
William Fulbright, United States Senator, Arkansas (Democrat).
John Sidney Garrett, State Representative, Louisiana (Democrat).
Jack P.F. Gremillion, Attorney General of Louisiana (Democrat).
F. Edward Hebert, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat).
Jesse Helms, United States Senator, North Carolina (Democrat 1942-1970, Republican 1970-2008).
Lister Hill, United States Senator, Alabama (Democrat).
Fritz Hollings, United States Governor and Senator, South Carolina (Democrat)
Orville L. Hubbard, Mayor, Dearborn, Michigan.
Shelby M. Jackson, Superintendent of Public Education, Louisiana (Democrat).
James D. Johnson, Arkansas Supreme Court justice (Democrat).
Paul B. Johnson, Jr., Governor of Mississippi (Democrat).
J. Bennett Johnston, Jr., United States Senator, Louisiana (Democrat).
Bob Jones, Sr., Evangelist.
B. Everett Jordan, United States Senator, North Carolina (Democrat).
Robert F. Kennon, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
James J. Kilpatrick, Columnist.
Russell B. Long, United States Senator, Louisiana (Democrat).
Speedy O. Long, United States Representative, Louisiana (Democrat).
Charlton Lyons, State Chairman, Louisiana Republican Party.
Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia (Democrat, American Independent).
James D. Martin, United States Representative, Alabama (Republican).
John McClellan, United States Senator, Arkansas (Democrat).
John McKeithen, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
Harold Montgomery, Louisiana state senator (Democrat)
Danny Roy Moore, Louisiana state senator (Democrat)
deLesseps Story Morrison (Democrat)
John H. Overton, U.S. senator from Louisiana (Democrat)
Otto Passman, U.S. representative from northeastern Louisiana (Democrat)
Dave L. Pearce, Louisiana Agricultural Commissioner (Democrat)
Leander Perez, Louisiana judge (Democrat)
William M. Rainach, Louisiana state senator (Democrat)
John Rarick, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat, Independent, American Independent)
A. Willis Robertson, U.S. senator from Virginia (Democrat)
Richard B. Russell, U.S. senator from Georgia (Democrat)
Victor Schiro, mayor of New Orleans (Democrat)
George W. Shannon, Louisiana journalist
Gerald L.K. Smith, evangelist from Louisiana and Arkansas (Demorat)
Howard W. Smith, United States Representative from Virginia (Democrat).
John Sparkman, U.S. senator from Alabama (Democrat)
John C. Stennis, United States Senator from Mississippi (Democrat).
Ford E. Stinson, Louisiana state representative (Democrat).
J. B. Stoner, Georgia political candidate (Democrat)
A. Roswell Thompson, Louisiana political candidate (Democrat)
Strom Thurmond, Governor and U.S. senator from South Carolina (Democrat, States' Rights Democrat, Republican)
Ned Touchstone, Louisiana journalist and printer (Democrat)
Joe Waggonner, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat)
George C. Wallace (Democrat, American Independent)
Albert Watson (Democrat, Republican)
John Bell Williams, Governor of Mississippi (Democrat)
Edwin E. Willis, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat)
Fielding L. Wright, Governor of Mississippi (Democrat) "

Because I Like Degas. That's Why.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Without Forced Dues Paying By State Unions Start Dying

I guess the loyal union members aren't so loyal.

Largest state unions won't seek recertification by Thursday deadline

When dues aren't mandatory dues will not be paid if the dues payers don't feel they're getting their fair due.

Settled Science

My favorite science statements come from non-scientists that use science as a weapon to prove whatever point they're trying prove.

e=mc2? Maybe not.

Any real scientist knows that science is not settled. Data is data, nothing more except when they become lies, then damned lies and then research.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

'I Believe In Her Purpose And Her Promise'

"I believe her best days have not yet been lived."

A far cry from Obama's view of America. "I think when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody."

Monday, September 19, 2011

The New York Mag Didn't Get The Jewish Vote Memo In Time

New York Magazine Calls Obama ‘The First Jewish President’

Note to the New York: Bad timing. You missed by a week. The NY-9 election was last week. You can’t sway an election, even in New York, after it has been certified which will bring a sigh of relief to Bob Turner, the new Republican Congressman.

Smart Meter Surveillance Devices

You should check your meter to find out if you are being spied on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Help Re-elect Obama!

From my email:

As a rule, I don't pass along these "add your name" lists that appear in emails, BUT this one is important.

It has been circulating for MONTHS and has been sent to over 25 million people. We don't want to lose any names on the list so just scroll down to the bottom of the list and hit forward to add your name and then send it on.

Please keep it going!
To show your support for re-election of President Obama, please go to the end of the list and add your name.

1. Michelle Obama

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Are The 19 Jihadists Who Used Airliners As Missles Of Mohammed?

They're dead. They are dead along with the almost 3,000 other people they cowardly murdered.

Those that flew (or assisted them) commercial airliners, that they commandeered with box cutters used to cut the throats of innocent people, are dead.

Who remembers their names? Atta? Mohamed? Jobesus? Who?

Does God or gods remember their names? What god remembers them as heroes?

A really stupid and low life TV "personality" commented that the 19 Jihadists couldn't be cowards because they purposely flew to their death. They did so, by some accounts, after a night before filled with whores, booze and pornography. I'm sure God will welcome these warriors that violated every commandment, night before excepted, into Heaven. Some god.

So, where are the 19 Jihadists? I'll speak to logic here, they aren't having sex with 72 virgins. Nor sucking on fruit. Nor waiting for family members to stop by in the here after to offer congratulations on a job well done.

They are rotting in Hell as all low life murderers do. They tore the very fabric of society and in this case, they, against any god, plotted to tear apart all bonds of society. They did not do so to win a war, whether for a god or not, but simply to murder. They slaughtered innocent people.

bin Laden said he didn't care if individuals wore uniforms or not. Both civilians and soldiers deserved to die, in his mind, because he was and is now a dead sick loser like his 19 accomplices.

The 19 losers are but a small part of the Murder Incorporated Brotherhood of Muslim that the billionaire bin Laden and other "allies" of America, playing both parts of the center, put into place to murder innocent people.

So, where are the cowardly cheap stupid rich Muslims? They are dead murderers.

We all remember 9/11. We also remember the uniting of America.

None of us remember the 19. They are dead to memory.

Those innocents that died are remembered.

Liberals: 'The Cheers Of Shame' on Anniversary Of 9/11

People like Krugman are as heartless and shameless as the animals that attacked us on 9/11.

Why We Must Never Forget

The true face of evil.

"We calculated in advance the number of casualties from the enemy who would be killed based on the position of the tower. We calculated that the floors that would be hit would be three or four floors. I was the most optimistic of them all.

"Due to my experience in this field, I was thinking that the fire from the gas fuel in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building and collapse the area where the plane hit and all the floors above it only. This is all that we had hoped for."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Union Proud

Warning: Typical union language which is never safe for children and other human beings.

Too much said.

Why I Own A Ford

'Nough said.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday FUGLY

1960's bureaucratic modernism

Soros' Smear Fear Incorporated

Socialist billionaire George Soros, who as a child helped Nazi's round up Jews for extermination and to steal their valuables, says memorials to our dead murdered by cowardly Islamofascists is Islamophobia. Mr. genius probably thinks the US Arizona Memorial is anti-Asian.

Soros Releases Report Slamming U.S. Islamophobia
As the U.S prepares to acknowledge the 9-11 10th Anniversary,  multi-billionaire financier George Soros released a report that claims a conservative cabal of groups and individuals are Islamophobic and the 9-11 memorials are more about hatred for Muslims than commemorating the killing of close to 3,000 Americans by radical Islamists.

Soros calls these Americans, most of whom are conservatives, Fear Incorporated.

Little Georgie the Nazi lover has, I think, Americophobia. He cannot stand our successes, such as defeating his beloved Nazis, nor our freedoms, which he buys in whatever country he lives in, nor our republican form of government which asks for strong individualism. So he lies about us when ever he can and spends billions to hurt our way of life, our media, our education system, our government and our currency.

Soros is Smear Incorporated who sucks the blood of societies to enrich himself. 

Obama's Campaign "Jobs" Speech Panned By Facts

When one of his biggest supporters, the AP, pans the central point of Obama's plan you know his political chimera of lies has been torn.

FACT CHECK: Obama's jobs plan paid for? Seems not

Yes, I know. All the cut and paste crowd will speak their truth to power by stating the opposite of the obvious. Over and over. What is obvious to those that watched the speech is that in the over-all not many members of Congress liked it and fewer believed him even though he threw crumbs to both sides of the aisle. 

Empty suit. Empty speech.

The Tea Party Is Going Global

Anyone who has actually been involved in the mechanics of politics knows that polls are used more to push opinion, thus they are called Push Polls, than they are used to actually accurately gauge voter opinion. A prime example was the degradation of the 1960's silent majority by polling firms that couldn't find them and today we are witnessing the very same as "pollsters" point to the unpopular and dwindling Tea Party movement. They do this in an attempt to push opinion against the movement for a simple reason, they are scared to death of the Tea Party.

A good article looks at the growing and increasingly popular movement around the world.

The Global Tea Party and Its Enemies

The Global Tea Party thus extends from the United States to China, leaving its footprint in the Middle East.  You can even see it in Europe, most recently in the Netherlands, where the lynchpin of the current government—Geert Wilders, an outspoken Christian—has called for a reassertion of traditional Dutch values, denounced the excessive toleration of reactionary, intolerant Islamism, and convinced his countrymen to require immigrants to learn Dutch and learn, and abide by, the rules and ideals of their new society.  His recent speech in Berlin  sounds very familiar to anyone familiar with Tea Party passions.

So when we hear the leaders of the American Establishment declare war on the tea partiers, we would do well to remember that such movements are deeply imbedded in our national DNA, that those Establishment types owe their own status to such a movement, that the dreams of the tea partiers are shared not only by millions of American voters, but by freedom-seeking peoples in some very unexpected places, and that it is no accident to discover that a global movement in the name of freedom coincides with a global Great Awakening, with roots in America and its unique revolutionary tradition.

Yep, China. I wonder if members of the Tea Party-like movement there are called stupid fat white old people that are anti-science by intellectual elitists pining for the return of Mao Tse-Tung like such American heavyweights like Nancy Pelosi, Andre Carson and Richard Trumka.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Obama's Speech: If, If, If

Not one thing Obama said tonight will create a job. Everything he said was qualified by "if."

He will do A if business does this. He will do B if business does that.

Obama offered nothing, but more government interference.

Not one job.

Just "if" which means IF the Republicans play by his rules.

If, if, if. Too many qualifiers to actually mean a damned thing.

Just like Obama.

Best Speech, But I Digress

Okay, I did turn back and watch more of it. It was his best speech as president which is not to say it made any sense.

It was business as usual with a lot of passion. Spend big, government power and "we'll help you" talk.

Lot's of passion, but not much new. Just a well made speech and delivered well that actually said nothing new.

Same old, same old.

UPDATE: email asked why I went back and watched. Rubbernecking I guess.

If you listened closely, Obama said let's spend more money. Actually nothing new there.

Bam Bam's Speech


He says they don't matter which mean they do. To him.

Yada. Yada.

Union talk.

Oh oh, unions aren't treated fairly.

Political circus!!!

Joke. Right?

Beginning of nation=unions, eh? No.

Here comes the plan he's offering.......

It will all be paid for....

Yada, lie, yada...

Pass this plan right away!

Bam Bam is politicking. BS.

Pass it right away!

Bad bridges...

Pass it right away.

China (communist China) does it. Why can't we?????

Pass it right away.

With better bridges, our children will learn better!

Workers will be put back to work making better bridges and schools or something without boondoggles.

It will make our economy better.

A TX and MA Rep wrote this idea.

You should pass it right away!

On to schools. We're laying off teachers left and right.

Pass this bill!!!!!

Oh, Good Lord. This man is a lousy candidate and a liar and a loser as a speaker and a president.

I'm watching something more important. Like Gilligan's Island.

Bam Bam's Big Speech.

About to begin. What can he say?


He's got nothing and nothing he says tonight will mean a damned thing except to worsen the economy. Obama has the leaden touch.


What? Obama is actually going to say something that his writers haven't said before.

Time To Forget About 9/11

So says E. J. Dionne Jr., a paramour of failure in all things American. Oh, I'm sure he and others will laugh about rubes across the nation that couldn't possibly understand the more complex notions people like Dionne Jr who figure them out before they have breakfast.

Time to leave 9/11 behind

We must move forward learning from 9/11, but we must never forget 9/11, as he implies in his "behind" wording. Dionne Jr then pulls out Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg to speak truth to power as in, "The best we could do, Lincoln declared, was to commit ourselves to 'a new birth of freedom.' This is still our calling." as if it is a truth he understands. The truth is we still face terrorist threats that are still growing unlike the High Tide of the Confederacy President Lincoln spoke of over all the dead at Gettysburg.

Dionne Jr invokes the "lost decade" to explain why we must move on from 9/11.We have endured many lost decades as those that wish to see our society, economy and nation utterly remade in their vision. No, I'm not writing about terrorists, I am writing of all the Dionne Jrs that brought us and encouraged us to leave the wisdom and time proven methods that made our country great. Each lost decade needed us to forget, in fact each lost decade demanded we leave God, country, family and civic duty behind.

To move forward we do need to forget people like Dionne Jr so that we may clearly remember the events and people that made our nation great so we can build on that success as we look forward.

On the 10th anniversary of the cowardly attacks by Islamic radicals, Islamofascists, we will pray for the dead and their families as well as for those working to defend us and for those that will win for us a world devoid of bin Ladens and his odious ilk.

No, it is not time to put 9/11 "behind" us. It is time to keep 9/11 in the very forefront of our minds as we look forward and plan for a world without terror and their facilitators. And it did not take me until breakfast to figure this out.

The Obama Presidency by the Numbers

Praise The Lard & Pass The Dissemblation (with updates)

Or how the left loves themselves some large government and will lie at both ends of the argument to "prove" how much we need a bizillion bureaucrats.

Texas Forest Service Budget As High As It Has Ever Been.
Trivia Tidbit of the Day: Part 940 -- Texas Did Not Slash Firefighting Capabilities-

There's plenty of (almost joyful, schadenfreude-inspired) chatter out there on the left, relishing the wildfires in Texas. One of the arguments liberals are making right now is that Texas "slashed" its wildfire fighting budget. So, is that so?

Well, one has to remember that they're attacking Texas and Rick Perry so what's just another lie between liberal friends, eh? But, that's what the geniuses at places like Fire Dog Lake and Crooks & Liars do and then all their little cut and paste eaters pass it on as gospel.

UPDATE: The Obama administration grounded one of the most effective fleet of fire fighting planes in the weeks leading up to the Texas wildfires and California's fire season.

Nearly half of the federal government’s firefighting air tankers are siting idle at a California airport, grounded by the Obama administration in a contract dispute just weeks before wildfires swept through Texas killing a mother and her child, and destroying 100,000 acres.

The massive blazes forced Texas Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry to abruptly call off a campaign appearance in South Carolina earlier this week to respond to the crisis, and may force him to cancel his first debate appearance Wednesday night.

The U.S. Forest Service terminated the contract with Aero Union five weeks ago to operate seven P-3 Orions that are critical to the agency’s firefighting mission, leaving the federal government with 11 tankers under contract to help battle more than 50 large uncontained wildfires now burning nationwide.

That’s down from 40 tankers used by the Forest Service just a decade ago, according to Rep. Dan Lungren (R.-Calif.), chairman of the House Committee on Administration, who is challenging the decision to dismiss the largest provider of heavy air-tanker support to the federal government

UPDATE: Back in the month of May 2011 President Obama, in what many saw as a political move, denied to Texas federal assistance to further fight the ongoing wildfires (but Obama did squeeze in a fundraiser in Austin).

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's request denied  

UPDATE: Obama DID send planes to fight fires. In Mexico

Two specially equipped U.S. Air Force cargo planes left Colorado on Saturday to help battle wildfires in northern Mexico.

The C-130s were requested by the Mexican government and the U.S. State Department, a U.S. Northern Command spokesman said.

The planes can spray about 3,000 gallons of fire retardant in a matter of seconds from a system of pressurized tanks called Modular Aerial Fire Fighting System or MAFFS.

The MAFFS is designed for the cargo bay of a C-130.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Let’s start reducing White House and Congressional staff instead.

From This Ain't Hell

Troops in Iraq reduction to insignificant presence

Commanders asked to keep 10,000 in Iraq, but again the administration has gone it’s own way, like in the debate over the recovery…the difference is that when this administration makes mistakes in Iraq, it’ll cost lives. I doubt 3,000 personnel in Iraq will even be able to defend themselves.

If it takes 7 people to support one trigger-puller, that leaves less than 500 infantrymen in Iraq. With the resurgence of the Mahdi Army and the continued presence of al Qaeda in Iraq, how will 500 people defend themselves and their support people in Iraq let alone be able to focus on the continuing, main mission?

Let’s start reducing White House and Congressional staff instead.

Is there anything this administration can do? No, not really.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Violent Leftists Just Keep Staying Classy

I hope some damned fool doesn't lower themself to a lefty level by trying to do the same thing to libProgs. This is a strata they should have all to themselves. Plus, we won't get splattered by their sewer stuff.

Huntsman Is Toast

Michael Moore likes Huntsman!

Now he is directing his outrage at President Obama, a man he helped win office in 2008. “I don’t understand why he’s chosen the path he’s chosen, why he did not come in fighting for the working people of this country,” Moore tells Newsweek. “He could have been a great president. He could have pulled us back from the abyss.” Instead, “he came in more as Neville Chamberlain, wanting to appease Republicans.” Moore hasn’t even decided whether he’ll vote for Obama again in 2012; he likes Jon Huntsman on the Republican side, saying “it’s crazy time over there” and Huntsman is the only “sane candidate.” “If the Republicans were smart, they would nominate [him].”

Maybe Moore will produce some more propaganda, but this time for Huntsman the faux Republican. Heck, Moore might double Huntsman's numbers up to 2%. No matter, Huntsman is toast.

The Benevolent Iron Fist Of Big Government

As the UK health care system falls apart other parts of the government are trying to destroy what is left of the country.

News of the decision to remove them was broken to the couple, from Dundee, on Tuesday. Critics called it a disgraceful breach of human rights and a chilling example of the power of the State to meddle in family life.

In an emotional interview, the 42-year-old mother said: ‘We might not be the perfect parents, but we love our children with all our hearts. To face a future where we will never see them again is unbearable.

Read the whole article, but notice this part:

At meal times, a social worker stood in the room taking notes. Doctors raised concerns that the children put on weight whenever they spent time with their parents, a claim they vehemently denied.

The couple and their children also had to adhere to a strict 11pm curfew. This involved ‘clocking’ in and out by filling in a sheet held by an employee who lived on site. (emphasis mine)

The government placed government employees in the living quarters who took notes and signed members of the family in and out forcing a curfew on them. Huh? What crackhead thought this up?

All of this started because one of the children reported that the father had hit him on the forehead, which was a lie, but allowed government officials to start an investigation of the family.

The Iron Fisters of our government are bringing this fight to America, but remember, they are doing it for the children which makes it okay. Right? No. Most emphatically, no.

The least government is the best government. This idea is the basis for our Constitution and our liberal-progressive class is at all out war with that idea because their deity is government. This is the fight we are having right now in America; will we continue to allow the benevolent iron fist of government to grow bigger and stronger or will the iron will of individuals stop big government in its tracks? I know which side I'm on.

ObamaCare Won't Work - Queen Of NHS

Let’s cut to the chase and just get our government out of health care now instead of spending trillions when we already know it won’t work.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Hoffa Found. Obama Lost

Jimmy Hoffa wants "to take out" those "sonsabitches" the Tea Party. Those Hoffas, always a subtle and refined family and he, big and missing Jimmy's son,  said this as a warm up for President Obama in Detroit.

Obama used the Labor Day speech as a campaign stop as he chanted union slogans and slipped into a Sharpton/Jackson/preacher patois to appear common as he attacked everybody who disagrees with him.

His whole speech consisted of "yes we can, but I can't" because everybody hates working people. Huey Long is beaming.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Message To Islam And The Murdering Little Bastards They Have Supported No Matter What They Say And Have Lied About

Muslims will say it is unfair. Too bad. For them. They are complicit in murder by being part of a murderous religion, which is actually a cult like atheism and other loser groups of fools, that murdered about 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

It is now almost 10 years since islamic little rabid bastards murdered Americans. They say their religion is peaceful or what ever bull they want to pander. They lie. The proof is in the murdered Americans that followers of Islam committed. islamofascists murdered men, women, children and babies.

As soon as this failed presidency, Obama, a man totally lacking, is defeated, we will once again come looking for you. Not with drones. Not with bombs, but with person to person and up front face to face death looking your "religious" leaders in the face. I hope they die hard just like the deaths they have rejoiced in ordering.

Islam, you are cowards. That is a proven fact. Nut job islamic losers murdered Americans. Innocent Americans. Americans that never knew you were going to attack and never had a chance to defend themselves. You're lying little sneak bastards who stab people in the back. That seems to be how you think. Lie. Cheat. Attack. Kill.

You will lose. You will lose. We will destroy you because you are wrong. You follow fat bastards, called Imams, who send "believers" to do a job they won't do themselves because they are cowards which makes their so-called believers fools.

72 virgins? Jerk off and you'll have a better chance at heaven.

Happy 10th anniversary 9/11 coward murderers. Islam has been cheapened. Islam is now crap. Islam is a lie. If you still support a murder for hire cult, look for retribution. It's coming your way.

We are coming. Be aware. We will kill you.

You cannot win. You are facing free people from America. A pissed off people you have never really faced. You can't say that you have faced us because you sent your worst trash to sneak in and to attack us.

May you rot in Hell.


This is my rememberance for 9/11.

If this president doesn't attack, attack, attack, he is the wimp that all have called him. 

New! The Complete Obama Job Plan Revealed

give more money to friends and family

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Islam And Its Myths

The Seven Myths About Islam

Islam is all about big lies and myths, this article sheds some light on seven of the most common of such lies and deceptions:

First, it is untrue that Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion........ (RTWT)

Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Fugly

is back... with a photographic proof that some people should never be allowed to to design anything except maybe bowling shoes.
Architectural crime - Exhibit A

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Big Government Equals Big Egos But Little Common Sense

Tom Wiseman, paid by taxpayers to do the public business, doesn't want to talk to the public nor the press. Nor do the others involved in pillorying Michael Allison of Illinois for making a recording to protect himself. The police, prosecutors, and government want to put him in prison for 75 years for a recording he informed the judge he was going to make because there was no court recorder for a hearing about his case.

In a 2010 article for Reason magazine Radley Balko had a quote from Wiseman which shows incredible arrogance, ignorance or simply a jackboot frame of mind.

"The only person doing any harassing here is Mr. Allison, who was harassing our public officials with his tape recorder," Wiseman says. "They may have problems with some bad police officers in some of your urban areas. But we don’t have those problems around here. All of our cops around here are good cops. This is a small town. Everyone knows everyone. If we had a bad police officer here, we’d know about it, I’d know about it, and he’d be out. There’s just no reason for anyone to feel they need to record police officers in Crawford County."

I think all three, but the point here is not anti-police, I'm a big fan of those that do a very difficult job, but of government run amok. Big government. Powerful government. Arrogant government. Government that is not answerable to those that pay for it, government that believes itself above all else. This is the government, in an ironic twist, that big government liberals have brought us, all in the name of "good government" to protect us from all things including ourselves. This is bad government and should be dismantled at the local, state and federal level.