Sunday, February 18, 2007

Where is global warming

Besides aLgoRe's brain?

MSM & Democrats Lie About American Views About Iraq

Read these polls from 2006 and 2007 and try to match the numbers to the rhetoric of Pelosi, Murtha, Levin, et. al. and the MSM.
Those that would bleed support for our troops, guarantee the slaughter of now free Iraqis and Afghans and doom the Middle East to Islamofacism state that in November of 2006 America voted for an end to the war in Iraq as part of the greater War on Terror. They say America is tired and wants to show the love by bringing our troops home. The war is lost. It is another Vietnam. In short, the Democrats are saving America.
I call bullshit.
My wife and I hear Liberals that watch the evening news and read AP stories actually state that President George W. Bush is nuts because he hasn't heard the "people" nor can he win in Iraq.
President Bush does not live by polls as do wobbly kneed Copperhead Democrats. He leads through thick and thin toward a goal he believes to be right. He also has a better grasp of what America thinks.
Is Iraq like Vietnam? In terms of Democrats, yes, because they are using the same lies now that they used during, after and since the end of the Vietnam War. Just as they have used lies of defeat in other wars. The Democratic Party has become a party of natural born losers.
Oh, and we are winning in Iraq.