Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Unmaking Of The American Quilt Party In Obama's WH

If Obama is the host, Rahm Emanuel and David Axlerod must be the hostesses to the Busy Bee Committee unquilting, piece by piece, the American Quilt that is America. The group is made up of not just celebrities, such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but also luminaries of the socialist world view like Senator Chuck Schumer, Representative Henry Waxman, interim White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner and a ever growing number of American czars. All hellbent on tearing America apart to be reshaped into their vision of what America should be. A nanny state that covers a iron fist with a velveteen glove of concern.

Square by square, the quilt is looked at by this group through a lens that views those who have built America as unAmerican. A view that America has basic faults that once exposed will be corrected by government intervention, guiding America back to what made it great, which to them is government control from cradle to grave. Never mind that this is the precise formula that our founding fathers abhorred and put their lives and fortunes on the block to fight and defeat to form a new country where king and government were cast aside for the creative force of economic and personal freedom.

Cap and Trade and health care reform have become the vanguard of this effort to fundamentally dumb down America.

Cap and Trade represents a huge tax on an elusive target that is much debated and rejected by the same taxpayers who don't want to pay for it. Health care is being reformed for a public that doesn't want the reform, especially in the way that the unquilting party is promising.

Cap and Trade and health care reform are just the tip of what Obama has not already done and what he wants to do, thus speed becomes Paramount. Paramont because his view is losing support quickly and each day brings more questions such as, has anyone even read what is in these plans and how will these things be paid for. That debt and dominance will be our future is becoming a very real fear to voters and that could be what brings down the Obama Administration. The administrations' fear of the voters is driving the frenetic pace with which the administration whips its people to offer more proof of the need for government intervention into the everyday lives of Americans.

That government intervention is a necessity can be witnessed by the faits accomplis, global warming, bank takeovers, driving insurance companies out of business, the taking of auto corporations and stimulus packages that stimulate nothing. The ying and yang of the need for a national police force and the wonder of a national youth service are extensions of the policies already enacted.

Now, in a classic yet never ending Obama campaign ploy to rejump start health care reform, we are bombarded with stories of flu epidemics, how women pay 50% more for health care, that 1/3 of those afflicted with AIDS are not even aware they have the disease, that Democrats have just realized that Medicare/Medicaid is in a state of crisis and that (insert this weeks' number) of Americans are without any health care. This is just at the national level and is classic divide and conquer by scaring the bejeebus out different groups. At the state and local level, that media, almost daily, there are stories of a 'crisis' that cries out for government help.

The forces aligned to further health care reform as 'good' for America now feel that finally they are now realizing what they have been promised for decades. Unions that have existed as well as newer unions that have serpentined into our schools and universities, government and even our security functions, leftists that feel disaffected by the necessities of living, leftist media and political functionaries, even artists, are demanding the due promised them by liberal/progressive/socialists in the Democratic Party. Again, it is classic Obama campaigning to gather those promised handouts as a 'right' with those who feel disaffected with leftists in the Democrat Party to organize. This is a coalition of the takers, fakers and breakers of the American Quilt that symbolizes the American Dream.

To this coalition, what is not to love about benevolent overlords helping citizens who are incapable of understanding a government that is a perpetual motion machine funded by an unending pool of money and is a modern model of governance far too complex for any one citizen to truly understand?

This American dream envisioned by Obama and his hard core leftist followers is a new quilt made of swaths of promises of a bigger pieces of the pie, more pay, less work and no responsibility. It is a quilt that will leave us unwarm on the cold night before reality brings a colder morning of poverty, no opportunity and no security on any front.

Congress will bring some form of the public option, ie government control, to health care reform because that is what they want. They will rename it a "consumer option", maybe a "competitive option" or they will say states will be able to "opt in" or "opt out" in hopes that people will think they will still control their own destiny, but however they try to fool the people, they will bring the take over of health care in America.

As Obama said, it may take 10 years, maybe 15 years, but the end of private health care and total government control of health care is the holy grail of these secular crusaders. It is because if they fail in the here and now, the rest of their goals will fail as well.

Health care reform is simply the mechanism on which they have hung their hat to complete their take over of the government which will control us. The constant campaign never seems to stop.