Monday, December 12, 2011

Partying Like It's 1633 At AGW Government Subsidized Headquarters

Ah, the supporters of science (that can't believe in science because they don't understand science) will come out of the woodwork like vermin. Again. Why? Because an army of modern day Galileos looked at settled science and unsettled the PC crowd which is making tons of money off of their "green" minions by showing the science isn't settled at all.

The emails also show AGW scientists conspiring to smear those who disagree with their apocalyptic diagnosis of the planetary temperature, and discussing with one another how to hide or minimize contrary evidence and evade lawful requests for their data.

The tables have turned as the status quo is being proven to be no more than a group of money grubbing people using science as their personal taxpayer subsidized ATM. Now it is the secular religion of global warming that must face science. Will they? Sure, if they can turn a profit. They're only human.

It isn't 1633 AD anymore.