Saturday, September 24, 2011

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts 'Slavery Was Cool': Liberal Fool Of The Week

And ignorant as well and as usual. He probably thinks Lincoln only refers to a car and Civil War is the opposite of civil union.

"This is a list of segregationists during the American Civil Rights Movement (1955-1968). Many public figures, particularly in the South, defended compulsory racial segregation as an institution during the Civil Rights Movement, and many others did not condemn it. This list comprises those people who publicly supported segregation at the time, although many later modified or recanted their position as public sentiment shifted (and the number of African American voters in their areas increased).

Dale Alford, United States Represenatative from Arkansas (Democrt)
Clarence C. Aycock, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
Ross Barnett, Governor of Mississippi (Democrat).
Bill Beeny
Albert Boutwell, Lieutenant Governor of Alabama (Democrat).
Bryant Bowles, white supremacist organizer in Florida
Parey Branton, Louisiana state legislator (Democrat).
Overton Brooks, U.S. representative from northwestern Louisiana
C. Farris Bryant, Governor of Florida (Democrat).
Harry F. Byrd, Governor of Virginia (Democrat).
Robert Byrd, United States Senator, West Virginia (Democrat).
Howard "Bo" Callaway, United States Representative, Georgia (Republican).
Francis Cherry, Governor of Arkansas (Democrat).
Kent Courtney
Jimmie Davis, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
Vail M. Delony, Louisiana state legislator from Lake Providence
Wickliffe Draper
James Eastland, United States Senator, Mississippi (Democrat).
Allen J. Ellender, United States Senator, Louisiana (Democrat).
Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas (Democrat).
Murphy J. Foster, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
William Fulbright, United States Senator, Arkansas (Democrat).
John Sidney Garrett, State Representative, Louisiana (Democrat).
Jack P.F. Gremillion, Attorney General of Louisiana (Democrat).
F. Edward Hebert, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat).
Jesse Helms, United States Senator, North Carolina (Democrat 1942-1970, Republican 1970-2008).
Lister Hill, United States Senator, Alabama (Democrat).
Fritz Hollings, United States Governor and Senator, South Carolina (Democrat)
Orville L. Hubbard, Mayor, Dearborn, Michigan.
Shelby M. Jackson, Superintendent of Public Education, Louisiana (Democrat).
James D. Johnson, Arkansas Supreme Court justice (Democrat).
Paul B. Johnson, Jr., Governor of Mississippi (Democrat).
J. Bennett Johnston, Jr., United States Senator, Louisiana (Democrat).
Bob Jones, Sr., Evangelist.
B. Everett Jordan, United States Senator, North Carolina (Democrat).
Robert F. Kennon, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
James J. Kilpatrick, Columnist.
Russell B. Long, United States Senator, Louisiana (Democrat).
Speedy O. Long, United States Representative, Louisiana (Democrat).
Charlton Lyons, State Chairman, Louisiana Republican Party.
Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia (Democrat, American Independent).
James D. Martin, United States Representative, Alabama (Republican).
John McClellan, United States Senator, Arkansas (Democrat).
John McKeithen, Governor of Louisiana (Democrat).
Harold Montgomery, Louisiana state senator (Democrat)
Danny Roy Moore, Louisiana state senator (Democrat)
deLesseps Story Morrison (Democrat)
John H. Overton, U.S. senator from Louisiana (Democrat)
Otto Passman, U.S. representative from northeastern Louisiana (Democrat)
Dave L. Pearce, Louisiana Agricultural Commissioner (Democrat)
Leander Perez, Louisiana judge (Democrat)
William M. Rainach, Louisiana state senator (Democrat)
John Rarick, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat, Independent, American Independent)
A. Willis Robertson, U.S. senator from Virginia (Democrat)
Richard B. Russell, U.S. senator from Georgia (Democrat)
Victor Schiro, mayor of New Orleans (Democrat)
George W. Shannon, Louisiana journalist
Gerald L.K. Smith, evangelist from Louisiana and Arkansas (Demorat)
Howard W. Smith, United States Representative from Virginia (Democrat).
John Sparkman, U.S. senator from Alabama (Democrat)
John C. Stennis, United States Senator from Mississippi (Democrat).
Ford E. Stinson, Louisiana state representative (Democrat).
J. B. Stoner, Georgia political candidate (Democrat)
A. Roswell Thompson, Louisiana political candidate (Democrat)
Strom Thurmond, Governor and U.S. senator from South Carolina (Democrat, States' Rights Democrat, Republican)
Ned Touchstone, Louisiana journalist and printer (Democrat)
Joe Waggonner, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat)
George C. Wallace (Democrat, American Independent)
Albert Watson (Democrat, Republican)
John Bell Williams, Governor of Mississippi (Democrat)
Edwin E. Willis, U.S. representative from Louisiana (Democrat)
Fielding L. Wright, Governor of Mississippi (Democrat) "

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